B&B Friday Update 11/21/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/21/03

By Matthew
Pictures by Juanita

Greetings from Gainesville!

In Taylor and Ridge’s bedroom, oops I guess it is Brooke’s room now, she suggests that Ridge [Widge] sleep on it and maybe he’ll feel better about things tomorrow. Yeah…right. Ridge says that it wouldn’t change anything. Brooke warns him to not make a quick decision, but he feels there is only one decision to make. Oh no Brooke! I’d like to point out that boinking your husband’s half-brother the day after he died was making a pretty quick decision, considering Brooke couldn’t even find a spare condom around.

Ridge blames Nick for the whole thing, despite Brooke’s pleas that Nick was just trying to comfort her. Why didn’t she tell him about how she almost walked into the furnace when she saw an orb in the shape of Ridge’s head hovering around the flames.

Ridge says they have to deal with everything tonight. In about 30 seconds, he forgives her…sort of. He says for now they should just pretend it never happened. What?! That’s about the lamest thing I have ever heard and poor Taylor is rolling over in her grave. I mean isn’t that avoiding the problem? Won’t Ridge resent what happened eventually? Ridge explains that he wants to honor the vows they made. He also thinks the stress is bad for the kids and the coming baby. But, if the baby isn’t Ridge’s, Brooke stops him there and says she knows it is Ridge. The CVS test will prove it next week. She tells Ridge to never doubt her love.

Bridget runs into Eric’s office to stop Deacon from signing away his 2% of the shares of the company, but unfortunately she is too late. Eric tells Bridget to stay out of this. She can’t believe her own father would be so despicable. You’d think Deacon would have learned. Eric pulled a similar stunt when he promised to pay Deacon 1 million smackers for giving up custody of Little Eric to Rick. When Deacon did that, Eric told him to forget about it. Deacon thinks everything is just fine and dandy. He gave up his 2% for 1/3 of the new subsidiary. Bridget explains that Eric will make sure the company fails and Deacon will be out for good. Deacon turns to Eric who gives him a sinister smile. Son of a…!

Deacon is in sheer disbelief that Eric would do this. Eric points out this is a legally binding contract and he knowingly signed it. Umm, Deacon, tear it up right now!! Eric plays it cool, until he starts throwing out the Bridget card. Well Eric, Bridget seems over it, so maybe you should get over it too. Deacon shouts that he gave Eric his company back to him. Eric agrees and places the contract in his desk drawer. Uh, Deacon, open that drawer, take the contract out, and rip it up! Bridget and Deacon walk off to the side of office. Bridget tries to console Deacon who is pretty torn up about this. He was even planning a big celebration. He thought someone believed in him, like Macy did. Eric becomes offended and warns him not to bring Macy into this. Yes she was a great woman, but Eric still does not understand what she saw in him. Eric then locks his drawer. Deacon you missed your chance.

Bridget yells at her dad about what he did. Deacon just lost his wife, how could Eric do that? Eric promises to uphold his contract. Deacon will get….nothing. Deacon storms out to hopefully get his lawyer and not a drink. Budge lets her dad have it. She trusted him and came to him for help for Deacon, not the other way around. She goes on to say that Deacon has changed, and that she has a hell of a lot more respect for him that she does for Eric. Ouch. Bridget storms out.

On the Shady Marlin, Nick boozes it up to some Jack Daniel’s. Uh-oh, that means I gotta make a liquor trip tonight! Nick’s already half way to drunkville. Jackie thinks he might call Brooke to make sure she is okay, especially considering Ridge might not have hone home. Eh, Brooke could use some alone time. Nick admits that Ridge feels he took advantage of Brooke [yeah Brooke, who is probably older, has no mind of her own].

I just noticed Nick’s face is all banged up from his fight with Ridge. Nick laments that if the baby is his, Brooke’s marriage will end. Jackie thinks it might not be the end of the world, but Nick won’t hear of it. He wants Ridge and Brooke to get past this so they all get on with their lives.

Have a great weekend!

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