B&B Monday Update 11/17/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/17/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

As Brooke is getting ready to go to her doom, excuse me, dinner, Bridget stops by to show the Brookester the spawn shower invitation. Budge can tell that something is bugging her mother. Brooke tells Budge the whole sob story about the foundry fondle. “Mom, please tell me you didn’t,” Bridget asks. “Oh no!” Budge says when Brooke gives her the green light that her assumptions are correct. Brooke cries on about how she thought that she could forget about the whole thing, and that the spawn’s daddy is up for question. “This baby could be Nick’s,” Brooke says to a stunned Bridget. Budge just doesn’t know what to think. “I don’t understand you! How can you think about sex at a time like that?” (That’s a good question!) Brooke says how desperate she and Nick were to make their pain go away. Bridget is shocked that Ridge doesn’t know yet and Brooke tells her that she can pretty much take her invitations and through them out cause after tonight, there won’t be a shower. Brooke wants Bridget to tell her that she’s a horrible selfish person who deserves to be alone; Budge shocks her and comforts her weeping mommy, telling her that it’s not true. (Wow, what a daughter!) Budge totally forgives Brooke for her misdeeds. “No one can blame you for trying to survive,” Bridget consoles. Brooke just doesn’t think that Ridge will forgive her. Bridget builds Brooke up, telling her that Ridge will understand, “Just like I do.” Bridget tells her sobbing mother how much she loves her, and gives her one last squeeze.

Over on the boat, Nick is polishing a bell as Ridge stops by to say hello. Ridge would like Nick to be the baby’s god-father. Nick just doesn’t know what to think. Nick thinks that Ridge has the wrong guy to be a god father. “I drink. I smoke. I’m no role model.” Ridge reminds Nick about how he was there for the Brookester and risked his life and about how he should get a medal for it. Nick tells Ridge to drop that whole routine and to get the hell out. Ridge doesn’t get what Nick’s problem is. Ridge says that he’s sorry that he keeps throwing his happiness in his face. Nick tells his brother that he’s happy that he’s happy and to hold onto that precious happiness. Ridge says that speaking of the Brookester, he’s got a dinner date with her that he’s gotta shove off to. “She’s got a surprise for me,” he says. “It’s going to be one hell of a night!” (WOW!) As Ridge leaves, Nick tells him that he’s a good man.

Eric is quite impressed that Deacon was able to grab Amber as a head designer, as he gives Deacon a whole slue of compliments. Thorne sits at the end of the table looking quite disgusted. (Probably because Eric is saying more nice things to Deacon in 5 minutes then he has said to Thorne in his whole life.) As Deacon runs out of the room to take a cell phone call, Thorne questions Eric as to why he has to lay it on so thick. Thorne says that he gets the point, but that “you don’t bait him with caviar!” Thorne warns Eric again about Deacon possibly seeing through his act. Eric tells Thorne to chill out. “Anyone as hungry for acceptance as Deacon is won’t see through anything!” After Deacon finishes up his call, the three amigos sit down again. Deacon tells them how much he appreciates what Eric and Thorne are doing for him, but doesn’t get their interest. Deacon says that he wants to go for an urban feel, very contrary to Forrester Creations. Eric tells Deacon that he could be a real success. Thorne, the grinning idiot just sits there and...grins. As the meeting comes to an end, Eric tells Deacon that in about 5 years, he’ll have quite a company on his hands. Deacon is a little surprised that it will take that long, but Thorne chimes in that you need to get established, and that takes time. Eric says that Brooke and Ridge had the advantage of taking over and up and running company. “What are the chances of having that fall into my lap?” Deacon asks. Eric tells him that with his sharp wit, anything is possible. “You never know,” Eric says. (Do I sense foreshadowing here?) Right as Deacon is about to leave, he asks Eric if he wouldn’t mind taking his fledgling company under the Forrester umbrella. Eric says that the companies might be too different, like Deacon already said. Deacon agrees and hits the road. After he walks out, Thorne asks Eric why he didn’t get him right then and there. Eric informs his impatient son that now Deacon will want it even more. 

As Nick is chowing down on some grub, Budge stops by to have a word with him. She doesn’t look all too happy. Bridget informs Nick that she just saw the Brookester. “How dare you!” she sneers.

Over at the private dinning room, Ridge is trying to figure out what his surprise is by playing twenty questions with the maitre d. As he says that he doesn’t have a clue, Brooke shows up looking ever so pretty. As Ridge starts spewing all his romantic garbage, he’s obviously not making this easy for Brooke. He realizes that something is wrong, and tells her to take a seat and relax. Brooke can’t wait for dinner though; she needs to get this off her chest now. “There’s something that I have to tell you. Something that I’ve done, that I’m not very proud of,” Brooke says. Dun dun dun dun! 

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