B&B Monday Update 12/15/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/15/03

By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke is on the phone with Dr. Paxson. She begs her to tell her that Ridge is the father of her baby. Meanwhile, Nick is remembering the watch/compass thing he gave her. Jackie interrupts his thoughts.

Stephanie and Eric are talking about Brooke and Ridge. Eric wants to make sure that Stephanie isn't going to be a problem for them anymore. Stephanie reluctantly agrees that she will stand behind Ridge. Eric tells her that he wants her to throw a party for Ridge and Brooke.

Brooke tells the doctor that it has to Ridge. The doctor tells her that she can't tell her that. Brooke asks what she means. The doctor tells her that she doesn't have the results in, but she figured they'd want to be there when they arrived. Brooke agrees and hurries off the phone.

Stephanie tells Eric that she was planning a baby shower already. Eric tells her that she needs to celebrate Ridge & Brooke's relationship, not just her grandbaby. She tells Eric that she's doing her best. Eric tells her that the kind of devotion needs a celebration and that it's very rare. Stephanie tells him that Brooke is a very lucky woman.

Ridge asks Brooke if she's ready to leave. She tells him they should go since the doc is expecting them. Ridge stops her and tells her that he loves her and that's all that matters. He tells her that after they go get the good news, they can start living the life he promised her when they got married. She tells him that she's ready for that.

Nick asks Jackie where she's been. She's been having lunch with Lauren Fenmore and the afternoon just got away from them. Jackie starts in about how much she thinks that Nick wants to be the father of Brooke's baby. He tells her that she just wants to be a grandmother. Then Nick decides to call the doc to see if the results are in. The doc tells him that the results just arrived, and that Ridge & Brooke are on their way now. He tells the doc that he's on his way. Jackie insists on going with him.

Eric insists that Stephanie start planning a party for Brooke. Stephanie tries to put him off, but Eric dials Brooke's cell phone and hands it to Stephanie. Brooke answers, but puts Stephanie off and tells her that they are about to go into the doc's office to get the results and that she'll call her tomorrow. Stephanie fills Eric in on what's about to happen.

Massimo asks Hudson about Jackie and Nick. They talk about old times and how things are changing. Apparently, they are old sailing buddies, but Hudson works for Mass now. Mass comments that Hudson is more tense since Jackie moved in. Hudson reminds him that he's tense because he's about to find out which son is the father of Brooke's baby.

Dr. Paxson welcomes Ridge and Brooke in to the office. Ridge asks about the results. The doc tells him they just arrived. Brooke asks what they say. The doc asks if she'd like to do the honors.

Mass and Hudson are talking about the situation. Mass tells him that this should be one of the proudest moments of his life, but it's not. It's filled with uncertainty and division. He tells Hudson that his sons aren't even speaking to one another. Mass apologizes to Hudson for making him uncomfortable. Hudson tells him that his family is his business. Mass tells him that if this was business, he could handle it, but this is out of his hands.

The doctor tells Brooke that some of the information will be a little technical, but she should be able to tell who the father is. Brooke says that she'd rather have the doctor read it so that she can explain it better. There's a knock on the door. It's Stephanie and Eric. They've come to show their support. Then Nick and Jackie show up. Stephanie assumes that Brooke called him and asked him to be there. Brooke says it wasn't her. Jackie tells Stephanie that Nick has more right to be there than her. Dr. Paxson tells Brooke that Nick called asking about the paternity, and the doctor assumed that Brooke had already told him they were in. Brooke says that it's all right. Nick tells them he's not there to cause problems, but he just wants to know the results. Ridge asks if he couldn't wait. Nick turns the tables on him and asks if Ridge could wait. The doc interrupts them and tells Brooke that this is part of her personal medical history, and she doesn't have to tell anyone the results if she doesn't want to. Brooke says she doesn't have much of a choice. Ridge tells her that she does. Brooke points out that everyone will find out sooner or later and tells the doc to go ahead and read it. The doc starts by saying that there's good news-no chromosome damage, no abnormalities of any kind. They have a healthy baby boy on the way! Brooke is happy about a boy and calls him Ridge Jr. The doc asks if they want her to read the paternity results. Brooke says she'll do that. Brooke looks at the paper. Jackie asks who it is. Stephanie asks what it says.......

Guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

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