B&B Thursday Update 11/20/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/20/03

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Juanita

Over at Forrester Fort One, Stephanie still has reservations about Eric’s plan to con Deacon. She doesn’t think that it’s right, but Eric doesn’t really care. He wants him out of their lives for good.

Deacon and Budge are still gushing as he prepares to hit the road to go sign Eric’s contract. Bridget is just so happy that Deacon has found his calling. Deacon can’t believe it either. Right before he goes to leave, he gives Bridget a peck on the lips. Both of the two are a little confused at the gesture, but Deacon just grins as he skips out the door. Budge is rather smiley herself as she sits on her couch.

After Eric has left the fort to go to the office, Thorne stops in to say hello to his mommy. Stephanie tells Thorne about her discord of the scheme, but Thorne doesn’t care to hear it. Stephanie tells Thorne that Deacon has changed, but Thorne says that if she’s talking about Macy’s death, “That changed all of us.” (Wow, Thorne knows that she’s dead, and he’s still not upset... I’M NOT VERY HAPPY WITH MY HOTTIE! UGGGG!!!). Thorne goes on to say that if Stephers wants to pity Deacon, then she can go right ahead, but that doesn’t mean that anyone else does. “Who gives a damn about Deacon Sharpe?” Thorne yells. “I do!” Bridget says as she reveals herself to the mother and son. She had been standing in the door way the entire time and heard everything. Bridget tries to tell Thorne about how excited and thrilled Deacon is about his company and can’t believe that he and Eric would do this to poor Big Bad Deacon. Thorne tries to tell Bridget that of all people, she should know what a piece of crap Deacon is. Budge says that she remembers how badly Deacon hurt her, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve a clean start. At that, Budge bolts out the door to stop Deacon from signing the papers.

Well, down at Forrester Creations, Jonathan the trusty lawyer tells Eric one last time to be weary of Deacon Sharpe. Eric reassures Jonathan that he’ll be really careful, and as the lawyer slips out the back door to Eric’s office, Deacon slithers in through the front. As Deacon looks over the contract, he’s a little uneasy about giving up he kid’s shares. “This stock isn’t even mine, it’s my son’s,” Deacon tells Eric. Eric attempts to convince him that by giving up this measly two percent, it will ensure a whole great and wonderful future for the kid. “In twenty or thirty years, Little Eric will be better off,” Eric says. As Deacon is hemming and hawing, Stephanie rings Eric on his office phone to notify him that Budge knows about the little covert operation and is on her way over to stop it. “If you want this to happen, you better get Deacon to sign quick,” Stephanie says. At that, Eric really pours on the sap, calling Deacon son, and telling him that he’s just so anxious and excited about this whole thing. Deacon finally gives in and sings away. Right as he lifts his pen from the last dotted line, Budge comes in saying “Deacon, wait!” “Too late,” Eric says as he shakes Deacon’s hand. Bridget looks troubled, Deacon looks happy, and Eric looks thrilled!

Down at the marina and on the Shady Marlin, Ridge is just a little pissed. He tells Nick about how much he trusted him, and how badly he let him down. Nick attempts to explain to Ridge that the fondle didn’t happen the way that he’s picturing, but Ridge grabs Nick by the throat and throws him up against the boat window. Nick tells him to hit him cause he deserves it, but Ridge backs down. He reminisces to the first time that he met his little brother, and about how he was preaching about integrity and respect. “You didn’t respect me, my marriage, or my wife!” Ridge hollers. Nick stands in silence; it’s his only defense. “You took advantage of Brooke!” Ridge says. “I don’t care if your name is Marone; I’ll NEVER forgive you for this! You better pray that that child is mine!” Then it appears that Ridge has said
all he can think of to say, but right before he leaves, he runs back and smacks the crap out of Nick.

Some how, the Brookester has made it back home to Forrester Fort two, and is walking mindlessly around the Bridge bedroom. She picks up that precious pocket watch, and then walks over to the night stand and clutches that really bad Bridge picture from Portofino as tears stream down her face. Shortly there after, Ridge walks in to find the Brookester curled up in a ball on the bed, still holding the picture. Brooke wakes up and immediately starts her sobbing chants of “I’m so sorry for everything!” Brooke tells Ridge that she knows that this spawn is his for the umpteenth time, and then suggests that she’ll snooze the night away down stairs or over at Rick’s house. (Or, wouldn’t staying with Budge be a better idea since she KNOWS what’s going on? Hmmm...So glad that everyone is thinking today!) Right as the Brookester is making her way through the door, Ridge tells her to wait. “Logan, I don’t need anymore time. I know what I have to do.” Dun Dun Da Dun!!!!!!!!

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