B&B Thursday Update 12/18/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/18/03

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Juanita

Down on the Shady Marlin, Jackie has a little present for Nick’s spawn. She just can’t wait to be a granny, but all Nicky can think about is poor Ridge’s heart ache. Jackie keeps spewing her whole, “you and Brooke were meant to be,” but Nick is still feeling pretty down about the whole thing. Nick says that he’ll do everything that he can to get the Brookester through her hard time. Nick still thinks that it’s weird that he’s going to be a papa. He just wants to be a good dad and to be there for his spawn, especially because his lack of a father figure in his life. Nick decides to hop on over to Forrester Fort Two to check up on the Brookester and make sure that she’s coping well with life without Ridge.

Speaking of Bridge, they are all cozied up on the couch having a Bridge moment. They chat about all of the crap that they still have to sort out, but Ridge spews some gushy sentiments that make every wrong just seem A-OK. After Ridge says another “I love you”, he says that they need to concentrate on making everything work. At that, the moron decides that he needs to go and talk to Queen Stephanie. He leaves the Brookester to go and tell his mother about his stupidity.

Well, big bad Deacon, God love him, still thinks that Bridget will give him another chance. Budge says that she’ll give him another chance, but it has nothing to do with them getting married, as she places the God awful ring down on the stand next to a picture of Deacon and the kid. Deacon refuses to take the crapy ring back, and says that Budge still has feelings for him. She attempts to lay down the law that her feelings are nothing more than pity. At that, Eric bobs on in with his good lawyer Jonathan to chat with Deacon. At the sight of Eric, Bridget jumps up on her war horse and rants at Eric for bothering poor pathetic Deacon. Deacon tells her to chill out; that it’s OK. Eric says hell yeah it is because Deacon has agreed to help get him out of the attempted murder charges. Jonathan reads off Deacon’s statement to the police, and I’ll be damned if Bridget doesn’t contest it! Deacon tells her to can it, and signs away. As Eric says that he owes Deacon one, Budge gets him to honor their contract about Sharpe Designs. Eric smartly agrees, as thanks big bad Deacon again before he hits the road. Bridget is just so touched at Deacon’s gesture. He tells her that while she’s engaged to Ozzy for now, she ain’t walking down the isle with him. “One way or another, I AM going to get this ring on your finger,” Deacon proclaims.

Back at Forrester Fort Two, Brooke is looking at that damn picture frame that Ridge gave her on the island that no one had heard of. (1- Wasn’t that last in her office? And 2- Didn’t I tell Bridge to take that thing and shove it if I have to see it again?) Any who, as Brooke looks lovingly at her daughter’s ex-step daughter/ half sister, and TAYLOR’S CHILDREN, the door bell rings. Who is it, but Nick! What a surprise! Upon Nick asking if the Brookester is OK, she comments that she’s cried more tears today then she ever has. (Oh I SO beg to differ!) Nick tells Brooke that everything will be OK, and Brooke agrees. “Better than I though,” she says. Nicky just shakes his head in accordance. (Do I sense a miss-understanding?) As Brick keeps chatting, poor Nick still doesn’t really get what Brooke is jabbering about. Brooke tells Nick that her baby is going to have a daddy after all, and thinks that it’s great that he doesn’t mind that Ridge is going to raise his son. “What?” Nick asks in shock. Brooke just assumed that he had caught on to the idea that Ridge was going to raise the spawn as his own. “That ain’t gonna happen,” Nick proclaims. (HOLD IT PEOPLE! Now, I know that the world revolves around Brooke, but hasn’t she been saying all along what a great man Nicker-bocker is? Now, I totally agree with that statement, but knowing Nick, did she honestly think that he’d just turn the spawn over to her, no fuss; that he’d once again put HER needs ahead of his own? BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER...BROOKE! I’m so glad that she and Ridge made all of the decisions without even talking to a guy who really would and wants to step up to the plate. THIS AIN’T DEACON BROOKE!) “But you said that you’d step aside,” Brooke recalls of Nick. Nick says yeah, “If it was Forrester’s kid”. Nick says that he’s not willing to look past the paternity of the spawn; he’s just trying to let this all sink in. Brooke says that of course Nick would have a say in this whole matter. (Since when?!) Nick says that he wants his spawn to know who his RIGHTFUL father is. “I’d do anything for you,” he says to the Brookester, “but not this.” Brooke just can’t believe that Nick isn’t willing to give up his kid to Ridge. “Even if he’s the best father that your little boy could ask for?” Brooke pleads. “I’m the best father that this kid could ask for,” Nick says before he storms out.

Over at Forrester Fort One, who is at Stephanie’s door but her golden boy Ridge! She immediately tells her boy that he’ll get through this, and of course Ridge agrees. Upon Stephers questioning living arrangements for Bridge, Ridge drops the bomb; that they’re sticking together. Stephanie is in totally shock. “You’re talking about raising your brother’s baby,” she sums up. She gives Ridge a whole bunch of “what ifs” and scenario’s, but Ridge says that none of them will happen because Nick won’t be interfering. After all, Bridge has decided that Nick will just give up his parental rights at a drop of a hat. Stephanie thinks that that’s a lot to ask, but Ridge reminds his mommy that the world does revolve around Brooke, and that she does eventually get what she wants. Please remember, Nick has played by Brooke’s rules the entire time, why would he role over now? Stephanie just doesn’t agree. She’s all worried about how this whole mess will screw with Taylor’s children. This gets Ridge almost thinking...remember, I said ALMOST. Stephanie tells her son that it takes more than love to make a marriage work. Ridge doesn’t believe her. Stephanie tells him that if he dumped Brooke’s ass, there is a whole world out there; half of it filled with women. “Look around you; look at Samantha,” Stephanie hints. NO!!! DON’T LOOK AT MY CUTE SWEET SAMMY! I WANT SNICKERS! NO SMIDGE! SNICKERS I SAY, SNICKERS!!!!!! Ridge says that he saw that one coming. “You are not going to convince me to leave Brooke,” Ridge says. Ridge then wonders if Stephanie is tired of trashing Brooke. “I’m not going to quit saying it until you get it!” she says. “I’m just trying to save you,” Stephers says.

Poor poor Nick makes his way back to his boat to sulk about his sorry situation. As he downs a beer, he looks at the gift that Mama Jackie gave him for the spawn; a t-shirt that says “Daddy’s Boy”. It is quite obvious that this has good old Nicker-Bocker thinking; especially as the camera zooms from him to Brooke.

Speaking of Brooke, back at Forrester Fort Two, the door bell rings. Brooke thinks that it’s Nick, and says “Thank god it’s you,” as she opens the door to find Stephanie. “Oh, thank God, is it?” Stephanie asks. “Well you better start praying casue he’s the only one who’s going to be able to help you now!” UH OH!!! Dun Dun Da Dun!!!!

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