B&B Monday Update 12/8/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/8/03

By Sarah
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie and Eric are preparing for a dinner party that they are throwing to get to know the new man in Bridget's life, Oscar. Massimo and Jackie are coming as well, but Mass isn't exactly pleased with the idea of coming to Eric's place. Stephanie welcomes Mass & Jackie to her home. She asks them if they can put everything aside that has been going on for the sake of Bridget and Oscar. Mass tells her that nothing would make him happier than to have Oscar with a beautiful, wonderful girl like Bridget, but then he questions Eric-"unless you don't think my Oscar is worthy of your daughter."

Bridget is getting ready for the dinner party with Samantha. Sam tells Bridget that this dinner could help smooth things out with her dad. Sam asks Bridget if she's having feelings for Deacon again. Bridget admits that she feels drawn to him. Sam asks about Ozzy. Bridget tells her that when she's with Ozzy, it just feels right. Sam tells her to keep her feelings for Deacon in check because it sounds like the real thing with Ozzy.

Amber is with Oscar while he's getting ready to go to the dinner party. She tries to warn him that no one with ever be good enough for "precious little Bridget," and that they'll be serving him for the main course if he's not careful. Oscar tells her that he's going to change their minds tonight. Amber asks Ozzy if it worries him that Bridget's dad shot her ex because she was having feelings for him again. Ozzy tells Amber that Bridget isn't feeling that way anymore. She reminds him about Bricon's history, but Ozzy reminds her that most if their history is bad. Oscar tells her that if Deacon weren't in the hospital, Bridget wouldn't be giving him the time of day.

Mass asks Eric again if he thinks that Oscar isn't good enough for Bridget. Eric brings up the club and his past in Las Vegas. Massimo assures him that is all in Oscar's past, and that he has come a long way, which proves that he's a good guy. Mass mentions that he's thinking of hiring Oscar at Logan Designs. Eric seems pleased with that, and says that she ought to have someone that will bring more of the things to her that she deserves. Mass says, "as opposed to Deacon Sharpe?" Eric agrees and tells Mass that Deacon brought her nothing but misery and he will continue until something happens to open her eyes.

Samantha assures Bridget that Eric wants this night to go as well as Bridget does. Bridget says that it will as long as no one brings up Deacon and as long as Eric doesn't give Ozzy the third degree. Sam didn't know that Eric had issues with Ozzy. Bridget tells her that her dad isn't going to give him a free pass. Ozzy shows up to pick up Bridget.

Amber shows up to see Deacon. She asks him what he's doing. Deacon says that things are starting to look up.

Jackie comments that Eric is worried about Bridget. Stephanie tells her that he always puts the welfare of his children first. Stephanie comments on how Jackie said she hopes that Brooke's baby is Nick's. Jackie reminds her that they were supposed to concentrate on Bridget and Oscar tonight. Just then the young couple shows up.

Amber brings Deacon a picture from little Eric and a lava lamp to make the place a little homier. Deacon tells her that after his surgery his legs are going to carry him out of that place. She's surprised that he's so "up." He tells her that he feels like he's getting a second chance, and it's all because of Bridget.

Everyone is making small talk at the dinner party. Eric proposed a toast to his daughter finally being treated the way she should. Bridget brings up the fact that Deacon is having surgery tomorrow.

Deacon is insisting that Bridget cares for him. Amber checks his temperature since he seems so delusional. She tells him that Bridget is just making nice with him so that he will let Eric off the hook for shooting him. Deacon tells her that things were happening with them long before the shooting, and as soon as he's back in commission, he and Bridget will be together.

Stephanie tries to get all the guests into the dining room, but Eric stops her. He going on and on about how it is horrible that Deacon is paralyzed, but he's not going to confuse sympathy for glazing over all the pain that Deacon has caused Bridget and the rest of the family. Bridget tries to defend him, but Oscar jumps in and takes control. Oscar tells Bridget that she is obviously very loved by her family, and that they are just trying to help out. Then he tells the family that Bridget has a good head on her shoulders, and that she's just got a big heart. Bridget tells her that she let her sympathy go a little too far with Deacon, but she's not going to let that happen again. Eric says, "who's to say it won't happen again?" Oscar says that he is.

Deacon's nurse brings him in a package. Amber asks what it is. Deacon tells her he called the best jeweler in LA, and had them ship it right over. Amber sees the ring and asks what it is. Deacon tells her that the next time he sees Bridget, he's going to pop the question and he's not taking no for an answer.

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