The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/5/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/5/03

by Space Bug

Well, the wedding picked right up where it left off with Sally repeating that Brooke “has a bun in the oven”. As Brooke asks Sally how she found out, Jackie whispers to Nick at the top of the stairs that it’s true! Nick doesn’t quite know what to say. After Clarke ushers Sally out of the house, everyone gives the Brookester their blessings. Massimo is oh so happy, and Stephanie gives her a loving squeeze. Then everyone remembers that they are in fact all gathered together for a wedding and get back to the ceremony. Actually, Jackie, who you would think would have been a little upset at the whole scene seemed to be more concerned about gossiping about it with Nick at the top of the stairs then to say “I do”. But, Nick, ever the great son tells his mommy that “they shouldn’t keep the old man waiting,” as he walks her down the stairs. Jackie joins Mass at the fireplace, I mean alter, and the preacher man gives a little summary of their love story; about how they will forever be joined together by a child. At that, Nick and Brooke swap some uneasy glances. After Massimo gives Jackie his tender “I will always love and be devoted to you, Jackie gives her little love speech back; she talks about how she will always give Massimo the truth and be totally honest with him. Well, that sure gets the Brookester thinking as she now glances at her loving husband. After the rings are all placed on fingers, Massimo dips Jackie as he kisses her. (It was really quit funny). 

After all the ceremony is done, it’s time to party! By now, it’s night, and a band has been set up in the living room of the grand house. Massimo gets them to play some up-beat Italian jig and he and Jackie hit the dance floor. (Being a dancer, I was very impressed with the choreography). Massimo gets cute little Sammy and Clarke, along with a good lot of extras to join in the jig. Soon after, Ozzy and Bridget start prancing around as well. Everyone is having such a wonderful time. When Ridge asks the Brookester if she would like to hop around with the rest of the crew, Brooke doesn’t seem to up to it, and decides that she’d rather kiss Ridge instead. Nicky watches on, a tad bit jealous.

Whether it was the constant twirling of the guests or the sight of ‘Bridge’ swapping spit, Nick seemed to not be feeling up to par as he goes out onto the terrace to sulk. Jackie takes a break from the dance routine and goes out to chat with her son. She wants to know if Nicky thinks that this spawn could be his. Nick doesn’t want to talk about this, especially today, “It’s your wedding day mother, enjoy it,” he says. Jackie tells him that she’d enjoy it a lot more if he has a chat with the Brookester. Nick tells her that there is absolutely no way that the kid could be his, but Jackie isn’t convinced. “If you truly believed that, then you wouldn’t be out here brooding,” she says as she goes back inside. 

A little while later, Brooke runs into Nick on the terrace as she goes out to get some air. Nick congratulates her on the news that she is with child and comments about how happy she and Ridge must be. Nick then inquires how far along she is, and asks point blank if it could have been a result of their foundry fondle. “I need to know if this child is mine,” Nick implores. Brooke looks just a little pale.

Well, while this hullabaloo of a wedding is going on, Sally is back home chatting with her favorite son-in-law Deacon. Apparently Darla called him to let him know that Sally is just a little bonkers and that he should check on her. Deacon doesn’t think that it’s good for Sally to be focusing all of her energy on Brooke, and tells her that he knows how she feels. That six months ago, he had nothing, “But then Macy came into my life and changed all of that.” Sally goes on to whine some more about not having her safety net; her company that had always been there for her when things got really bad. “I wake up in the morning, and I have no place to go!” Deacon tells Sally that she’s a fighter, and that she’ll get through all of this. Sally just isn’t so sure about that. Deacon then gives her his new brain storm: “Let’s start our own fashion house together!” Sally thought that through real quick, and decided hey, why the hell not, I got nothing left to lose. As she agrees, she gives big, bad Deacon a squeeze.

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