B&B Monday Update 11/10/03

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/10/03

By Space Bug
Pictures by Juanita

Over at Forrester Fort Two, Ridge is just so sorry about not realizing how traumatized the Brookester was from the ordeal down on the island. “What you and Nick did was heroic,” Ridge the twit claims. “Oh no it wasn’t,” Brooke counters. “It was wrong and it shouldn’t have happen,” she says through her tears.

Over at Ozzy’s place, Amber the idiot is attempting to “seduce” my shirtless hotty, along with trying to get him to take the job that she and Deacon are offering. (Ok, she is twirling around him like some moronic space cadet... will somebody please put her out of her misery?!) Amber is literally throwing herself at Ozzy, telling him that she knows that she’s not the only woman in his “orbit” now, but she will be; “Sooner then you and Bridget think,” she moans. 

Speaking of Budge, she is actually hitting the med books, (and she’s wearing cute little glasses that look like they could have been pulled out of Hunter Tylo’s old wardrobe. That’s right kids; Bridget really IS morphing into Taylor!) Bridget is interrupted from her studies by big bad Deacon, who wants her to hop on board his fashion house team. (Ok, time out! Wouldn’t having Bridget and Ozzy working together at the same company totally defeat the purpose of trying to keep them apart?!) Bridget laughs off Deacon’s offer, saying “No way.” 

Mean while, Ridge tells his Logan that it’s not good for her and the baby to be this upset. Brooke says that there is no possible way that he could understand, and that what she has to say is about her and Nick, right as the door bell rings. Ridge gets up to answer it, and finds his favorite brother on his door step. Brooke tells Nick that this really isn’t a good idea, but Ridge seems to think that it is. “You’re worried about Brooke too, aren’t you?” he asks Nick before adding, “It wasn’t till tonight that I realized how much guilt this incredible woman has been carrying around.” (Can he be any dumber?) Ridge tells his Logan that everything that happened was all Shelia’s fault and that it’s not her problem. At that, Ridge’s cell phone rings. Ridge tells his buddy on the phone that he’ll call him back on the other line, and then leaves his wife and brother ALONE.

Amber point blankly tells Ozzy that he’s wasting his time with Bridget and that she’ll never be enough for him. Ozzy laughs that off as Amber says that SHE is enough. Amber takes a seat practically on Ozzy’s lap as she attempts to tell the man how compatible they are. Ozzy seems to think that Amber is extremely lacking in confidence. As Amber tries to kiss Ozzy, he says that they better call it a night, and that he’ll get back to her on her offer. As Amber leaves, (finally), she tells him that “If you’re tired of being good, give me a call.” (Can she BE any more pathetic?!)

Deacon just doesn’t understand why Bridget doesn’t want to jump at the chance to be a manager for his new company. “Are you forgetting something?” Budge asks idiot number two, “I’m in med school, and even if I did want to get back into the fashion industry, it would be for my dad.” Good point! Deacon says that that did occur to him, but that he thought that he’d take a shot. Then he admits that he really wanted Bridget to know that he’s attempting to make something out of his piece of crap life.

Back at Forrester Fort two, Nick and Brooke go for yet another round of “I’m going to tell him”, “No you’re not”. Nick says that if Brooke tells Ridge, then she’s going to tear apart the precious Marone clan that just came together for the first time tonight. “You’re putting me in an impossible situation,” the Brookester proclaims. 

Over at the Marone Mansion, Jackie informs Massimo that Nick has changed his mind about leaving. Massimo is so thrilled that I think someone might have to call Hudson in to clean up the puddle that he left. However, Massimo is still a little curious about the whole thing. He says that he knows that Nick is moving on from his little thing with Brooke, and Jackie says that Nick just wants “Bridge” to be happy.

“I hate what this is doing to you,” Nick whispers to Brooke. Brooke keeps saying that she has to tell Ridge. Nick wonders what happens if it does turn out to be Ridge’s “bambino”. Nick then tells the Brookester about the miracle test that they can have done. Brooke is just being so damn picky, and doesn’t think that’s the answer either. For some reason, she just feels wrong about lying to Ridge for the rest of their days. As Brooke starts to break down at the thought of losing her precious Ridge, Nick pulls her in for a squeeze and tells her that she isn’t going to lose her idiot, and that they’ll get through this together. “Telling Ridge the truth is not the answer,” he says. Nick implores Brooke to think about what this would put Ridge through. “Why would we do that to him?” Nick questions. “Do what to me?” Ridge asks as he strolls into the room. “Alright you two, what’s going on?” (Oh my, is Ridge growing a brain? Oh no, watch out! The weight of the budding mind might snap his spine!)

Bridget and Deacon are now sitting around playing Care Bears. Bridget wants to know why Deacon cares about what she thinks of him, and Deacon wants to know why she cares. Just like a Care Bear, Bridget tells Deacon that she “cares about a lot of things.” Deacon knows that and tells Budge that she’s got the biggest heart out of anyone that he knows. (I guess that would make Budge Love a Lot Bear, right?) Deacon goes on to say that once he came up with this great idea of starting his own fashion house, Bridget was the first person that he thought of to tell about it. “I wanted to come right over here and share it with you.” Deacon says. (I guess that would make him Share Bear huh?) Bridget wonders if there is more to this new venture then he’s telling her. Deacon owes up and tells Budge that he’s doing this mostly for Sally, and that he’s doing this to make up for everything that he’s ever screwed up. Then he goes on to say how truly sorry that he is for all the hell that he put her through. At that, the phone rings. (What is up with these damn phones today?) Well, Bridget and Deacon decide to stand around and let the machine get it. It’s Ozzy calling to remind Bridget of the promise that she made him: “how you’d be worth waiting for? I just called to tell you that I’ll be holding you to it.” (I LOVE THIS MAN!) After Ozzy hangs up, it is rather obvious that big, bad Deacon isn’t all to thrilled at Budge’s booty call. Deacon says that he ain’t going to lecture, but that he doesn’t want to see his precious Budge get hurt again. “He’s a kid Bridget. He doesn’t know where he’s going or what he’s doing,” Deacon assesses. “I just don’t think that’s what you need right now.” Bridget looks ever so confused as she asks Deacon what she does need. He ain’t got a clue, as usual, but does know that nothing nor nobody in this world is good enough for the Forrester princess. As poppy Eric is frolicking about the grounds of Forrester Fort one, out side Bridget’s guest house window, he spies his not so favorite son in law and his pretty princess daughter together.... but we don’t know what they’re doing!

Well, it’s apparent that over at the Marone Mansion, it’s time for Massimo and Jackie to get it on! God that’s gross. Massimo says that they need to forget about his idiot sons as he escorts his bride up the stairs to beddy-by.

“What do you mean, what’s going on,” Nick asks his big stupid brother Ridge defensively. Ridge tells the caption not to get his rudder in an up-roar. Ridge goes on to say that the two must have gone through some great ordeal when they thought that he had bit the dust; something that neither one really wants to open up and share about. “But I think that I know why,” Ridge the know-it-all says. “You’re still trying to protect me, aren’t you?” Upon Nick asking what Ridge thinks they’re protecting him from, Ridge says “The truth.” (You know, if they were playing a game of “hot and cold”, Ridge really would be burning up in flames right now...he’s so damn close!) Ridge thinks that they are trying to save him from reliving the pain that they all went through. Ridge is just “damn glad” that Nick was there for his favorite wife. Nick goes on to say that he wants Bridge to be happy, so he’s going to stay in town for a while and play cheer-leader. “Is this guy something else or what?” Ridge asks the Brookester. Brooke’s face is priceless; I think that she is finally realizing Ridge’s mental short comings. Ridge goes on to say how much he wants Nick to be a part of everyone’s lives, including the little “bambino” and hopes that one day brother Nicky will find a woman to love as much as Ridge loves his Logan. (Samantha is wide open and available!) Nick says that the idea of being an uncle is great with him. “Uncle Nick,” Ridge says as he gives his brother a squeeze. Brooke looks on all teary-eyed; it’s her only defense.

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