B&B Wednesday Update 11/12/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday  11/12/03

By Space Bug
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Well, today starts off with Nick paying his favorite sister-in-law Brooke a visit at Logan Designs. Nick shows the Brookester a pamphlet talking about the test that she can have done to determine the paternity of the baby. Brooke looks very interested, but on cue, Ridge walks in. Brooke hides the pamphlet under a piece of fabric on her desk, but as he is busily fiddling with the things on her desk, Ridge finds it and questions her about it. Nick makes the slip as Brooke tells Ridge that she just wants to make sure that everything is ok with the spawn. “All of our questions will be answered,” Brooke says as Ridge starts kissing her neck. Then, Ridge shows Brooke a closet full of lotions and oils that he put in her office, and gives her a pint of ice cream with chocolate syrup. Of course Brooke conveniently dribbles some chocolate on her lip, giving Ridge the chance to lick it off; thus beginning a much expected romp in the office.

Over at Sally’s place, Ms. Spectra can’t stop gushing to Darla about the news that they just over heard. Darla still doesn’t think that it makes any sense. “Brooke would never cheat on Ridge. All her life she’s wanted to be Mrs. Ridge Forrester.” (Ok, time out Darla. I’m not making excuses, for least of all Brooke, but just because a person is madly in love with someone doesn’t mean that they don’t make stupid mistakes…EXAMPLE: THORNE CHEATING ON MACY WITH YOU!) Sally agrees with the stupid secretary, but then remembers that Ridge was “dead” for a couple of days on that damn island, and pieces together that the brother-in-law boink must have happened then. After piecing this all together, Sally is having such a hard time deciding how to use her information. She can’t decide whether to tell Ridge, Stephanie, or Massimo. Then Sally gets another idea. She’s going to black mail Brooke and get her company back. 

Back over at Logan Designs, Nick runs into Clarke. As he drags Nick into his office to give him a jacket, cute little Sammy comes in, sulking at the fact that Bridge must be at it again in Brooke’s office. After she leaves, Clarke let’s Nick on how heart broken Samantha is that she missed her chance at Ridge and about how no one or nothing is going to break the Bridge up. Nick nods and smiles. As we come back from a commercial break, Nick, Clarke, and Sammy have ordered Chinese food, and Sammy is having a rather hard time eating with chop sticks. As Nick tries to coach her while poking fun, Ridge stops in for a visit. Clarke assesses that Ridge has lipstick all over his neck and that his shirt is all wrinkled and buttoned wrong. Ridge says that he and Brooke are just making up for lost time. “And not just from the island; for all those years that we spent apart.” (Ridge, are you forgetting something? For most of all of those years, you were married to my other poor baby Taylor, who has been gone exactly a year, and no one stopped to remember that).

Before Brooke finishes putting her shirt on in her office, Sally unlocks the door and barges in. Brooke is of course not happy to see her, and is a little confused as to why Sally keeps referring to the company as hers. Sally goes into her classic rant of how much she hates Brooke. As Brooke tries to say that taking over Spectra was nothing personal, Sally says that she was just a speed bump on the Brookester’s way to the top, “Just like Macy.” When Sally again blames Brooke for all of the Thacy issues because she went after Thorne, Brooke tells her how crazy that sounds. Sally informs Brooke that people do crazy things when they lose somebody that they love. Then she goes on to speculate about crazy and inappropriate things that Brooke might have done while she thought that Ridge was dead. Brooke denies Sally’s accusations, but as she pours herself a glass of water, Sally blurts it out: “You slept with Nick, didn’t you?” At that, Brooke drops the glass in horror, and it shatters at her feet. “Caught ya,” Sally says with a grin.

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