B&B Wednesday Update 11/19/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  11/19/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Well, Ridge is just dumb founded at the news that he just found out. ďNo, NO!Ē he chants as the Brookester stands there crying. ďHow could you?!Ē Brooke attempts to explain how lost both she and Nick were, but Ridge who is unusually calm isnít buying. He comments on how he thought that they had moved past all of the lying and the secrets. ďMy own brother,Ē Ridge sighs. (Ridge, honey, this is nothing new. If it isnít your father, itís your brother, or brother in-law... maybe not always with Brooke, but honey, it always happens with somebody!) Brooke tries to tell Ridge that they can just move on from this, but Ridge doesnít think so. He says out loud that there is a possibility that this spawn could be Nickís. It was quite funny actually; Ridge made that comment without even thinking it through. When Brooke didnít say anything to put his mind at ease, then Ridge really flipped. He is under the impression that Nick took advantage of the Brookester, not hearing her pleas that that wasnít what happened. Ridge gets really quiet, and then leaves the Brookester wallowing in her tears in the private dinning room.

Over on the boat, Jackie is wondering how Nick can stay so calm. As Nick strums his guitar, he pretty much says that thereís no point in getting upset at the moment, because itís pretty much all a done deal after tonight. Jackie suggests that they should leave town for a while so that this whole issue can just blow over. (Brilliant idea Jackie). Nick says thatís a no go cause heís not the type to go running off. Jackie says some more things that aggravate Nick even more, so he hands her her purse, inferring that itís time for her to disembark from the boat and hit the high way.

After Ridge has left, Brooke is still crying as she holds the christening gown to herself. (Ya know Brooke, look on the bright side. No matter who the daddy is, you can still christen the spawn in it!) Just then, Jackie comes on in to see how Brooke is doing. She tells her that Ridge left, and Jackie fears that he went to pay Nick a visit. Brooke, through her tears asks Jackie why she always hurts the people that she loves. Jackie consoles her as she pulls her in for a squeeze.

Back on the boat, Nick is still strumming his guitar when he hears someone come on board. Guess who it is! Itís Ridge! The two stare at each other in silence; Ridge is NOT a happy camper.

Over at Forrester Fort One, the good lawyer Jonathan is drawing up the contract that Eric wanted in order to make ďSharpe DesignsĒ a subsidiary of Forrester Creations. Eric tells good old Stephanie the news about Sally, Deacon, and Amber the idiotís business venture. Stephers thinks that itís a wonderful idea that the trio is going into business together and pleased as punch that Eric is going to take them under his wing, but when she finds out whatís really going on, isnít all too thrilled. She tells him that itís a bad idea, but Eric isnít listening. He wants that damn two percent and he wants Deacon out of all of their lives; including Princess Bridgetís.

Speaking of Budge, Deacon has stopped by to tell her the good news about the meeting. They are all so excited that it all went well. Deacon just canít believe how nice Eric was to him, and he and Budge think that the head cheese may be looking at Deacon in a whole new light. Just then, Deaconís cell phone rings, and its Eric. He tells Deacon that he has decided that it would be a good deal to have Sharpe Designs join the Forrester team and wants him to skid addle on over to sign the papers. Deacon is thrilled, and he and Budge jump up and down for a bit before giving each other a squeeze.

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