B&B Tuesday Update 12/2/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/2/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

We begin today with Ridge and the Brookester discussing Eric’s sudden arrest over the shooting of big bad Deacon. Ridge informs Brooke that Eric is holding up, but he is royally pissed over the whole thing. Brooke then invites her Widge to go out to lunch to take his mind off the mess, but Ridge has other plans; a meeting with new step mommy Jackie. Shortly after the Brookester leaves, Jackie arrives. Ridge is all hunky dory greeting her, but Jackie isn’t in the best of moods. She has come to ask Ridge that if the spawn turns out to be Nick’s, if he’ll step aside and let Nick raise it. Ridge thinks that’s poppy-cock because HE is the spawn’s sperm donator. Jackie goes on to say that it would be oh so wrong for Ridge to deny the spawn the chance to grow up knowing his biological father. Ridge asks her if she’s implying that a child can’t turn out good being raised by a man who is not his real father. “Look at me!” he says, “I couldn’t have been luckier to have had Eric raise me.” (Yes, look at you Ridge, and look at Eric, THROUGH BARS!) Jackie agrees, but informs Ridge that Nicky was willing to give up everything, and she hopes that if push comes to shove, Ridge would do that too.

Well, when Brooke wants lunch, she goes full out. As she walks into the Cafe Russe, she spies Nick playing with his forks at a corner table. (How endearing!) Brooke of course joins him, and after informing Nick that Ridge the idiot forgave her for the foundry fondle, she also tells him how much the Bridge needs its Nick. “I’m going to get you and Ridge past this if it’s the last thing I do,” the Brookester states. Nick tries to explain that Ridge ain’t ever going to forgive and forget, but Brooke is determined. She wants Nick to stick around and to be apart of everyone’s lives. Nick says that people like him don’t have homes, but the Brookester says that’s rubbish. She then gives Nick back the compass that he gave her. “It did its job, and led me to Ridge. Now it can lead you back to us.” (Wow, Brooke totally missed the point of that present now didn’t she?!) From across the room, Jackie walks in and sees Brick chit chatting. She mutters to herself that that is exactly where Nicky belongs, “With the woman that he loves, and with a child that he would adore.”

Over at Fort Forrester, Stephers is giving Sammy the skinny on the foundry fondle and the confusion over the spawn. Sammy just can’t believe that Brooke could do such a thing. Stephanie informs Sammy that Ridge is going to need all the support that he can get, especially if the spawn turns out to be Nick’s. Sammy agrees, and then thinks back to her child hood crush. Stephanie giggles about it too, and says that Sammy always used to blush whenever Ridge was around. Sammy laughs it off, but then Stephanie asses that she’s turning beat red thinking about him right now! “You’re still in love with him!” she says! Then, Stephanie some how talks Sammy into wanting to tell Ridge that he is with the wrong woman; that the Brookester is bad. (Come on Stephers! Don’t ruin my Sammy!) Samantha is on a mission folks, and takes off like a jet to drop her feelings on Ridge.

As Ridge is chilling in his office, who is at the door but sweet Sammy! She comes in saying that she’s got something to tell him, but then freezes up and decides that it might not be such a good idea. As she’s about to leave, Ridge asks her to think up some ideas for a nursery for the spawn. Sammy lets it slip that she knows about the fondle, and jumps on board the Brooke bashing train. (She can have a seat right by me, Macy and Taylor!) She tells Ridge that there is a whole world out there for him, and it’s waiting for when he wants to take a chance and explore it, and as Sammy leaves, she plants a peck on Ridge’s cheek. Ridge looks ever so intrigued. NOOOO!!! I DON’T WANT SMIDGE! I WANT MY SNICKERS!!!!!!!!

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