B&B Thursday Update 11/13/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/13/03

By Space Bug           
Pictures by Juanita

Over in Clarke’s office at Logan Designs, cute little Sammy is playing model for Ridge. Apparently the movie star that the dress was made for couldn’t make it to her fitting, so Sammy graciously said that she’d step in. “I feel like such as starlet,” Sammy says as Ridge is checking over the dress. “Well you sure look like one,” Ridge says. As Ridge is making sure that everything is ok with the dress by touching it EVERYWHERE, Sammy giggles that she’s ticklish. Clarke notices the look on Sammy’s face as Ridge is touching her and knows that trouble is a brewing. After Sammy leaves to go and change, Clarke fills Ridge in on the fact that underneath all of Sammy’s sass, she’s really quite heart broken that Ridge is a taken man. “If Brooke gets wind of Sammy’s feelings for you, it might mean trouble for your marriage,” Clarke for warns. Ridge doesn’t seem to think that there will be any trouble at all. “Brooke and I are finally in a place where no one can hurt us,” he says. (WOW!)

Meanwhile, in a much more tense office setting, Brooke doesn’t know what to think at Sally’s accusation that she slept with Nick. Brooke tries to deny it, but Sally says that she can see be the look on her face that it’s true. “I understand,” Sally tells Brooke with mocking reassurance. “I know how it could happen, but I don’t think that your husband will.” Oh, the Brookester is terrified now! Brooke just doesn’t quite know how to handle this. She starts apologizing to Sally for all of the hurt that she has caused her and Macy. “It’s too late for that,” Sally sneers, “It’s certainly too late for Macy; I’ve lost her forever.” Sally does however have an ultimatum for the Brookester. She wants her company back! (Big surprise!) Brooke says that that’s a no go, “I may be CEO of Logan Designs, but Ridge and Massimo own it as part of Marone Industries.” “Well, I happen to know that you’ve got an influence on the boss,” Sally points out. She hands Brooke a legal pad and a pen and demands that she put in writing that the company is hers again. “That’s blackmail!” The Brookester screams. “That’s right!” Sally says, “That’s justice! I’ll give you 24 hours, or else I’m going to Ridge!” Now Brooke is pissed. She starts yelling at Sally to get out of her office pronto. At that, Ridge walks in and goes to Brooke’s defense. He tells Sally that everyone is really feeling for her right now, but that all of this intensity isn’t good for her, Brooke, or the spawn. Sally leaves saying as she walks out the door that she’ll be talking to one of then rather soon. As Ridge hugs and comforts a teary eyed Brooke, she looks ever so afraid. Sally sure put the fear of God in her!

Over at the other fashion house, Forrester Creations, Thorne has come up from the bowels of his basement dungeon office to have a chat with dear old dad. Eric is apparently still concerned that Deacon has that damn two percent of Forrester stock. He’s apparently worried that Deacon might vote his ass out of control. As Eric and Thorne are wracking their brains trying to figure out how to get the two percent, Bridget comes in to say hey as well. She wants to tell dear old dad about Deacon’s fashion venture. Eric admits that he saw Deacon over at Budge’s section of Forrester Fort One the other night, and Bridget gets on the defensive about him spying on her. Eric says that he doesn’t want to see Bridget get sucked in by Deacon again. Thorne is also quite adamant about that two. (Although in his list of Deacon’s wrongs against the Forrester clan, he’s forgetting to mention the fact that if Deacon hadn’t married Macy, Thorne probably could have won her back, and she’d still be ALIVE! Funny how memories fade and return when convenient). Any who, Budge wants Eric to help Deacon out with his venture; give him some pointers and stuff. Thorne thinks that his little sister is off her rocker, but Eric says that he’d be happy to help. Budge is all so excited and rushes off to tell Deacon the news. Thorne is blind sided. “Either I’m in the twilight zone, or you just lost your mind,” Thorne says to Eric. (Well, honey, I’d say that you’re about two for two at the moment!) Thorne then goes on to question Eric. “How could you help Deacon after what he did to Bridget, not to mention that he has that two percent that you want...” Thorne then pieces together Eric’s plan. (My he’s quick.) Eric grins at his smartness. Apparently the Forrester chief is going to scratch Deacon’s back, if he gives him his two percent! (And I’m not talking milk here! * “All I need is two percent!” (Macy) )

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