B&B Tuesday Update 11/18/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/18/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Well, today we start off with Brooke and Ridge over at the private dinning room. “I have to tell you something,” the Brookester squeaks. Ridge of course is COMPLETELY oblivious that anything could possibly be wrong. He tells his Logan that there is no way that she could ever disappoint him, “Not after everything that we’ve been through,” he says cheerfully. Ridge just doesn’t want to deal with anything heavy tonight and wants to just be with Brooke. Well, Brooke isn’t saying all too much, and Ridge assumes that she’s hormonal. So, he has a gift to give her! It’s a christening gown that he designed with a big “M” on it for the Marone clan. (What is it with Stephanie’s boys and the christening gowns lately?!) Brooke is just speechless, for once and looks at the gown in awe, probably wondering how she’ll ever tell her moron the truth. As Brooke is holding the gown, Ridge wonders aloud if Nick will use it to christen his kids in. Then Ridge thinks that maybe the captain won’t want to have any rug-rats of his own, and tells Brooke about how he turned him down to be the spawn’s god-father. “I think that he really might have feelings for you,” Ridge says to a teary Brooke. “That’s, or he’s just ticked off at me for some reason.” Brooke tells her idiot that Nick isn’t mad at him, and then gets on the “I gotta tell you something kick”. Brooke starts going on about how devastated she was when she thought that Ridge had bought the farm and about how now she just wanted to protect him. “But I was wrong!” she says. Brooke tells Ridge about how she almost swam in the flames at the foundry and about how Nick came in to “console” her. She keeps going on and on about how lost they were and how reaching out to each other was the only way to survive. Ridge pieces it together by the look on Brooke’s face. He starts whispering “No, No,” while shaking his head, but then his voice begins to crescendo steadily, “No! NO!” *But he hasn’t flipped out yet! (Ok, this is by far the WEAKEST circumstances to have two people sleep together under. My God! There’s no way that any of this could possibly happen! Can’t we just have a good old fashioned love triangle like we did in the good old days?!)

Sally is one happy camper as she goes into Las Olas to order a margarita to celebrate her “victory” over the Brookester. Sally flirts with some young guys at the bar, and then gets them to join her in a Mexican hat dance. (This show is really pulling out all of the stops as far as choreography is concerned; as a dancer, I’m quite impressed.) Sally “chases” her way over to where Jackie is having a quiet meal (because after all, Las Olas is the only place in LA to get something to eat, remember.) Jackie isn’t all too thrilled to see Sally due to the wedding commotion that she caused. Sally tells Jackie that she is so happy that she raised such a dashing young son and let’s on to the fact that she knows about the foundry fondle. “I’ve heard about sex in the morning, but sex while you’re mourning, that’s a new one,” Sally jokes. Jackie doesn’t look amused. Sally goes on to say that there’s nothing to worry about, “As long as Brooke signs my company back over, she and Nicks indiscretion will stay locked in the vault.” Jackie is quite perturbed as she leaves.

Over on the boat, Nick tries to explain to Bridget what really happened, but she is in no mood to listen. Budge insinuates that Nick took advantage of the grieving Brookester, but Nick grabs a hold of her shoulders and says, “Listen up young lady, that’s not what happened!” Bridget and Nick argue a little more, but when Bridget says that she doesn’t understand how something like this could happen, Nick says that neither he nor the Brookester understand it either. Nick starts throwing another temper tantrum and bangs his chair around saying that everything is all his fault. Bridget starts to feel for him a little and says that he really does love Brooke. At that, Mama Jackie literally runs into the boat as fast as her heels can carry her to warn Nick about Sally. Nick says that he knows, but obviously Bridget doesn’t! “What does Sally have to do with this?” Budge asks, surprising Jackie. Nick let’s everyone know about Sally’s plan to get her company back. Jackie wants to go over and stop Brooke from dropping the bomb. “It’s too late; she’s already there,” Budge says sadly. Everyone stands around in silence.

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