B&B Monday Update 12/15/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/15/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Well, as we found out Friday, THE RESULTS ARE IN... Well, kind of.  Brooke and Ridge just can’t wait to hear the good news, and get all ready to traipse down to the doctor’s office to find out for sure that Ridge is the sperm giver of the spawn.  But first, before they traipse, Ridge has to give Brooke his little speech about how much he loves her and how they are going to have the most perfect spawn that the world has yet to see.  The Brookester agrees, and off they go a traipsing.

Over at the Marone Mansion, Nick isn’t really traipsing, but prancing rather about his mom and pop’s living room playing with the Brookester’s compass bracelet.  As he swings it around, Nick has a little musical flash back to his and the Brookester’s good times that they’ve spent together; how he first met her bitching in her lingere, them having beers at his hole in the wall bar, and of course the little camp out when they got stranded on the island.  Ah, sweet memories.  Nick’s little prance into the past is interrupted upon Jackie coming home.  She recognizes the object that Nicky keeps swinging about, and tells him to hang on to that compass because he might want to someday give it back to the Brookester.  Jackie comments on how much Nick really wants the spawn to be his, but Nick of course just gets aggravated at that idea.  In retaliation, Nick whips out Brooke’s doctor’s card and gives her a ring to find out the results.  Upon learning that the answers are in, Nicky takes off to hear the reading with Jackie prancing close behind.

Down at what I’m assuming is Stephanie’s office at Forrester, she and Eric are having a chat about how much the Bridge really needs their support right now.  Stephers tells Eric that she gave Ridge her word that she’d back what ever decision that he makes 100%, but Eric doesn’t want her to back JUST Ridge, but the Brookester as well.  “I want you to throw them a party,” the jail bird says, “In celebration of their relationship.”  WOW ERIC... THIS IS DUMB...FOR YOU!  Stephanie reminds him that she was all for throwing a baby shower, but Eric reminds her that that is for her grandchild, and not necessarily Brook.  In fact, Eric decides that they should give the Brookester a call right then and there and tell her about the big he-haw that they want to put on.  As Brooke answers her cell, she informs Eric and Stephers that the results are in, and that now isn’t a good time to chat.

Back at the Marone Mansion, Massimo comes home to find that Nick and Jackie have pranced out the door to find out who the sperm donator of the spawn is.  Massimo utters to his trusted comrade and butler Hudson that this should be a happy time, but some how things just got screwed up.  (Well, not necessarily THINGS... more like Brooke).  Mass and Hudson have a quick drink while shooting the crap, but then Hudson gets back to his job of what ever he does around the Marone Mansion, leaving Massimo to sit and ponder which of his sons knocked the Brookester up.

Well, speaking of the Brookester, all of she and Ridge’s traipsing about has landed them in the doctor’s office.  The good doctor offers to have Brooke read the results herself, but wisely, Brooke knows that she couldn’t handle such simple things as reading the words POSITIVE and NEGATIVE, so she leaves it up to the good doctor.  Just then, there’s a knock on the door.  Who is it but Stephanie and Eric, there to offer support for the Bridge!  HOW SWEET!  Followed close behind are Nick and Jackie.  Wow, talk about a party!  Damn, if Stephanie and Eric had brought the paper cups and plates, and Nick and Jackie could have chipped in on the plastic silver ware, we could have had a party right then and there!  After everyone kind of chills out, the doctor informs Brooke that she is having a HEALTHY baby boy.  (Because everyone cares if the spawn is healthy, right?!)  After making that announcement, the good doctor hands the envelope over the Brooke so that she can announce the news herself.  As Brooke looks at the paper, her smile turns a little quizzical, almost like she can’t believe what she’s reading!  STICK A FORK IN HER....SHE’S DONE... maybe, wait, doubtful.  Since when is Brooke ever DONE?

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