B&B Tuesday Update 12/9/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/9/03

By Space Bug
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Apparently, the Brookester is all ready to head out of her office after a long day as CEO of Logan Designs; that is until all of the lights go out and she hears a noise out in the hall. Brooke is a little startled, and first thinks that her intruder is Sally, but then sees that it is none other than her hubby Ridge. He is carrying a candle-abra, and donning a very bad accent, saying that heís Dracula, Prince of Darkness. (Donít kid around Ridge; I totally believe you!) He and the Brookester share some typical fore-play pillow talk, and then have a little romp on the floor. As they lay around discussing how the spawnís doner is Ridgeís, of course, they hear a noise out in the hall. As they wrap their little blankest around themselves and take a peak, they see that Sallyís recycle sign has fallen over. Brooke wonders if it is a sign, as in ďis someone trying to tell us something?Ē, but Ridge, ever the intellect says that itís just a sign.

Well, speaking of Ms. Spectra, Sally is over in the bar waiting for a guy named Marvin. He comes along with a lap top and some lessons to teach Sally of how to hack into a laboratory data base and switch DNA tests...hmmm; I wonder what Sally is up to....

Down in the hospital, Amber the idiot is paying her buddy Deacon a visit. Deacon shows Amber the hideous ring that he plans to give Bridget tomorrow before he goes into surgery. Amber thinks that Deacon is being just a little over optimistic, and thinks that heís reading too much into Budgeís pleasantries. Amber tries to remind Deacon of all of the hurt that he has caused Bridget, but Deacon thinks that marriage solves everything, and will totally erase the past. (Ok, two comments: 1) Deacon has BAD taste in rings, and 2) is that piece of crap THING that he gave Macy even paid off yet?... Ok, and one more, 3) Deacon is paralyzed and in the hospital; how on Godís green earth did he get a ring?

Over at Forrester Fort One, Eric, Stephanie and Sammy are all standing in a row spying on Ozzy and Bridget chatting on the balcony. Eric is all for this relationship, and is really hoping for Ozzy to steal Budgeís heart. Stephanie is still worried about Deacon lingering in the shadows, but Sammy seems to think that her buddy Budge has stars in her eyes where Ozzy is concerned, and thinks that they make a great couple.

While those three are gushing about how great Ozzy and Bridget are together, so is Ozzy out on the terrace. After Bridget defiantly states that she is not hung up on Deacon, Ozzy goes into an adorable spew about how much in love he is with Budge, and about how good they are together. He was so sweet and so adorable, and Iím thinking that Bridget thought so too, because she was crying the whole time. Then, Ozzy popped out a ring box. Bridget was a little shocked, but didnít stop him from saying those magic words: ďWill you marry me?Ē OK Bridget, DONíT BE AN IDIOT!! IF YOU DONíT TAKE HIM, I WILL... and I know that Amber is lurking around too. WHY SETTLE FOR PROKY, PARALYZED, BIG, BAD DEACON WHEN YOU CAN HAVE....OZZY!!??!!

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