B&B Monday Update 11/24/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/24/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Over at Sally’s apartment, Ms. Spectra wonders aloud to dim-witted Darla why Brooke hasn’t called to surrender yet. Darla as usual doesn’t know why either. Sally decides that she’s going to go over to Forrester Fort Two to confront the Brookester and to crash the Bridge with the news of the spawn.

Well, the Brookester is just tickled pink to think that Ridge is giving her a second chance. Ridge tells his Logan that he believes in her, in Bridge, and in the spawn and that “they are going to move on and put this all behind them.” Brooke then remembers that there is one other thing that Ridge needs to know. That Sally knows. Brooke explains that some how, good old Sal found out that the spawn’s papa was in question and was using that information to black mail her. Just then, the door bell rings. Brooke leaves Ridge to answer the door. It’s Sally! She wants to know what the Brookester’s answer is. As Sally lectures on about how it’s time for Brooke to give her the keys back to her company, Ridge walks in and let’s it slip that he knows. Sally just can’t believe that he hasn’t sent Brooke packing yet. Ridge gives one of his clichés about how much he believes in Bridge and about how Sally needs to forgive and forget, and hit the road. Before Sally makes her exit, she tells Ridge that sooner or later the crap is going to hit the fan and that when he’s covered in do do, he’s going to have no one to blame but himself. “You’ll deserve what’s coming to you!” Sally screams as she waltzes out the door. After Sally leaves, Brooke makes the command decision that she needs to go and tell mamma Stephanie about the foundry fondle before Queen Stephanie finds out from Sally. Ridge agrees, but Brooke wants to drop the bomb tonight.

Down at Forrester Creations, Bridget just can’t believe that Eric had sunk so low to con Deacon out of his sons’ shares. Budge just doesn’t know who her daddy is anymore. He had always told her to strive for integrity and honesty but now, “I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to trust you again,” Budge says. Eric tries to tell her that lying to Deacon was the right thing to do, but Bridget ain’t buying. Before she leaves, Eric grabs a hold of his daughter and tells her that he can’t stand seeing her standing up for Deacon like this. “End it before it starts!” Eric warns. Budge in turn tells Eric that she’s just as disgusted with him, and then books. Soon after Bridget’s departure, Thorne stops by to see how the meeting went. Eric informs Thorne that Deacon signed the papers just in time, but that he’s more worried about how Bridget reacted to the betrayal. Thorne just doesn’t get how Deacon can suck in Budge like this, but Eric can’t piece it together for him cause he don’t get it either. Thorne offers to go and have a chat with Bridget and try to talk some sense into her, but Eric doesn’t think that will work. (No crap. Thorne couldn’t talk Macy out of being with Deacon; you honestly think that he could save Budge? I think NOT!) Eric decides that if he can’t get through to Bridget, then he’s going to go to the source of the problem: MR. SHARP. As Eric leaves, Thorne grins.

Deacon is sitting in his room staring at the bed in the kid-friendly beach house. Right as he takes off his wedding ring, Budge walks in. Deacon says that he guesses that he doesn’t need to ring anymore. (Time out! Has Macy even been dead a month? WOW... so much for the “great love” love that was Meacon. UGGGGG.... may I whine WHY??? WHY was Thacy sacrificed for Meacon??? UUGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!) Any who, Bridget says how sorry she is for her daddy’s bad business. Deacon says that while he is a little pissed, he’s glad that Bridget stood up for him. Budge let’s on that she has seen something in Deacon, and Deacon says that’s what he’s needed this whole time. Bridget slips and says that she cares about him and at that, Deacon tells her that she still has feelings for him. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like now; if I hadn’t screwed up?” he asks Budge. Bridget just doesn’t know what to think. Deacon kisses her, and then they end up rolling around on the bed. Just then, Papa Eric walks in and interrupts. “Take your hands off her!” he screams. UH OH!!!! This ain’t good!!!!

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