B&B Wednesday Update 12/3/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  12/3/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Well, Eric made bail, what a shocker, and is back at Forrester Fort one with Stephanie and Ridge in tow. Apparently, all are facing the fact that Eric has gotten himself into some pretty deep do do. Just as Eric says that he needs to get Deacon to say that the shooting was an accident, Bridget appears from the back of the room to put her two cents in on the situation. She just can’t believe that Eric is worried about himself while Deacon’s lower torso is out of business. After everything he has been through, he might not be able to over come this, Budge says as she lists off all of the bad crap that has happened to big bad Deacon, including losing my poor baby Macy. “None of you have any idea what it’s like to go through any of that!” Budge says. Well, Ridge has lost not one, but two wives, almost had a fling with his kinda sister, found out that his father wasn’t his father, and now isn’t sure if the spawn is his...slow up Princess... Deacon hasn’t seen nothing. Bridget is just so disgusted with everyone that she flies the coup. After Budge is gone and Papa Eric is all tucked in, Stephers and Ridge have a chat about the spawn, and how he’s gotta face the fact that it might not have his sperm. Ridge doesn’t want to hear anymore of Stephanie’s Brooke bashing, but of course, Stephers just doesn’t know when to quit. Ridge tells his mother that he loves Brooke from such a deep place inside him that it scares him. (WOW...I’m getting not so pretty pictures!) Stephanie tells her stupid boy that that’s all well and good, but what if the spawn is Nicks? Ridge’s expression pretty much says that he and the Brookester will just have to cross that Bridge when they get there! HA!! Ridge tells Stephanie that he would like her to forgive the Brookester for this misgiving, if the spawn turns out to be his. Stephers agrees reluctantly, and the two share a firm embrace.

Over in Deacon’s hospital room, the moron just can’t grasp that he can’t use ANY part of his lower torso. Then Ozzy comes in to give him a motivational chat. Ozzy sparks a flame in Deacon, and tries to get him to see all that he has to live for. Ozzy how ever makes the mistake of telling Deacon to keep his “eye on the prize.” Well, right then, Deacon flashes to Budge...let the triangle begin! Speaking of Bridget, apparently, Ozzy has hit the road, for Deacon is all alone as she brings him flowers. Deacon is back to himself, saying that because of Bridget, he’s going to get out of that bed... (And get into another one!) *sorry, I had to. Budge says that she’ll always believe in her big bad Deacon. Deacon just doesn’t know if he can do all of this by himself though. Of course, Bridget is right there to say that she’ll be right there helping. When Budge admits that she feels like this her fault, Deacon says that of course it is not. He’s not too happy about the bullet, but at least he got to kiss his ex. He’s just really sorry that they were interrupted. “Hopefully we won’t be next time. There will be a next time, right?” he asks. Just then, Budge leans in to give Deacon a smooch, right as Ozzy walks in to ask what’s going on. Uh OH.

Not all is content in the Marone Mansion. Apparently Jackie has just informed Massimo of the foundry fondle. Mass just can’t believe that both his boys gave up a shot with Budge to be with the Brookester. “Brooke isn’t half the woman that her daughter is” Mass says. Jackie tries to tell him to not be so hard on his beloved daughter in law, but that don’t make Mass all too happy. He wants to know why Jackie is so supportive of Brooke. Jackie says it’s because she sees herself in Brooke a little bit, and doesn’t want to see her live her life with the wrong man like she did. Jackie tells her husband that she believes that Brooke belongs with Nicky, and that the spawn is a Brick, and NOT a Bridge. Massimo tries to explain that Ridge and Brooke have some bond that he doesn’t understand, but Jackie seems to think that bonds can be broken. Mass doesn’t like that Jackie is getting all of these ideas to put into Nicky’s head. “He’s just going to end up hurt,” Massimo forewarns. Plus, to my surprise, Mass even defends the Bridge a little bit, saying that the two have paid their dues, and that maybe this could be their chance. Jackie doesn’t think so. “How many chances have they had?” Jackie asks. She thinks that this is all fate; it’s Brick’s turn.

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