B&B Wednesday Update 11/26/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  11/26/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita


Letís see... LA life was pretty uneventful today. Perhaps the most exciting part of B&B was Brooke telling Stephanie about the foundry fondle. I thought that Steffers had caught on right away as to what the Brookester was trying to say, but I was wrong. It took a little more explaining for Stephanie to figure it out. But believe me, when she did, the crap hit the fan. Actually, Stephanie took it better then I thought that she would. Of course the queen was royally pissed, but not completely irate... maybe she was too upset to wig out, or maybe itís cause she doesnít have her wig...I donít know. Pretty much, Stephanie told Brooke that she wonít forgive her for this, that she hasnít changed, blah blah blah, typical Stephanie lashes. Steffers is also very surprised that Ridge is still with Brooke, but then again, why would that really shock her? Stephanie makes a sly comment that Brooke probably doesnít know who the sperm donator of the spawn is. Of course Brooke jumps on her I believe in my bones that Ridge is the papa, but Stephanie doesnít really want to hear it. Iíd say that itís pretty safe to say that the Brookester has been out of Steffersí good graces yet again!

Well, over at the hospital, the good doctors are trying to save what Iím guessing is a ďmystery patientĒ. I still couldnít figure out if the writers were trying to keep the shooting victim a surprise, but give me a break; I sure wasnít shocked to find big bad Deacon laying there cut open. Bridget is all in a tizzy trying to find out how her ex is doing, but nobody can tell her anything. Eric attempts to comfort his distraught daughter, but Budge ainít budging towards his open arms. Then the good detective comes to chat with Eric and Bridget. He assumes that Deacon didnít shoot himself, and wants to know who pulled the trigger. Eric tells his story, but the good detective is a little skeptical. He asks Budget to verify, but all she can do is stare off in a daze. The good detective informs Eric that if Deacon doesnít pull through, then heíll be facing some steep murder charges. Ok, so then the camera zooms to the operating room, with Deacon being wheeled out, but that angelic music is playing and the doctors donít look all too happy. In fact, one of them says to Mark, who is apparently still in LA that they did all that they could. Now, I was thinking that Deacon died, and I was one happy girl! Being that my birthday is in a week, I was thinking that last year this time, I got my Macy back, and this year, I was getting Deacon dead as a present from the writers. (True, Deacon dying isnít as good a gift as getting Mace back, but who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?) Well friends, my celebration was cut short when Mark came out to tell Bridget that Deacon DID pull through, but that he might be paralyzed. Budge is HORRIFIED! As she sits in her chair balling, she hears a voice and looks up. Thereís Deacon lying in his portable hospital bed telling her to not be worried or scared. Bridget walks over to hold his hand and tell him that heíll be OK. Deacon comments that he knows heíll be fine and that the doctors shot him up with some good pain killers cause he canít feel a thing. Bridget looks down to see her hand resting on Deaconís leg and registers that he canít feel her loving touch. Sheís deeply saddened by this. (Itís a good thing that Budge is upset by big bad Deaconís prognosis, cause let me tell ya, it sure ainít gonna keep me up at night.)

Over in a doctorís office, it appears that Sally has taken Darla to have another check up. (Ok, the time line for today is ALL screwed up. In this one day, Brooke has had her date with Ridge, told him about the spawn, heís punched Nick out, forgiven Brooke, and then Brooke decided that she had to tell Steffers about the foundry fondle right this second. Now, thatís all well in good, but thatís all happened, and now Darla is at the doctorís office...at like TEN OíCLOCK AT NIGHT?! I DONíT THINK SO!) Any who, as Darla is being checked out, Sally sneaks into the doctorís office to poke around for Brookeís file. She finds that the Brookester is scheduled to have that paternity test. What is Sally thinking?? Oh, I really hope that we arenít going to have another paternity test swap again... Itís bad enough that this plot is the whole Ridge/Eric/Brooke with Nick instead. Now we have to relieve Whoís Bridgetís daddy, but with the spawn now? THINK OF SOMETHING NEW, PLEASE! IíM BORED!!!

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