B&B Wednesday Update 12/17/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  12/17/03

By Space Bug
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Hello all! Ok, I missed the first snippet of the show today, but my tape came in with Deacon and Bridget conversing about her not wanting Papa Eric to know how serious they have supposedly become. Deacon still doesn’t get the fact that Budge doesn’t really like him, let alone love him. He is still thinking that this is all about Eric’s hatred for him, but being that Deacon’s totally oblivious, hey, I’m guessing that he’ll get what’s going on by the next segment. Deacon apologizes for all of the hurt that he’s caused Bridget’s family; her father, and her mother. Then Budge FINALLY remembers that her mother is raising DEACON’S CHILD...HER HALF SISTER! Now Bridget is FINALLY thinking clearly and starts freaking out about all of the crap that Deacon has created in her life. Deacon keeps trying to sell the fact that he’s changed, but Bridget says that she’s changed too; she’s not as naive as she once was. “You’re crazy if you’d think I’d marry you after what you did before!” she yells. Then Budge really lowers the bomb. She tells big bad porky Deacon that she doesn’t love him, and then whips out Ozzy’s ring saying that her future is with the man that she loves and “Not You!” Ouch! (You know, if I didn’t hate Deacon oh so much, I would almost feel sorry for him. With that IF and ALMOST being said, I COULD CARE LESS! STOMP ON HIS HEART BRIDGET!) Deacon just doesn’t get why Bridget wants to marry Ozzy. (I could clue you in buddy!) Bridget tells Deacon that she knows that he’s oh so sorry, but that she still can’t forgive him. Deacon STILL doesn’t get it. He thinks that Budge wants to book because he has no use of his lower torso. That really pissed Bridget off. Deacon again plays up his sob story about how much he loves Bridget and how much he wants a second chance.

Over at Forrester Creations, it’s the other half of Megan’s 15 seconds of work for the year of 2003. She comes into Eric’s office and fixes them both a drink while he commends her on her loyalty. Eric confides in the step above Darla secretary that he is oh so worried about Bridge. He thinks that their marriage is completely over. Megan just can’t get grasp the concept that Nick’s swimmers out beat Ridge’s. Eric just can’t believe it either, and the two reiterate what we already know; that Nick is the donator of the sperm and that it is most likely curtains for Bridge. Megan seems to think that this just can’t be the end of Bridge. Eric doesn’t want to think that either, but he’ll be very surprised if it’s not.

Down at Forrester Fort Two, the Brookester is busy packing her bags and is just about ready to head on out for good. Upon saying how sorry she is for the umpteenth time, Ridge pops a squat on the bed next to his Logan and tells her that he’s not ashamed of her. “I’m in love with you and some how we’re going to get through this...together.” Brooke and I both have the same reaction to this statement; blank faces asking simultaneously: What the hell are you talking about? “I’m not going anywhere,” Ridge says as Brooke looks at him totally baffled. Then, right on cue, she cries on his shoulder about how she doesn’t deserve her precious moron, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Ridge tells his Logan that he wants to be right by her side and work this whole mess out together. “I wanna be with you,” Ridge coos. Ridge says that being that he’s SO in love with Brooke, how could he not love her spawn. Well... OK, I’m not saying a word. Brooke continues to blubber about how much her precious moron Ridge is giving up for her, but Ridge is still clinging to his thought that his Brookester didn’t deceive him and that this is NOT HER FAULT. “I can’t believe that you’re accepting this,” Brooke utters. “Why?” (My question exactly!) Ridge tells his Logan that their love is just so strong and that they can work through anything. Ridge is seeing this as just one big test, but being that they are indeed a Bridge, they’ll get through it. “For me, there is no life without you, and till the day that I die, I’ll keep on loving you,” Ridge coos again. “Our love is going to survive, no matter what.” At the sound of that, what does the Brookester do? Oh, come on! You all know! SHE CRIES!!!

Well, Amber just can’t believe that Bridget and Ozzy are going to get hitched. (Really? Is it so hard to believe that a woman would say yes to dear, sweet, adorable, and HOT Ozzy?? I think not Amber you idiot!) Amber, feeling slightly rejected as she should, starts to play on Ozzy’s insecurities of Bridget and Deacon’s “relationship”; about how Deacon proposed to precious Budge and that she didn’t stop him. Ozzy rationalizes that big bad Deacon had just caught Bridget by surprise, but Amber doesn’t think so. Ozzy, God love him tries to convince Amber that Budge is over by Porky Deacon’s side clearing up this “miss-understanding”.


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