B&B Monday Update 12/1/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/1/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Today we start off at the hospital with Budge still whining over poor Deacon. Good Doctor Mark comes in to have a look see at his patient. An even more upset Bridget goes out into the hall and runs into my hottie Ozzy! (Oh how I’ve missed him so!) Ozzy tells Bridget that he knows what happened; that the news is splattered all over the papers. Budge just can’t believe that this is all happening as she reads the head line. Ozzy questions why she happened to be over at the kid friendly beach house of Deacon. Bridget gives him the G rated version... that papa Eric used her to scam big bad Deacon and that she just wanted to tell her ex how sorry she was. Ozzy pulls her in for a squeeze as Good Doctor Mark calls Budge in to tell the newly awakened Deacon the not so great news about his legs.

After Stephanie finishes up an “I’ll be there for you if you need me” conversation with Eric on her cell phone, she and the kid interrupt the Mark/Deacon/Bridget conversation before they could tell him that EVERYTHING on his lower torso is useless. (You hear that Budge? USELESS! EVERYTHING!) The kid is oh so happy to see his big bad daddy, and the two cuddle and coo just like a father and son should. The kid asks Deacon if he’ll be able to coach his soccer team like he promised. When Deacon tells his son that he’ll be running around in no time, the kid jumps up on his legs. Bridget flips, and pulls the kid away. Stephanie bribes him with ice cream to get him out of the room. After the kid is gone, Deacon wants to know why he couldn’t feel him climbing around on his legs. All Budge can do is cry. Deacon thinks that Good Doctor Mark doped him up with too much morphine, but Bridget says that ain’t the case. As she finally spills the beans that the lower torso is USELESS!, she and big bad Deacon sob together at the potential loss. (Well, look on the bright side Bridget, with the lower torso out of commission, the Brookester won’t want him!)

Well, things are pretty hot over at Forrester Creations as well. We have a pow-wow going on with Eric, his two stupid sons Rick and Thorne, and the Good lawyer Jonathan. Jonny-boy keeps telling Eric that this whole thing is a bigger deal then what he thinks it is. Eric is hot though, and thinks that this whole situation will just blow over; as usual, he ain’t listening to a word anyone is saying. Megan bobs in to announce that the press would like a statement and that they are surrounding the building, but Jonathan demands “No Comment!” The Forrester half brothers and the good lawyer then ask Eric what happened when he went over to Deacon’s house to get a better grasp on the situation. Eric informs them that he walked in on Budge and Deacon “kissing not like exes”. Eric says that he just snapped! “Any father would have!” Thorne and Rick just can’t believe that Bridget would be this dumb. (Normally I wouldn’t either, but really, the poor girl is half Eric, half Brooke; come on, what are her chances of being intelligent all the time, if not for 5 minutes a day?) Suddenly, the police show up and arrest Eric for the attempted murder of Deacon Sharpe! The cuff him and everything! Eric’s last shouts as he leaves the office are that he wants no word of this to go to the press, “I want my family protected!” Thorne, the good son that he is immediately gets on the phone and tells security that he wants no press in the building. The guard at the lobby says that’s a no go cause they are already there; just in time to catch Eric’s perp walk!

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