B&B Tuesday Update 11/25/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/25/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Over at Forrester Fort Two, the Brookester is all ready to head on out to Forrester Fort One with Ridge to drop the bomb on good old Stephanie. Ridge tells his Logan that it would be OK to wait, but Brooke reiterates that Sally could already be on her way over and that she wants Steffers to hear about the foundry fondle from her.

Speaking of Forrester Fort One, Stephanie is sitting in the living room with cute, sweet little Sammy, along with that adorable Poochy, watching Sammy knit. Sammy tells Stephanie that she likes to knit when she’s a little stressed; like yoga, it calms her, but “instead of soar muscles, you get a sweater!” (A dog sweater!) Stephanie decides that she would like to learn this new craft and get whipping out some booties for the new spawn. By the time Bridge arrives, Steffers has quite a lot done, but that she’s not making booties because Sammy says that they’re a little too advance for a beginner. Bridge is all serious as they sit down. Sammy takes the hint and hits the stairs up to bed. Ridge tells Stephanie that he would like her to, in nicer terms, shut up because Brooke has something to say. Brooke goes into her sob story about how she just didn’t know what to do when she thought that Ridge the golden boy was dead. “Brooke was very distraught,” Ridge adds for extra effect. The Brookester goes on to talk about how when she went to the foundry, she was going to through herself into the fire cause she saw Ridge’s head bopping around in flames. “Then Nick came,” Brooke says. And then, the Brookester utters the line that I am so damn sick of hearing; “I COULDN’T BREATHE!” (Ok, that line was AWSOME when Nick pulled Brooke away from the flames and it was I CAN’T BREATHE. But if I hear it one more time, I really am going to scream. Actually, I have already screamed from hearing it too many times; I will just have to scream again!) Steffers looks as though she feels for the Brookester and her agony and distraught-ness; even when Brooke says that she and Nick “reached out to each other”. “Of course you did,” Steffers reassures. Then, however, Brooke gives her that look, and as Stephanie sees the tears streaming down the Brookester’s face, she pieces it together. “You didn’t,” Stephanie mutters with a horrified look on her face. All Brooke can do is shake her head. Dun Dun Da Dun!

Over at Forrester Creations, Darla has brought her Forrester Stud some Chinese food for din din. (Macy would have cooked). Ok, they chat about Deacon and Darla tells Thorne that she feels sorry for him. “He keeps trying to start over, but no body will let him.” The dim-witted secretary mentions that she knows how it feels to be the underdog...blah blah blah. (Ok, I can’t really say much more about these scenes cause my head was under a blanket while I was literally screaming at the top of my lungs; oh yeah, and puking into my barf bag.) Pretty much, Thorne asked Duh-la to move in with him, and then he kissed her! (CAN YOU HEAR ME PUKING????!!!!!!!)

Down at the kid friendly beach house, it ain’t too friendly for adults. Eric is just a little more then perturbed to find Deacon on top of his daughter. He tells Bridget to get up and get out. Deacon tries to say that Budge is an adult who can make her own decisions, but Eric doesn’t want to hear it from Mr. Sharpe. The boys go at it, wrestling around, and knock over the night stand; revealing a gun! Eric flips out at that. Deacon says that he bought it for protection; with what happened to Macy, he was a little afraid. Well, Eric doesn’t care about Deacon’s fear either, and starts rambling on about how Deacon is dangerous to everyone, even Budge. Deacon says that he isn’t, but he might as well be talking to a mindless idiot. Oh wait, HE IS! Then, Eric, the mindless idiot picks up the gun, and starts waving it around, yelling that he can’t believe that Deacon would have a gun lying around in the kid-friendly beach house with the kid running around. (By the way, WHERE IS THE KID?) Then, if Eric WAVING A GUN AROUND wasn’t fun enough, Deacon tells him to take it easy, cause HE DOESN’T KNOW IF IT’S LOADED. (Say it with me friends: WOW!!!!!!!!) But, we sure find out that it’s loaded when it accidentally goes off, and Eric and Deacon both look surprised. (I couldn’t tell if we are supposed to wonder who got shot, but my money is on DEACON! *Thank you Eric!

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