B&B Wednesday Update 12/10/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  12/10/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Over at Forrester Fort One, although I’m not quite sure where, Brooke has stopped by to give Stephanie a visit. Stephers ain’t too happy to see the Brookester, but Brooke stays any way. She is all dead set on trying to get Stephanie to put the foundry fondle behind all of them, especially since the spawn will be her grandchild. Stephanie almost makes a slip of the tongue about the promise that she made to Ridge about accepting the Brookester if the spawn was in deed his, but upon realizing that Brooke doesn’t know about that agreement, doesn’t say a word. Instead, Stephers changes the subject to Budge and the fact that she might be allowing herself to fall for Deacon again. Brooke doesn’t think that her beloved daughter would be pulled back in after all of the hurt that HE had caused her. Stephanie supposes that Brooke is right, but thinks that there might be more too it. After that horse is beaten, we get back to talking about the spawn. Stephanie wants to know if the Brookester has decided what she will do if the spawn turns out to be Nick’s. Brooke says that she doesn’t need to waist one of her remaining three brain cells on that thought because the spawn is Ridge’s.

Speaking off the spawn, Sally is finishing up her meeting with “Marvin” in the bar about how to hack into the medical lab’s computer. (Any Y&R fans reading? Are we having flash backs to Phyllis before she was AWESOME? I think so!!) Just as Sally finishes saying all that she needs to do, who stops by but Nick. Sally ushers her counter part out so that she and Nick can shoot the crap while shooting darts. Sally comments that Nick is in love with the Brookester, and that if the spawn comes out smelling of old spice, he’s still got a chance to get the woman that he loves. Nick is confused with Sally’s motives, but she says that she’s just loyal to “her royal toughness, Queen Stephanie”, that and she’s just a little bitter and vindictive towards Brooke.

And in the living room of Forrester Fort One, Ozzy is finishing up his wedding proposal speech to Bridget. While Budge is tickled pink, she just isn’t so sure. She doesn’t want to rush into anything and make the same mistakes that she made with Deacon. Ozzy tells her to follow her heart, but Bridget is still apprehensive. After Ozzy finally gets the ring on Budge’s finger, she breaks it to him that she doesn’t want to have sex with him until after they walk down the isle, and wonders if that little catch will make him want to change his mind. Ozzy says that she’s one tough cookie, but that she’s worth the wait. HE’S SO PERFECT!! After more chit chat and joyful tears, the pair finally realize that...THEY ARE ENGAGED! HOW ADORABLE!!

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