The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 11/3/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 11/3/03

by Space Bug

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I was sure on the edge of my seat all weekend, waiting to find out if Brooke is with baby. (NOT!) Much to NOBODY’S surprise, the Brookester read the results of her pregnancy test: Positive! (And she doesn’t look all too happy as she takes a suspenseful pause before telling her beloved husband the news).

Over at Jackie’s beach house, the soon to be Mrs. Marone is speechless at Nicky’s confession. All she can say is that he made a mistake. “A mistake!?” Nick questions. Nick just doesn’t know how to make this all go away. Nick tells Jackie that’s why he needs to hit the road: he’s a constant reminder to Brooke of her horrible misdeed. Jackie still doesn’t think that’s a good enough reason for Nick to disembark from LA though. “Brooke comes first?” Jackie asks her son. Nick says that he’s not going to ruin the perfect life that Brooke has going for herself at the moment. “That’s spoken like a man who is very much in love,” Jackie assesses. Jackie then implies that Nick has been searching his whole life for someone, and he finally found it in Brooke. Nick says that maybe that’s true, but he’s destined for heart ache cause it ain’t gonna happen. 

Finally, Ridge, ever the impatient one is getting a wee bit annoyed at his Logan’s lack of verbal communication. He grabs the pee stick out of her hand and reads the results for himself. “Yes!” he yells, “You are pregnant!” Brooke manages to crack a slight smile as Ridge starts hugging her and dancing around. Ridge gushes how happy he is as he kisses Brooke, but then astutely notices that the Brookester just isn’t jumping for joy. Brooke blames her lack of excitement on the fact that home pregnancy tests aren’t always accurate, and she’s saving her burst of happiness on a more reliable test. Ridge tries to reassure Brooke, and wrongly guesses that Brooke is still worried about what happened on the island.

Down the hall, in another office in the Logan Designs complex, Sally decides to pay her good old buddy Clarke a visit. Clarke seems a little afraid of old Sal as she sneaks up on him. Clarke wants to know what Sally is doing there, and reminds her that Spectra Fashions is gone. Sally accuses Clarke of being happy to be finally rid of her, but Clarke tells her that he’ll always be grateful for everything that she’s done for him. Sally tells him that he sure isn’t acting all too appreciative. Clarke fills Sal in on the fact that there is a lot of opportunity around the new company for an ambitious guy like him, and he’s gonna go for it. Sally says that Clarke isn’t ambitious. “You’re a traitor!” she proclaims. Clarke tells Sally that he’s sorry for everything that she’s lost lately, but Sally corrects him by saying that everything was TAKEN from her: Macy, and her company, “and someone who I always thought would be my best friend.” (Well, take if from Macy honey, your best friends sometimes turn out to be your demise). Clarke tells Sally that he needs to work, but Sally says that he just doesn’t get it. Sally goes on to say about how this building meant everything to her, and goes on to give a speech quite similar to the one that Brooke gave when she was being kicked out of Forrester; about how when the world gave too much crap, she just dove into her work, and that’s what saved her. Sally goes on to say that Brooke stole everything from her,as she runs out the door. Clarke, ever the mindless puppy follows.

Brooke is quite baffled as to what Ridge is implying about the stupid island. Ridge notices that the hell that Shelia put everyone through really took its toll; especially on Brooke and Nick. Ridge wants Brooke to promise him that she’ll put that whole messy situation out of her mind as best she can. “I’m trying to forget,” Brooke says. (Hell yeah she is!) Ridge wants Brooke to go have a check up, just to make sure that everything is in working order and healthy. Brooke agrees. (I bet she’s wondering how quick they can do a paternity test). Ridge finishes that he’s not going to let what happened down on the island stop them. As Ridge heads out the office first, Brooke throws the pregnancy test away... but leaves it on top of the rest of the garbage so that God and everyone can see that she’s got a baby sprouting inside her.

As Sally makes her way to her old office, she spies Brooke’s name plate on the door. That sure doesn’t make her too happy. Clarke tells her that it’s best that she doesn’t go in, but Sally doesn’t care too much about what Clarke thinks. Sally is blindsided by the fact that the office is completely different. She walks around in utter amazement. (Ok, I really felt for Sally here. As she walked in, the first place that she went to was the table by the door. “Macy’s desk used to be here. Now it’s gone,” Sally says heart broken. It was really quite sad). Sally wants to know what the mystery door is in the back of the office. Clarke regretfully informs Sally that it’s the sex shop, I mean steam room. Sally starts ranting that Brooke has destroyed everything. “You know something, I think it’s time that somebody came along and destroyed something of hers,” Sally commands.

Nick tells Jackie that Brooke and Ridge are married and are very happy campers, and that he doesn’t want to screw anything up for them. “They’ll probably have a kid soon,” Nick assesses. “Leave it alone.” At that, Papa Massimo walks in the door, telling his 40 year old son that that’s no way to speak to his mother. (Give me a break!) Nick feels the same way! “It’s a little late for lectures, isn’t it?” he fires back, kind of kidding. Jackie brushes off the tension as just a heated discussion. Massimo guesses that everyone’s underwear was all in a knot over Nick’s wanting to travel the ocean blue again. Nick points out that he’s standing right there as Mass gives him a big old bear hug. Then the old goat goes into one of his: he’s so happy that the family is all hunky-dory and that nothing is going to come in between them. 

Over at the hospital, Ridge and Brooke are having a chat with Brooke’s doctor. Ridge tells the MD that he and his little wife are happy, but have some concerns. Ridge then goes on to describe the dramatic honeymoon, and the amount of stress that the poor Brookester was under. The doctor asks Brooke if anything else happened during the ordeal, “Anything sexual?” Well, that sure made Brooke go pale as she remembers back to the foundry fondle. Never to fear, before Brooke can finish her memory, Ridge jumps in saying that nothing like that happened, but that it just wasn’t a good time. As the doctor gets ready to leave to test Brooke’s blood, Brooke makes a point to say that she doesn’t know how it could be possible that she is knocked up. After all, she was under SO much stress, and that’s not very good circumstances to spawn. The doctor agrees, but thinks it best to find out for sure. (You know what, this looks like the exact same examination room that Macy and Thorne were in when they found out about her hopelessly blocked tubes and wonderful that the room seems to play favorites with couples and their abilities to reproduce).

Clarke tells Sally that she’s talking crazy. Clarke thinks that Sally should just go home and take a breather. Sally suggests that Clarke should slither away to the office that she gave him like the snake that he is. After Clarke leaves, Sally keeps poking around the place, looking at pictures of “Bridge” and getting an eyeful. As she’s about to leave, an eyeful is what she got. Sally spies that well hidden pregnancy test! “My sweet daughter is dead, and Brooke Logan is going to have another child. It’s not fair!” Sally screams to the Gods. “Somebody’s been playing with loaded dice cause it’s not fair! I will do what ever it takes to even the score!” Sally booms.

Back in the examining room, Brooke is ever so quiet as the doctor comes back in all smiles. “Congratulations, you’re expecting a baby!” Ridge is just jumping for joy at the announcement, and Brooke looks as though she’s finally starting to come around and join on board the baby band wagon. The doctor tells Brooke how lucky she is to have such a great husband and devoted father by her side. Brooke shoots a look that says you don’t have to tell me twice, as the doctor implores her to take it easy do to all of the stress from the island. After the doctor leaves, Ridge notices that Brooke is a little quiet. “I’m just in shock,” Brooke says. Ridge again reiterates that they’re going to put everything that happened to them on that damn island out of their minds as he says he loves her and ducks out to get the car. As he leaves Brooke alone, the Brookester walks over to the mirror and says to herself that “This is our baby, it has to be. It’s yours Ridge, it has to be yours,” as she smiles and rubs her belly. 

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