B&B Thursday Update 12/4/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/4/03

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Juanita

Over at the Marone Mansion, Massimo has summoned little Nicky over for a visit. Mass tells his son that he knows about the fondle at the foundry and wants to know what he was thinking. “This could rip our whole family apart!” Massimo hollers. He wants to know how his boy could be so careless, but Nick gives dear old dad Massimo the same excuse that he’s been throwing around; that he didn’t mean for it to happen, that they didn’t know what they were doing, blah blah blah. Well, that didn’t let Nicky off the hook with Mass, no-sir-ee bob. “Things like this happen to women like Brooke, but not to men like you!” Mass tells his son. Nick tells him to take it easy, “This WOMAN could be the mother of my child,” Nick reminds his pop. Massimo asks Nick if that makes him proud. As Jackie listens in on the conversation from the top of the stairs, Nick replies that he’s not proud of how his sperm got into Brooke, but hat if the spawn is his, he will be proud of it. Mass looks ever so disgusted as Jackie grins, looking like her wheels are turning. Massimo just can’t understand the power that the Brookester has over men. “But what would I know? I’m not in love with her.” Then Mass gets it; Nick’s in love with her. Nicky doesn’t deny it, and says that he loves the Brookester so much that he’ll put her happiness before his. “And I pray everyday that this child is Ridge’s,” he says to Mass. Massimo believes him, and the boy’s share shoulder pats.

Down at Fort Forrester One, Sally has stopped by to give good old Stephanie the skinny on the foundry fondle. Once Stephers let’s Sally in on the fact that she knows about it, Sally is shocked and dismayed that she isn’t going to interfere. “You’re his mother! You know that Ridge can’t make a clear decision about Brooke!” Sally states. Stephanie agrees, but says that Ridge is an adult and will have to make his own stupid decisions. Sally can’t believe this! She thinks that Stephers should make her dumb son’s decisions about Brooke for him! Stephanie says that she can’t do that, and that she promised Ridge that she’ll support him. Sally just doesn’t get that, and as she leaves, she says to herself that she’s going to rid Stephers of the Brookester, and that she knows just how to do it

Speaking of Bridge, they are all comfy cozy at Forrester Fort Two. Brooke wants to take the kids that no body ever sees out for pizza, but Ridge tells her that he farmed them out at Uncle Rick’s house for the night so that they can be alone. During a shoulder massage, Ridge asks the Brookester if she’s nervous about the test tomorrow. Brooke informs him that the spawn has been studying up and is ready to go. At, we get some Bridge smooching. Ridge is now rubbing Brooke’s tummy, still a little shaky about the test, but thinking that this is going to be one beautiful off-spring. Brooke says that “she will be as gorgeous as her father”. Ridge says that he doesn’t know about gorgeous father, (neither do I), but he does think that the spawn will be great.

Well, talking about a smooch, Ozzy can’t believe what he walked in on at the hospital. He asks Big Bad Deacon if he’s moving in on his girl, but Bridget says that it’s not like that. She and my adorable Ozzy go out in the hall to have a chat while Deacon is being nursed. Ozzy tells Budge that she is not in charge of Deacon’s recovery, and that all of the caring that she’s been showing towards him could confuse the idiot. “He might take it as something else,” Ozzy for warns. Then, he reminds Bridget that he is head over heels for her, and doesn’t like to share. Budge looks happy, but slightly confused if she should go for Big, Bad, Porky, Useless Lower Torso Deacon, or HOT, BUFF, ADROABLE AND HOT OZZY... I can see where she would get confused. Budge and Ozzy stop back into Deacon’s room to say au revoir. Deacon says that they don’t have to hit the road, and assumes that Ozzy is a little ticked about the kiss. Ozzy says that that is all forgotten, but Deacon says that it ain’t. “I am going to get out of this bed, and when I do, I’m going to give you a run for your money.” Ozzy says that he’s looking forward to it, and the two hit the road.

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