The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 11/7/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 11/7/03

by Space Bug

Well, apparently the wedding has ended, and everyone has hit the road; except for Nick. He comes down the stairs to say hello to his mother who is sitting by the fire in her night gown. After Hudson goes into another room, Jackie asks Nick if he talked to Brooke. He says, yep, and that Brooke doesn’t have a clue as to which Marone boy donated his sperm to create the “bambino.” “What is she going to do?” Jackie wonders aloud. “Tell him,” Nick answers. “She’s telling Forrester right now that his baby could be mine.”

Speaking of “Bridge”, they are now back at Forrester fort two. (Ridge’s house). As Brooke is taking off that god-awful pearl necklace, Ridge asks what he did to deserve all of this. “Our family united, you, our new little baby,” he coos. They both tell each other how much they deserve to be happy. Ridge goes on to say that there is nothing that they can’t handle, “nothing can hurt us now,” he says. Brooke says that great that he thinks that way because, “There’s something that I have to tell you,” she says timidly. (Dun Dun Dun Dun!)

Over at the kid-friendly beach house, Amber the idiot figures out that Deacon tricked her into taking the job. “Well, it worked, didn’t it?” he asks slyly. Deacon says that they need to get the rest of their team together. “I need to find someone to promote us,” he says out loud. As Amber scoots over in front of him, she “has the perfect person for the job: Ozzy!” Deacon says no, and wants to know what Amber sees in Ozzy. When Amber tells Deacon that she likes the way that Ozzy makes her feel, Deacon is apparently grossed out as he screams “Yuck!” and tells Amber that she’s got it bad for the Oz-man! Amber informs Deacon that there might be something in it for him if they do hire Ozzy. “If Ozzy is working with me, then he won’t be with Bridget,” Amber says as she smiles her devious smile.

Did someone mention Ozzy and Bridget? Well, here they come! Ozzy is dropping Bridget off at her current residence; one of the guest houses at Forrester Fort one. (Ya know, Eric and Stephanie’s house). As they walk through the door, Bridget comments that “there is nothing more beautiful then a wedding.” Ozzy begs to differ. “I could think of a few things; you” (How perfect can he be!?!) They start kissing! 

Deacon doesn’t seem to think that Bridget is going to be too happy if he and Amber get Ozzy to come and work for them. Amber comments that she and Budge don’t see eye to eye on much these days, but in the end, “I’m going to get what I want,” Amber says in typical big-headed Amber fashion. Deacon correctly guesses that Amber wants the Oz-man for herself. “Bingo!” Amber replies. “Oh, but is that what he wants?” Deacon asks. “Oh, he wants me,” Amber replies, “He just doesn’t know it yet.” Deacon, ever the quick one comments that that must be why he’s out with Bridget tonight. Well that sure makes Amber frown for a moment. Then she informs Deacon that Oscar is a guy, and Budge is beautiful. “So, you think that it’s just a physical thing?” Deacon asks. “Well,” Amber says, “Bridget hasn’t been physical!” Deacon is quite surprised. “I’m such a tough act to follow,” he says with a grin. Amber informs Deacon that it’s not that Budge is holding out for big, bad Deacon, it’s that she doesn’t want to get burned again, so that means “She’s going to take it nice and slow.” Amber says that that will give her the chance to make her move. Deacon tells her to go and knock herself out, but to not be disappointed if her plan doesn’t work. “I’m going to go over there and offer Ozzy new job, and ME,” Amber says ever so confidently, “And that will be the end of Ozzy and Bridget.” (God she is such a BITCH! I HATE HER!)

Speaking of Ozzy and Bridget, things are getting pretty hot and heavy over at the guest house in Forrester Fort one. Bridget and Ozzy are on the couch making out, as he is having a rather hard time getting his jacket off. Bridget decides to put on the breaks and tells Ozzy to stop. “I need some time,” Bridget says, a little out of breath. Ozzy wants to know if she wants time to slip into something more comfortable, but Bridget says that she wants some “get to know you better” time. “I like you a lot,” Bridget clearly states, “that’s why I think that we should wait.” Bridget explains to Ozzy that she hasn’t been with anyone since her ex-hubby, and that’s why it’s oh so important for her to do things right. Ozzy, ever the gentleman totally understands, and when Budge apologizes, he tells her that she will never have anything to be sorry about. He kisses her goodbye, and when Budge says good night, Ozzy turns around, smiles and says, “Yes, it was.” (I love him!!!!!)

Jackie tells Nick that Brooke is doing the right thing. “Help me mother! How is Brooke telling Forrester that we slept together the right thing?” Jackie tries to explain, but Nick doesn’t think that it will make anything better. “What’s he supposed to say to that? It’s Ok guys, you thought that I was dead for a couple of days. What’s a little sex between in-laws?” Nick rambles sarcastically. (Well, I don’t know about the Marone clan, but in the Forrester family, sex between in-laws is what it’s all about!) “He has to know the truth! The point is that you can not build a marriage on lies,” Jackie says adamantly, “I tried it and look where it got us!” Upon Nick saying that it won’t matter anyway, and that they won’t know for months who the daddy is, Jackie remembers that she had read about a test that can be taken in the first trimester that could determine the paternity of the spawn! “Nicky, you could know in a few weeks!” she exclaims. That sure made Nick’s wheels turn!

Back at Forrester Fort number two, Ridge wonders if the Brookester’s news has anything to do with Nick. Ridge asks if Brooke has had any luck trying to get him to stay in town. Ridge tells Brooke that he’d like her to keep talking to him. “He’s my brother and I’d like to get to know him better.” Brooke reminds Ridge that she and his new brother dated. “Oh, but that’s ancient history,” Ridge says, brushing it off. Ridge goes on to say how much Nick has changed and that he was there for both of them in every way at the foundry. (Hell yeah he was!) “You have no idea,” Brooke squeaks out. Ridge goes on to wonder about all of the mysteries of Nick and how much he really wants him to stick around. “Oh, I’m sorry, Logan,” Ridge says as he takes a breath. “I forgot, isn’t there something that you wanted to tell me?” Brooke looks up at him with her weepy, tear stained eyes.

Shirtless Ozzy alert! Shirtless Ozzy alert! As Oscar is changing in his apartment, and is SHIRTLESS, there is a knock on his door. (I wonder who it could be). Ozzy runs to answer it, and finds Amber on his door step. He doesn’t look too happy to see her, and tells her that it’s not a good time. As she looks at Ozzy’s BEAUTIFUL body, she says, “Oh, I think my timing is perfect!” “I am so not in the mood for this!” Ozzy screams. Amber tells Ozzy about the new fashion house, and that Sally and Deacon would like him to be their promoter. “Yeah, well, you see the thing is,” Ozzy says sarcastically, “I haven’t had a chance to thank Massimo for my new job at Logan Designs.” Amber tells Ozzy that he can’t take that job, and goes on to say how cutting edge the job that she’s offering him is. Ozzy asks her the question that has been on my mind the last two days, “Why would Sally and Deacon want me working for them?” Amber brushes if off that it’s more his talent that their after. Ozzy tells her that she makes so hard to say no, but guess what, NO! Amber attempts to come on to Ozzy, but he doesn’t look too sure. (Ok, he didn’t even notice her hair! Please tell me, how much does he really pay attention to Amber?!)

“Sweet heart, what is it?” Ridge asks the Brookester as he sees that she is plenty upset. Brooke starts crying and saying that she’s sorry. “Sorry for what?” Ridge asks bewildered. “Nick,” Brooke moans out. Ridge tells her that none of this is her fault and that he got what he deserved. “No you didn’t,” the Brookester cries out. Brooke tells Ridge that it’s always been him and that she never should have turned to Nick for a second. As Ridge tells her that what she and Nick had was in the past, it’s obvious that Brooke isn’t listening for she strokes his face and says “How could I have ever looked at anyone else!” Ridge says that it’s ok, “As long as you’re not doing it now, that’s all that matters. Logan, we have it all now,” Ridge says, “I don’t want to hear anymore talk about you letting me down.” “Oh, but I did,” Brooke says through her tears. “In the worst way.” “What are you talking about?” Ridge asks. Brooke takes a breath...and says nothing! 

Nick decides that he’s got to go. “Nicky, Nicky, you’re over reacting!” Jackie seems to think that Ridge will understand. Nick still doesn’t think so, and doesn’t want Brooke to blow away her chance at happiness. “You really love her,” Jackie replies. “Yeah,” Nick says as he walks away. Jackie watches Nick leave, and you can really see how much she feels for him and his dilemma.

Back at Forrester Fort two, it’s confession time! Brooke is now pacing as Ridge asks what’s going on. “I need to tell you something,” she begins. “When I thought you died, something died inside of me.” The Brookester goes on to talk about how deep her pain was and about how she couldn’t breathe and didn’t know what to do. “My heart was literally broken.” Ridge tries to stop her, but she keeps on going. Brooke says that she was haunted by what she saw at the foundry and about how she wanted to get rid of the image of him burning. “I just wanted you back and I couldn’t have you back because you were dead.” Ridge says how sorry that he is that he didn’t realize all of the pain that she’s been carrying around with her all this time. “Damn Shelia,” he says, thinking that will solve the problem. “Oh, it’s not Shelia’s fault,” the Brookester sniffles while shaking her head, “It’s mine.” Brooke says that that’s what she and Nick were talking about at the wedding. “Something that I did. Something that he and I both did.” “I don’t understand,” Ridge says. (Well, that’s a shocker!) “Nick and I,” the Brookester starts, “We did something, something terrible! It was wrong, it was so wrong! I just hope to God that you will forgive me.” AND WE END ON A CLIFFHANGER! Well, that was fun...fine holiday fun! Can’t wait to watch on Monday!

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