The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/4/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/4/03

by Space Bug

Today is a very special day in the land of LA: it’s Massimo and Jackie’s wedding day! Hurray! As the camera zooms in, we see that the new house is all decorated for the big event as Ridge helps his favorite brother fix his bow-tie. As Massimo is walking around, he spies his good buddy Stephanie sitting out on the terrace. The two chit-chat, as Stephanie gives Mass and Jackie her blessing. Massimo says that he was worried that Stephanie didn’t approve of his bride-to-be, but then the two chuckle that Stephanie’s mostly glad that he’s keeping Jackie away from Eric. As Stephanie tells Mass that he’ll always have her respect and admiration, Ridge comes running over, dragging poor, but cute little Sammy with him, asking for somebody to please calm her down. Apparently, Sam is nervous about Jackie’s reaction when she sees the house. At that, Nicky breaks up the gathering informing everyone that the Brookester and the bride have arrived. (How they drove the whole way without a word about what happened on the island, I’ll never know). Jackie is speechless when she walks in through the door. Brooke is all giggles as Mass approaches Jackie: “Welcome home darling”. “Oh Massimo, I absolutely love it!” Jackie gushes. As the loving couple chatter about the house, Brooke and Nick happen to shoot each other a glance.

Well it appears that all is forgiven between Darla and Sally, for the mommy-to-be has stopped into see how her former boss is doing. Sally tells Darla that she is “on a mission for mercy”. As Sally puts on a black hat with a vale to match her black outfit, she informs the ditzy secretary that she is planning to attend Massimo’s wedding because Brooke is the maid of honor. “Decency has died!” Sally rants. “And I intend to do everything in my power to resurrect it.” Darla looks ever so worried.

Back at the wedding hullabaloo, Massimo greets Clarke, and says that he’s sad that Sally couldn’t make it. Clarke comments that it’s probably a good thing. Over in another corner, Jackie chats with Sammy about all of the secret planning that was obviously for the house and how it was driving her nuts. As the two grin over all of Massimo and Sammy’s sneaking around, a man comes over and starts taking Jackie’s dress and bag upstairs. Jackie is quite startled and wants to know who this man is. Mass comes over to tell her that it’s their new butler, Hudson. Jackie just seems to think that all of this is just too good to be true. As Jackie wonders how she ever got so lucky, Brooke and Ridge look on as please as a son and daughter-in-law could be. When Brooke comments on how happy the soon to be married couple is, Ridge says that they could make them even more happier by telling them the news of the spawn. Brooke decides that that might not be such a good idea. “This is their day, let’s not steal their thunder.” (How very un-Brooke of you Brooke!) Right then, Nick comes up to offer “Bridge” some champagne. When Brooke says that she’ll pass, Nick is slightly confused. Before he can get an answer as to why Brooke doesn’t want to share in the booze, the Brookester zooms off to check on Jackie. 

After the opening credits, Ozzy arrives with Bridget on his arm to the big event. Massimo is pleased as punch to see the two of them together, and tells Ozzy that he cleans up nice. (That he does!) Oscar comments that maybe on the outside, but on the inside, he’ll probably always be the black sheep of the family. At the sound of his title being threatened, Nick makes his way over to defend his rank as official black sheep. As Ridge the number one son makes his way over to the pow-wow, Massimo introduces the brothers Marone to the latest addition of the family. 

As Stephanie finishes up a conversation with the minister, she spies Eric standing off by himself and tells him how handsome he looks. Eric tells her that he’s only at this blessed event because Jackie asked him to come. He’s very much apposed to the union. Stephanie tries to assure him that Mass really does adore Jackie, but Eric says that while that maybe so, he knows from experience that that doesn’t guarantee no hurt or pain. OUCH!

While Nick attempts to make conversation with Hudson the butler, Ridge comes over to chat with his favorite brother. Upon Nick’s asking how married life is, Ridge replies “Splendid”, and hints that major news is looming, but leaves Nick hanging as to what it is. Just then, Budge butts into the conversation wanting to know “what news?” “I’m not saying a word,” Ridge teases. Then he wants Bridget to give the low down on Ozzy. As Nick makes his exit, Bridget tells Ridge that Ozzy is a good guy, but Ridge just wants his favorite what ever she is to him to be careful, and reminds her that she already screwed up royally with Deacon. (Um, Ridge...that’s not the only one!) Bridget adamantly states that she’s not going down that road again. 

Upstairs, Nick almost runs right smack dab into the Brookester as he hands her the bouquet that she is in such a hurry to find. Nick tells Brooke to slow down, and that they should take a time out to have a talk. Brooke doesn’t get what the need for an alone chat is. “I don’t know, is there?” Nick asks

Over in the Bridal Chamber, Eric surprises Jackie with a visit. Jackie says that she was hoping that Eric would have accepted her decision to marry Massimo, but obviously he hasn’t. Jackie tells Eric about what a great guy Mass is, but Eric doesn’t want to hear it. He tells Jackie that Mass will indeed worship her, and put her on a pedestal case that’s all he knows how to do. But, at the end of the day, “you’ll be on that pedestal all alone,” Eric says. As Jackie turns to face him, Eric plants a kiss on her, and then leaves the room. Jackie looks ever so shaken. (Have we seen this almost exact same scene before kids? YES WE HAVE! Again, OH SO THACY!)

Back at Sally’s place, Darla implores that Sally should rethink this whole brain storm. Darla says that it will be no fun sitting at some boring wedding not being able to make a peep. “Who said I wouldn’t be making a peep? I’m going to be peeping. I’m going to be peeping so loud that people will be talking for months about the egg that was laid on Brooke Logan’s parade!” (That was such a great line!) Darla again says that she doesn’t think that this is such a great idea. Sally goes on to say that she’s going to haunt Brooke to the ends of the Earth to make up for all of the suffering that the Brookester has caused Sal and her Spectra clan.

Over in the upstairs hallway, Nick notices that Brooke seems so on edge, and wonders if it has anything to do with what happened on that damn island. Brooke reminds Nick that he ordered her to put that out of her mind, and she’s trying oh so hard to do that. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s a non-issue.” As Nick comments that Ridge mentioned a big surprise, Ridge comes over to break up the conversation; it’s time for the wedding! (God he’s oblivious!) 

For some reason, Thorne decided to bring his hot and sexy tail over to Sally’s place to see how she’s doing, and that Darla thought the same thing. (Stupid minds do think alike! That, and some how I think that seeing Thorne wouldn’t exactly put a grin on Sally’s face). Darla tells Thorne about Sally’s plan to ruin the wedding, and to make life a living hell for Brooke. Darla comments that Sally will use anything that she can to hurt Brooke in any way. (Why the pity party for Brooke? After all of the crap that she pulled with the beloved love and the bestest pal of these two, you’d think that they wouldn’t be shedding all of these tears for the sweet, innocent Brookester! How soon we forgive and forget).

Well, it’s time for the wedding to finally start. After Massimo gets his extras and normal cast members seated; he welcomes them all to this blessed event. At that, Sally makes her entrance, thanking Massimo for having everyone. “I can’t wait for this party to get started!” As she takes a seat by Clarke, she announces to Mass that he need not worry, “I’ll be as quiet as a rat; I mean mouse.” Mass goes on to give his lovey-dovey today we’re a family speech, and cues the harp player. As the music begins the Brookester marches out down the stairs. As she makes her way to the beginning of the isle, Sally boisterously takes a picture of Brooke with a disposable Kodak camera (Yippy Eastman Kodak, located in home city!) “It will be the perfect picture of a bunch of sheep with the she-wolf in the middle pulling the wool over all of their eyes,” Sally proclaims. This makes Massimo a little pissed. He tells his dear buddy Sally to knock it off. Oh, but she’s just getting started! As Jackie and Nick are waiting at the top of the stairs, Sally gets up and starts rambling on about the havoc that Brooke will bring to everyone’s lives. She says that everyone is in the eye of Hurricane Brooke and that it’s only a matter of time before the storm sets in. “Things may be quite sunny now,” and that “Even queen Stephanie has her sun glasses on,” Sally cleverly assesses. Upon Ridge asking Clarke to escort Sally home, Sally says that she ain’t leaving till she has her say. “I won’t be thrown out of here like I was my company!” Sally roars. She goes on with her speech about how she built Spectra brick by brick and that it’s all been taken from her. As she walks up to Brooke, she comments that everything that mattered in her life has been stolen from her. “I’ve lost my business; I’ve lost my dignity, and my daughter. Macy’s gone. The gods have taken my beautiful baby away from me and given one to Brooke instead!” Brooke looks shocked, as does Nick and everyone else in the room. “It seems that our matron of honor is as fertile as a goat. Brooke Logan Forrester is yet again pregnant!” Sally proclaims. Everyone exchanges surprised and horrified glances. (Ok, besides the whole “Brick” thing that nobody really knows about, WHY IS THIS SUCH A BIG FREAKING DEAL? EVERYONE IN THE ROOM IS PULLING FOR “BRIDGE”! THIS WILL MAKE THEIR FREAKING DAY! I’M NOT UNDERSTANDING THE DRAMA HERE!!)

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