B&B Thursday Update 12/11/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/11/03

By Sarah           
Pictures by Juanita

Samantha comes to check on Bridget. She asks if she's ok after how her dad laid into her last night at dinner. Bridget tells her that she's not upset anymore since Ozzy proposed. Samantha is shocked but happy for them. She asks to see the ring, but Bridget tells her that it's too big and needs sized. Samantha asks if she's told her parents. Bridget says that she can't wait to tell them, but she doesn't know how she's going to tell Deacon.

Darla comes to check on Deacon. Deacon is very happy even though he's facing another surgery that night. Deacon goes on and on about how lucky he is. Then he tells Darla that it's all because of Bridget. Then he tells Darla that he's asking Bridget to marry him that night.

Nick comes to see Brooke and asks if there is any news. She tells him no. He tells her about his run in with Sally at Chuck's and about how she was telling him that his luck was about to change. Brooke tells him that Sally was just trying to stir up trouble. Nick isn't sure that's all it was. Brooke assures him that there's nothing Sally can do now that Ridge has forgiven her and Stephanie has agreed to back off.

Sally (in disguise) shows up at the lab. She asks if she's where lab results are processed. Chip (the lab worker) says that's what the door says. Sally thanks him.

Samantha asks Bridget why she's concerned about Deacon. Bridget explains that she's been there for him since the shooting and that she doesn't want him to think that will change. Sam asks her if she still has feelings for him. Bridget claims that she loves Ozzy and that they are engaged. Sam aplogizes for putting Bridget on the defensive. Bridget tells her that Deacon just needs a reason to keep fighting, and she's going to help him find it. Samantha asks her when she's going to tell him. Bridget tells her now and leaves.

Sally tells Chip that she's with IT and there to fix a terminal. Another tech comes in to give Chip some important lab results to input. They talk about the two subjects (R. Forrester and N. Payne), and how the test was conclusive. Chip tells the tech that it'll take a few minutes to update the database. The tech tells Chip there's donuts in the break room. Chip leaves to get a donut, and Sally is ready to "fix" the results.

Darla asks Deacon if he's in love with Bridget. He says that if Macy hadn't taught him how to be in love, he would've never found it again. He says he loves Bridget. Darla tells him that she's happy that he's happy. Deacon tells her htat he's going to ask right before he goes into surgery, and then when he gets out, he's going ot walk his bride down the aisle. Darla congratulates him.

Nick agrees to not worry about anything since Brooke isn't worried. Brooke thanks him for keeping an eye out for them. She tells him he's been great about Ridge, the test, and everything else. Nick tells her that it hasn't been easy. Brooke assures him that Ridge will realize that Nick wants the baby to be Ridge's as much as they do and that Nick's not out to cause trouble. Nick asks her if she really believes that he wants the baby to be Ridge's. Brooke is stunned as Nick tells her that's not what he wants.

Sally is trying to get into the database as she is talking to herself.

Oscar shows up to see Bridget, but Samantha lets him know that she's not there. He assumes she's telling her parents, but Samantha tells him that Bridget is telling Deacon because she wanted him to hear it from her.

Bridget comes to see Deacon. He goes on and on about how much she means to him and how she's the reason that he's going ot make it out of surgery. Bridget tells him that she has to tell him something. He stops her and tells her that he has to say something first. He tells her that it's because of her that he's had the strength to get through this. She tells him that it's him.

Oscar and Samantha talk about why Bridget wanted to tell Deacon. He tells Samantha that Deacon is confushing Bridget's feelings for something else and Bridge just doesn't' want to hurt him. Samantha agrees, but says that no matter what it's going to be a pretty hard blow to Deacon when he hears that they are engaged.

Deacon goes on about how confident he is about the surgery and his life. Bridget tells him that he can do anything he wants. Deacon asks what if it's her that he wants. Bridget tells him that's what she needs to talk to him about. He tells her that he loves her and he wants her to be his wife.

Brooke asks Nick if he wants the baby to be his. Nick tells her that he wants something more than that. Brooke tells him that she wants this baby to be healthy, for it to grow up surrounded by family, and to raise this baby with it's father. Nick tells her they better hope that Forrester is the father.

Sally is at the computer talking to herself. She's waiting for the results to show up when Chip comes back in and yells at her to stop. He asks her what she's doing.

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