B&B Friday Update 11/14/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/14/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

We start today off on that fabulous boat owned by none other then the handsome Dominick Payne as he and the Brookester talk about how Sally knows the secret! Oh my god! Brooke just doesn’t get how Sally could have found out; Nick doesn’t really know how it could have happened either. Both are baffled. 

Over at the head Marone office, Ridge is telling Mama Stephanie about Brooke’s heated argument with Sally. He informs Stephers that Sally was doing her usual rant about wanting her company back, but that this time, “there seems to be more to it.” Stephanie doesn’t quite get it either. Ridge doesn’t get why Sally is lashing out at Brooke about the company though, being that that was his brain storm. “But it goes deeper then that,” Stephanie tries to explain to her son the block head. “She blames Brooke for so much of Macy’s unhappiness.” (That’s funny, so do I!) Ridge says that he feels for Sally, but he’s not letting no one or no body interfere with the Brookester’s happiness. Stephanie steps up to the plate saying that she’ll have a chat with her buddy Sal, because Stephanie herself would like to see the Brookester happy as well. In fact, Stephanie even offers to through Brooke a baby shower for the spawn. Ridge just can’t believe his ears.

Well, over at the kid friendly beach house, Deacon can’t believe his ears either as Budge tells him how Papa Eric has agreed to have a chat with him about his new fashion venture. Deacon is just so happy that Bridget is doing all of this for him, but he thinks that Eric’s olive branch is too good to be true. Bridget points out that Deacon is the reason that Eric is back as CEO of Forrester Creations, “He owes you,” she tells him.

Speaking of Forrester Creations, the good attorney Jonathan has stopped by to have a chat with Eric Sr. and his new number one son Thorne. As Jonathan tells Eric how great it is that he’s the head cheese again, Eric reminds him that his seat might not be all too permanent until he owns that precious 2%. Thorne points out that if Deacon doesn’t vote in Eric’s favor all the time, then he’s pretty much a sitting duck. (Time out! Now that Brooke is out of the company, why doesn’t Eric ask her for some stock? Why does she need so much stock in the competition? And what about Bridget and Rick? Now that Mommy is out, their loyalty isn’t split. Couldn’t they hand over some stock? THINK PEOPLE, THINK!) Eric tells Jonathan that he’s trying to see into the future. Eric wants to get that 2% back but “he’s not going to pay Deacon Sharpe one dime.” 

Deacon reminds Budge that Eric’s ass being back as CEO has nothing to do with him. “If anything, he should be thanking Macy,” he says. (This is VERY true). Deacon is still very skeptical about Eric’s proposed meeting. Bridget talks Deacon into meeting with Eric, (big surprise), and the two flirt ever so slightly and disgustingly. Bridget tells Deacon that she thinks that he’ll succeed in anything that he does. “Anything?” Big Bad Deacon asks as he looks into Budge’s eyes. Bridget gets the point, but laughs it off as he tells Deacon to run a razor across his face.

As Thorne sits back pretending that he understands the business talk, Eric reveals his plan. He wants to make Sally and Deacon’s company a subsidiary of Forrester Creations. Jonathan doesn’t think that it’s a good idea, but Eric says that when he’s through with Deacon, he’ll be gone for good. Eric is planning on Sally and Deacon’s operation failing, and when it does, he’ll collect the 2% of the stock. Jonathan warns Eric again that if Deacon finds out about the real plan, there could be hell to pay. “You let me worry about Deacon,” Eric says. (Oh boy, with Eric running the helm of this operation, I’d say that it’s already set up to fail).

“Ridge can’t find out that way,” Brooke says through her tears to Nick. Nick tells her to take a chill pill and relax. “Let’s put our heads together and think this out,” Nick says with a cool head. (Ok, wasn’t that what started this mess to begin with?) The duo goes down into the cabin of the boat to figure this whole thing out. Brooke knows that Sally’s been snooping around, but doesn’t know how Sally has this figured out. “Nobody knows what happened,” Nick says, but then takes that back. He tells the Brookester that Jackie knows. Brooke freaks a little, but Nick tells Brooke that they’re Ok and that Jackie is on their side and understands. Nick wants to put together some kind of a plan. Brooke tells Nick that Sally wants her company back. “The answer is simple; give her the company!” Nick rationalizes. “Absolutely not!” the Brookester says.

Ridge is still in shock that Stephanie wants to throw a shower for the Brookester and the spawn. Stephanie just says that she’s so happy that Ridge’s little twinkle in his eye is back, and it’s because of Brooke. Stephers admits that she wasted too many years making herself and Brooke miserable. Plus she says, “There’s a new baby, and new babies make clean slates for everyone.” At that, Stephanie makes fun of Ridge’s little South American wedding get-up. Then they go on to the sappiness of how great it is that Stephanie has welcomed the Brookester into the clan.

Nick doesn’t get why Brooke won’t give Sally the company. “Even if I give her the world, it wouldn’t be enough,” Brooke says exasperated. “She hates you that much?!” Nick questions. (Yes Nick, Brooke is hated). Brooke says that Sally will do anything to make her life miserable. Nick says that he’ll go to bat for the Brookester and talk to Sally, but Brooke says that’s a no go. Then we go in to round 27 of “I should tell him, I don’t deserve Ridge.” Blah Blah Blah. “If I love him so much, why do I keep hurting him?” Brooke asks. (Now, as much as I would like to comment on that, I can’t because alas, Thorne acted the exact same way to Macy that Brooke is to Ridge.) Nick tires again to tell Brooke that what they did isn’t as bad as she thinks and that Nick is who’s really to blame for this whole thing. Brooke says that it’s not all his fault. “I let you,” Brooke says. “I have to tell him.” Nick wants to go with her, but Brooke has to do this alone. “I’d rather tell him the truth and risk losing him then live a marriage based on a lie.” (Wow, the Brookester has grown!) 

As Jonathan leaves, Thorne tells Eric that he’s taking a big risk. “What about Bridget?” Thorne also asks. Eric thinks that getting big bad Deacon away from her will be the best thing. “How do you plan to do it?” Thorne asks. “Charm, and manipulation,” Eric says. Thorne is worried. “You’re talking about running a con on the biggest con man in town.” “Watch me,” Eric says, “I’m going to put the final nail in Deacon Sharpe’s coffin.” (My, my we’re cocky boys!) Just then, here comes Deacon with a knock on the door! Eric is all smiles and quite pleasant, but Thorne just sits back and grins. (You know, he probably should just leave the room; knowing him, he’d give it away.)

As Stephanie leaves her baby Ridge, his phone rings! We see that it’s the Brookester. Ridge is just all happiness and sunshine as he tells his Logan about Stephanie’s plan for the spawn’s shower. Well, that certainly rocked Brooke’s world. She makes a date to see Ridge at that private dinning room. Ridge thinks that Brooke is up to something, and tells her how much he loves her surprises. (Oh boy!) Brooke looks oh so sad and scared! 

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