B&B Friday Update 12/19/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/19/03

By Spacebug
Pictures by Juanita

Well, today, we pick right up right where we left off: with good old Stephanie paying the Brookester a visit at Forrester Fort Two. What is the topic of this discussion about folks? That’s right; the spawn and the fact that Nick should be the one to raise it. Brooke keeps saying like a broken record that she and Ridge are going to raise the spawn as their own and that everything will be find, but Stephers thinks that Brooke is being a little too optimistic. “Ridge thinks that he can raise this baby as his own, but he can’t. He says he can, but he can’t,” says Stephanie. Brooke thinks that Stephanie should have a little more faith in her son, but Stephers, God love her says that she’s gonna put all of her faith in the Brookester. The high and mighty queen Stephanie tells Brooke that if she really loves Ridge, then she’ll walk away and let him alone. Brooke just can’t do that though because she loves her precious idiot Widge oh so much. Then Stephanie pours on the guilt. She compares Bridge’s situation to that of she and Eric’s. Then Stephers admits to Brooke that she had her doubts about Ridge’s paternity, but that she let her own needs and desires cloud what could have been another good outcome for Ridge. Brooke just doesn’t see the similarities between the two situations because for once, she didn’t lie; Nick KNOWS that he’s the father of the spawn. At that, Stephanie gets right up in the Brookester’s face and politely informs her that Nick loves her, he wants to raise the spawn, and the only thing that is keeping that from happening is her need to be half of the Bridge. “Let him go, just let him go,” Stephers pleads. Brooke looks like she really thinking this through...WOW.

Over on the Shady Marlin, Ridge has stopped in to chew the fat with Nicker-bocker about the spawn. Nick isn’t all too happy with Ridge’s prospect of raising the spawn as his own. Ridge whines that he had promised Brooke that everything would work out and Nick’s unwillingness to help might lead to Ridge spending the night on the couch. (Ok, not really, but the whining about promising Brooke did really happen). Nick reminds Ridge that he had indeed promised to stay away from Bridge, but that’s all gone to hell now that there’s a child involved. Nicker-bocker refuses to turn his back on the spawn and upon Ridge mentioning the word “adoption” he really hits the roof. Ridge reiterates that he can be a good father to the spawn, but Nick reminds him that the spawn already has a father. At that, Ridge hits the road, obviously with a Payne in the neck.

Down at the Marone Mansion, Jackie has just come home from her little jaunt around town. Massimo still can’t believe that Nicky’s sperm out swam Ridge’s. Hard as he tries, he just ain’t a pleased grand-papa to be, and that worries Jackie. She’s a little pissed at the fact that Massimo isn’t willing to do a happy dance at the fact that THEY are going to have a grand-child together. Massimo just ain’t in a jiggy mood because of this mess that has happened. “Brother will be pinned against brother!” he says! Jackie just doesn’t see where this will be such a problem. Oh, but Massimo does. He just can’t ignore his loyalties to his number one son Ridge. Again, Jackie just isn’t too pleased at Massimo’s lack of willingness to play favorite with Nicker-bocker, but she starts stroking the shoulder of his dinner jacket and cooing that she knows how difficult this is, blah blah blah, which seems to get through to Massimo; just a little bit anyways. (Since when did Jackie take on the role of sly manipulator? If she keeps this up, Stephanie and Brooke will be out of jobs!)

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