B&B Friday Update 12/5/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/5/03

By Spacebug
Pictures by Juanita


Well, it’s the glorious day that we’ve all been waiting for; the day of the test! Hooray! Brooke is all donned in her hospital gown as she and Ridge wait for the good doctor to jab a needle in her stomach. Before that fun though, the doctor reiterates what she’s going to do, how she’s going to do it, spews some medical crap that nobody really cares about. Then, the good doctor very scientifically smacks the Brookester’s belly to make sure that the anesthesia has kicked in, and they decide to get the show on the road. After the test is all done, Brooke and her doctor have a little chat. The good doctor comments on how understanding Ridge is at the fact that Brooke is shall we say, promiscuous. Brooke says that her Widge is one in a million; that theirs’ is an unconditional love that can get them through anything. The doctor says that must be oh so nice. Then she asks if Brooke is doing Ok because after all, stress was a factor when she was pregnant with her last off spring. Brooke says that she is more than Ok, and finding out that the spawn’s sperm doner is her husband will make her feel even more hunky-dory. The good doctor wonders about the other “party”. (Oh, Nick sure is a part!) Brooke says that Nick is just as understanding as he brother when it comes to her, and that one day he’ll be a great daddy, but today just ain’t that day.

Over in the doctor’s office, Ridge walks in to find Nick playing with one of the baby models that he finds so grotesque. The two discuss how much Nick wants Ridge to be the spawn’s papa, but Ridge is sick of hearing that one. “That only tells me how much in love you are with my wife,” Ridge so brilliantly assesses. Nick swears on a big medical book that he’s not going to steal Ridge’s wife away, but Ridge just isn’t wanting to laugh today. At that, the doctor and the Brookester make their way in to get the brother’s Marones’ DNA. After the Doctor takes some saliva samples and says a couple of times where the tests are going to be analyzed before heading out, the Brookester tells the two boys that she hopes that one day things will get back to normal between them. “You’re brothers, remember; we’re all family.” Some how Brooke, I don’t think that you’re really in a position to make demands here, but that’s just me.

Out in the hall, the good doctor again says where the tests need to go, and as the little flunky delivery boy runs them on out, we see Sally waiting in the waiting room to follow on behind. OH BOY, WHAT’S SHE GONNA DO?

Down in Stephanie’s office at Forrester Creations, we have a meeting of the matriarchs! Yippy! Jackie has stopped on by to tell her that she hopes the spawn is Nicky’s and if it is, she’s going to accept it whole heartedly. Stephanie says good for you, but she is worried about the repercussions it would have on her golden son Ridge. “Brooke and Ridge would be heart broken” if the spawn isn’t his, Stephanie tells Jackie. Jackie just can’t get it through her head that nothing is going to break up the Bridge, as much as Stephanie tries to convince her. Before Jackie hits the road, she pretty much tells Stephers that Ridge has his kids and he had the happy marriage; he had his chance and now it’s Nicky’s turn. Well, I’ll give her points for audacity.

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