B&B Monday Update 12/22/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/22/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Over at Forrester Fort Two, it is time for bed in the Bridge bedroom. Ridge seems a little distant and preoccupied as he has a quick chat with the Brookester, not really even noticing her spicy red teddy. Brooke attempts to perk Ridge’s interests with a couple of shoulder pecks, but Ridge says that he’s all tuckered out and hits the sheets. Brooke crawls in next to him, but Ridge just turns away with the “tired excuse.” Brooke seems mortified that there will be no sex tonight! A little while later, Brooke notices that Widge is not yet asleep. Ridge admits that he has a lot on his mind, between his visit with Nick and the talk that he had with his mommy. “I’m just a little stressed, it’s not about us Logan, it’s the situation.” Yeah Right! Ridge and Brooke then nod together that they’ll make this whole thing work out eventually. Well, all that nodding sure puts Ridge in the mood. Perhaps there will be some nookie in the Bridge bed room tonight. Whoops, I spoke too soon! Right after they get started, Ridge decides to call it quits. He just can’t do it; the Brookester is only pregnant with his brother’s spawn; why can’t he make love to her though? He just doesn’t get what’s stopping him. Brooke is utterly crushed. Ridge thinks that it might just be the day, and just like the thought that they can get through the spawn issues, they cling to that theory as well. As the Brookester whimpers her classic whimper, Ridge pulls her in for a good squeeze. Doubts anyone?!

Down on the Shady Marlin, Stephanie has decided to give good old Nicker-bocker a visit. Apparently, she wants to give him so support, ya know, maybe a place to start laying a foundation of Bricks.... what ever. Nick doesn’t see where her support will help now, after all, the island ordeal was a bust, but Stephanie says that things are different now that the spawn is involved. Upon asking Nick what he plans to do about this whole scenario, he says that everyone will just have to share the spawn, kind of like how everyone shares Brooke. (Ok, the sharing the spawn part was accurate.) Stephers tells Nick what he already knows; that Ridge ain’t gonna go for full custody. Nick says that he just wants the Bridge to stay intact because that is what will make the precious Brookester happy, but Stephanie seems to think that Brooke wouldn’t be too bad off if a pile of Bricks were placed where the Bridge once was. Nick doesn’t really get what Stephers is trying to say, so she breaks it down for him. Brooke and Ridge ain’t gonna survive this latest bit of day time drama, and being that Nick loves Brooke, and she loves the spawn, perhaps they could give it a go as a family. After all, Bridge doesn’t share the bond of a spawn...that’s all Brick...supposedly anyways.

Just a little ways down the beach at beach house number three, the former home of my other poor baby Taylor, (who I’m sure is rolling over in her grave for the millionth time by now), Bridget and Ozzy have popped in to give Papa Eric a visit. Eric is delighted to see the two of them together, as am I, and immediately tells Ozzy to not be so formal with the Mr. Forrester thing, and to just call him Eric. Upon asking what this little prance down the beach is about, Bridget and Ozzy tell Eric that they’re engaged. Eric is quite in deed stunned at this. He’s a little worried that the kids are jumping into this a little too quickly, but never to fear, Ozzy starts his whole “Bridget is so wonderful and I love her so much speech”, to try to smooth things over. Eric seems quite touched, but is still concerned, especially about the timing of this impromptu proposal. Upon mention the name of big bad Deacon and the shooting, Budge immediately jumps on the defensive, saying that her relationship with Ozzy has NOTHING to do with that paralyzed poker. Ozzy says that’s for sure, especially since she had turned Deacon down when he had popped the question. This makes Eric wig just a little, and he starts ranting that Deacon is attempting to use Forrester Creations as a means of getting closer to his precious Bridget. After Ozzy offers to give dad and daughter some alone time to chat about this situation, Bridget pours it on thick with the whole, “Daddy, I love Oscar so much, and he loves me and he’s good for me” song and dance. As she hugs Eric, it is obvious that while he might not be all too worried about Ozzy’s intentions, he’s still a little perturbed with what’s going on in the mind of big bad Deacon...as are well all actually.

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