B&B Tuesday Update 12/16/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/16/03

By Space Bug
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We start today right where we left off yesterday; with Brooke reading the results of the paternity test. She looks quite perturbed as she stands silently. “Are you absolutely positive that these are correct?” The Brookester asks in a panic. Ridge still doesn’t get what’s going on; that is until Jackie, ever the clever, picks of the file and reads that Nick is the sperm donator of the spawn. Upon further inspection, Ridge sees that for himself in the file. Everyone is ever so silent as Brooke starts to tear up. Ridge drops the file and runs out the door with his tail between his legs. Eric, ever the compassionate comforts poor, poor, pitiful Brooke before she runs out the door. On that fine note, Eric and Stephers head out as well, leaving Jackie and the proud papa alone to twiddle their thumbs. Jackie is just so tickled that her boy’s sperm out swam Ridge’s, but Nick just stares off into space. “This is unreal,” he says. “But it IS real, and it’s WONDERFUL,” Jackie says. Nick reminds her of how Brooke ran out of the room. Nick wants to know what happens now. Jackie thinks that they will all be on happy family, but Nick urges that he didn’t want it like this. “I can’t be happy... This isn’t the way it’s supposed to be!” Nick yells. Jackie tells her saddened son that everything will be OK as she pulls him in.

Over at the guest house at Forrester Fort One, Ozzy and Bridget are all snuggled up all cozy like. Upon Budge mentioning Deacon, Ozzy can’t wait for her to give him back his piece of crap ring. He tells his wife to be that he doesn’t like her traipsing about Deacon all the time, and hopes that all of Bridget’s traipsing is out of guilt only. Budge says that she thought that she had made her intentions quite clear, but in case she hadn’t... that’s right folks, she plants a good one on the Oz man. After the smooch, Bridget tells Ozzy that he has nothing to worry about; she’s a big girl who can take care of herself... she just wants to see Deacon have a good start. She plans on doing this by getting her dad to honor his deal. Ozzy informs Budge that Deacon is sucking her back in again and that she has to be extra careful. On top of that, he wants her to march her little behind over to his bed side, hand back the piece of crap ring, and inform the moron that her future is with the adorable and WONDERFUL Oscar Marone. Ozzy reminds Budge that they promised each other that they’d leave the past in the past and move on. “You’re right,” Bridget sighs. (OK...TIME OUT! I know that I missed a couple of days, but 1- Why isn’t Bridget wearing Ozzy’s ring, and 2- Why did she take Deacon’s?? DOES THIS MAKE ANY SENSE PEOPLE?? I THINK NOT!)

Apparently, Deacon has just come out of surgery and Mark is giving him the low-down on what a success it was. Deacon wants to know what else they can do, so Mark takes out a little do-hicky to tickle Deacon’s foot with. Deacon can feel it! What a relief...for a second there, I thought that I was going to have to watch the SOB in a wheel chair for the rest of his days as a lousy character...WHAT A SHOCKER! DEACON’S GOING TO GET BETTER! WOW...NOT! Any who, Mark tells Deacon that the main thing that he has to do is to keep motivated. That ain’t no problem for Deacon... he can’t wait to get his lower torso up and running again to attract the likes of a one Bridget Forrester. Speaking of Bridget Forrester, in she comes to see her buddy Deacon. Upon Budge asking how the surgery went, Deacon tells her to run over and touch his foot, (well, if that isn’t a turn on, I don’t know what is!) Bridget is just so tickled that Deacon is going to walk again, and they both start giggling and “Oh my God”- ing. Deacon tells Bridget that all of this is because of her, blah blah blah, and how he wants it to be him and her together forever. (Well honey, forever worked real well for by baby Macy). Deacon starts rambling on and on about the up coming wedding and the whole sha-bang, but he won’t shut up long enough for her to tell him that the up coming wedding doesn’t involve him. Upon Deacon asking noticing that Budge’s little left handed ring finger is a little bare, he wants to know why she isn’t wearing his ring. (I want to know why she isn’t wearing the ring that Ozzy, her ACTUAL FIANCEE gave her!)

Down at Forrester Creations, Sally pops in Stephanie’s office to find Megan in there instead. (Apparently, this is Megan’s 15 seconds of shine for 2003). Upon Sally piecing together that everyone has pranced down to the doctor’s office to hear the results of the paternity test, Megan says that she can’t solidify because she doesn’t stick her nose around in other people’s business. Sally informs the step-up from Darla secretary that there are plenty people around who want to know if Brooke is buying nautical wall paper for her new nursery. Megan informs Sally that she better not be doing her happy dance yet because after all, Ridge is the sperm donator of the spawn.

Back at Forrester, Eric and Stephanie get into a discussion about how crapy this whole spawn situation is. Eric, of course feels sorry for the Brookester, but as always, Stephanie feels sorry for her idiot son. She says that she really wanted the spawn to be Ridge’s, because then he wouldn’t have been hurt by Brooke again. Stephers hopes that this will be the last time that her golden boy is sucked in by the Brookester; “He won’t forgive her for this; He CAN’T forgive her for this,” she says. Eric isn’t so sure; “He loves her,” he says. Stephanie realizes that, but says that once you reach a certain point, love is not enough. (Ya know, like in that SMASHING Bobbie Eakes and Jeff Trachta song, “What’s the World Coming To?”... Beautiful ditty...I suggest that you ALL find it and hear it!)

All of Ridge’s running has led him back to Forrester Fort Two. As he is lurking about the window, in walks the Brookester. “You were so sure that this was my child,” Ridge utters to Brooke. She doesn’t have a clue as to how this happened; why doesn’t that surprise me? Ridge talks about how he thought that Bridge had it all, but “Now it just seems like some kind of sick joke.” HA HA. Ridge just wants to know why all this had to happen. Brooke again ain’t got a clue. Ridge says that this just isn’t right. “You don’t love Nick,” he says. (Well Thorne didn’t love Darla...CRAP HAPPENS...GO FIGURE!) Ridge feels like they have been robbed, and he wants it back! “But that ain’t gonna happen; not after this,” he says. All the Brookester can do is what? Stand there and cry, saying how sorry she is. “Well, there is only one thing that we can do Logan, and I think that you know what that is,” Ridge says. Brooke just stands there crying; it’s her only defense. (Can I just say... this entire dialog is THACY recycled...ALL OF IT!) Well friends, it looks like the BRIDGE is coming apart one BRICK at a time...sorry, but I couldn’t resist. Well, ya all know what this means; my SNICKERS is gonna get all SMIDGE’ED up. Yippy!

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