The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/6/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/6/03

by Space Bug

Well, we start again right where we left off: “Brick” on the balcony. Nick wants Brooke to tell him straight up: “Is there any way that I could be the father?” Brooke, who has apparently moved on to larger waters is now the new “Queen of DeNile”. “It IS Ridge’s baby,” she replies a little unsurely. Right before Nick can get another word in, cute little Sammy comes out to gather the two up for Massimo’s toast.

Everyone comes inside and starts to circle up as Massimo clangs on his champagne glass. (I swear, I thought that he was going to break the damn thing, he was hitting it so hard). After he finally gets everyone’s attention, he drags his happy family over together: the two sons and the second cousin. The topic of Mass’ speech is what everyone? FAMILY! The old goat tells his sob story about how he was at his father’s grave in Portofino, apologizing for letting the proud Marone name die with yours truly. Then a miracle happened: Massimo went from no sons to two! No grand children to three! And another on the way, he so sappily points out. Massimo is just so tickled at the way everything has turned out. As he once again dotes on his new wife, he also officially welcomes hot Ozzy into the clan. 

Over at the kid friendly beach house, Deacon assesses Amber’s new do. She has finally gone brunette, the color that her roots have been screaming to go back to since day one. (Actually, I really like it. It’s so, oh, what’s the word: NOT AMBER!) Apparently, big bad Deacon has filled Amber in on him and Sally’s latest brain storm of making their own fashion house. Amber seems to think that it’s a crazy idea. (Yeah, cause she’s one to talk!) Amber laughs off the idea, but Deacon is quite serious. Amber tries to give some sound business advice: “It takes time and energy to build a business and energy is something that you and Sally don’t have right now,” she so nicely points out. 

Back at the Marone mansion, Massimo has another gift for Jackie. As their new butler Hudson unveils a log with a saw through it, he explains that this is a prized Italian tradition. Supposedly, if the new couple can saw through the (pre-cut) log, then they will make it through all their other problems together with flying colors. Poor Jackie, in her wedding dress starts sawing! (Stephanie and Eric look on, quite horrified at how undignified this whole wedding has become!)

For some reason, Brooke and Nick are wearing magnets that attract them to that stupid balcony, because as the sawing of the log begins, they are both sucked back out there almost like it was a black hole. Brooke tells Nick that he doesn’t have to worry about anything, but Nick wants her to be absolutely sure that he isn’t the proud papa of the spawn. That she ain’t as she turns around! 

Back inside, the happy couple is still sawing as everyone starts ad-libbing “you can do it put your back into it!” Well, they sure sliced through that pre-cut log pretty good! At that, Ridge yells out something in Italian, and Ozzy hollers something back. Sammy asks out loud, “Ridge speaks Italian?” Stephanie replies, “Wait until he has a few more glasses of wine.” (Or wait until he finds out that this bun in Brooke’s oven might be a “Brick”, if you know what I mean). As Clarke mutters some bone-headed comment about “those Marone boys”, cute little Sammy notices that the Marone pair is down by one. “Looks like one of them is missing,” she says to herself. 

Still on the balcony, Brooke adamantly tells Nick that she “can’t have this conversation.” Nick says that he knows how much Ridge and Brooke want their spawn, but that there is a very real possibility that Nick might have a responsibility here. As the leaky left eye starts... leaking, Brooke decides again that she’s got to tell Ridge what happened.

Deacon tells Amber that she’s right; nobody has any energy. Amber sympathizes, but Deacon says that this company will give Sally a purpose, and that this company will be the kid’s legacy. Deacon tells Amber that this new company is going to go head to head with Forrester and Logan Designs. Amber continues to laugh off of the idea, asking Deacon where he thinks that he’s going to find an out of work designer. Amber catches on rather quickly for a change as Deacon shoots her a look, cluing her in that he’d like her to be that designer. “Oh no, I am out of the fashion business,” Amber the idiot replies. Deacon, ever the sly one informs Amber that he’s actually relieved that she can’t take the position because he’s been speaking to somebody else anyway. Of course, Amber the idiot is clueless to the fact that Deacon is yanking her chain; she starts asking all kinds of questions about this head honcho that Deacon has lined up. Then, Amber starts selling herself to the cause, and starts almost begging Deacon for the job! (Wow, she sure bought that rail-road job!) After Amber officially signs on board, she and Deacon agree that with their back rounds with Forrester combined with Sally’s business sense and experience, Forrester Creations and Logan Designs won’t know what hit them. (Ok, let’s time the freak out. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Amber hated Macy. Amber BIT MACY. AMBER BLAMED MACY FOR HER LOSING THE KID. Why in the hell is she going to help Macy’s husband and mother? And, DEACON: AMBER ATTACKED MACY AT YOUR WEDDING! Where are the vendettas here? *I really wanna know if Sally is going to fly with the ex-blond bimbo helping out.)

Back at the wedding, everyone is dancing again! Massimo asks Jackie if everything is the way that she would like it to be. “Better and then some,” she replies. (Obviously she didn’t mind Sally’s interruption). Over in another corner, Ridge spies cute little Sammy hitting the road. He asks her if she was OK hearing the news about the spawn, considering their last conversation, (ya know, about the fact that Sammy has officially been labeled a “Ridge luster”.) Sammy says to not worry about anything. “It’s all water under the bridge.” (She said BRIDGE! Ha, Ha!) Sammy points out to the ever observant Ridge that perhaps precious baby brother Nick is the one having the biggest problems with the news of the spawn, as she brings he and the Brookester’s little chat on the balcony to Ridge’s attention.

Speaking of the balcony babbling, that’s still going on as well. Nick doesn’t think that Brooke should say a word. Brooke has decided for once in her life to step up to the plate and take responsibility for her actions. “Your mother said in her vows that love is about being honest, even when it’s hard,” the Brookester recalls. Nick thinks that Brooke is getting a little ahead of herself, and thinks that Brooke should wait. “You really don’t know who the father is, do you?” Nick asks. “Don’t you think you should find out before you do this?” Brooke tells her that the longer she waits, the worse it will be. “Ridge has to know!” Brooke says. “I have to know what?” Ridge asks, ever oblivious as usual. 

As Ozzy and Budge hit the road, Jackie makes sure to tell Ozzy how tickled she is that he’s a part of the family. Ozzy of course says that he’s equally as thrilled. Over across the room, the happy young couple is being watched by papa Forrester’s watchful eye. Eric shares with Stephanie that he didn’t even know that the two are dating. They agree that by the looks of things, they better get knowing Oscar a little better. “Bridget hasn’t looked this happy in a long time,” Stephanie assesses. Stephanie predicts that in the near future, the Forrester clan might be doing a little celebrating of their own. (What are you implying dear Stephers?)

Hey, anyone up for another round of “Ridge in the middle?” Well, I hope you are, cause that’s what’s going on on the balcony! (We remember this game right? In stead of a monkey, we have a Ridge, and instead of a ball, a life altering secret!) Anyways, Ridge fills Nicky in that he’s missing the party. Ridge is guessing that while the news of the spawn may have thrown Nicky for a loop, maybe he’ll stick around. “You don’t want to miss the arrival of the new little “bambino” do you?” Ridge asks. He goes on to tell Nicky that the family does need him. Ridge tells Brooke that he’s sure that she’ll be more persuasive with his little bro, and tells her to convince him to stick around. After Ridge runs like a good boy to get the car, Brooke tells Nick that she just can’t keep lying to him. “What are you going to tell him Brooke? That his little “bambino” could be mine?” Nick questions forcefully. Brooke all teary eyed tells Nick that Ridge will find out everything that happened that night. “I just pray that he’ll be able to forgive me,” she says as she turns her back to Nick.

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