B&B Tuesday Update 12/23/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/23/03

By Space Bug
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Itís morning, and the Brookester is quite distraught. She looks terrible actually, as she wanders around the living room of Forrester Fort Two in her bathrobe, gazing at a picture of her and Ridge. The door bell rings a couple of times, but Brooke is in her own world and isnít hearing it. Tired of waiting, Jackie comes barging in; to find Brooke a little disoriented as she looks up at her with tear streamed eyes. Jackie wants to know what the matter is, and for some reason, the Brookester decides to spill the beans. She tells her new buddy that Ridge just couldnít get it up. Jackie sympathizes with Brooke, but of course sees this as a golden opportunity to campaign for her golden boy Nick. (Ya know, at least Stephanie doesnít try to play friend when she manipulates Brooke. Jackie acts like sheís the Brookesterís best friend, but we all know that she donít want the same thing that Brooke wants.) Jackie tries to express that Brookeís marriage is doomed to fail. After all, according to Jackie, sex is the foundation of a marriage, and if that ainít going on, then is there really any point. (Oh God...Ok...I canít THINK about whatís going on in the Marone Mansion....EWWWWW!!!!). Brooke is even more distraught than before as she cries on Jackieís shoulder.

Over at Logan Designs, good old Oscar has decided to get to work... literally... He has stopped by to have a little interview with Ridge to decide what the heck heís going to do at the new fashion house. (Ok, this could have been where I was flipping to AMC to watch my precious Bobbie Eakes as ďKrystalĒ, so I kinda missed what was said in this scene.) I do know though that Ridge said something along the lines that Ozzy has great potential and that heíll be a great asset to the company no matter where heís at. And, Ridge does of course offer Ozzy and as Ozzy is pacing and deciding about taking that job, the phone rings...

Down at Forrester Creations, Eric and Thorne are waiting for the Sharpe Design clan to make their Forrester subsidiary debut. The father and son pair never thought that theyíd see the day, but Eric expresses that if he doesnít play nice then he runs the risk of alienating his precious Bridget. At that, in comes Sally, Amber the idiot, and big bad porky Deacon! Everyone says hi and hello, and then the trio gets situated in their new office. Sally shows Deacon the Sharpe Design Logo, and he is just so deeply touched. Then, in comes Bridget to say hello. She spews something about setting up Deaconís physical therapy stuff in the office. That sends Eric in his office a-thinking. Apparently, Bridget is going to be Deaconís physical therapist, because that is the same thing as a med student. Eric isnít liking this new development at all, so he picks up the phone... and guess who he calls! He gives Ridge a ring right as Ridge is waiting for Ozzyís answer about the job offer. Eric asks Ridge if heís hired Ozzy, but Ridge replies that heís waiting for his answer. Eric wants Ridge to let HIM hire Ozzy! *Good thought Papa Eric, but one thing wrong...Budge ainít going to be their all day, but Amber IS... that ainít going to be good for the budding Ozzy/Bridget relationship either....

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