The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/31/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/31/03

by Space Bug


Today in LA, Brooke is walking around her office, still looking a bit queasy, as she remembers back to her and Nick’s little romp on the foundry floor. She says to herself that if she is in deed preggers, it is NOT from that incident. At that, Ridge, the golden son and husband makes his entrance and immediately begins another nauseating “Bridge” scene of how they just can’t wait to spawn. Ridge thinks again that the Brookester is indeed with child because she just has this look about her. “I’ve seen you pregnant,” Ridge reminds her. As Brooke continues to deny the fact that there constant boinking hasn’t resulted in a “Bridge” clone, Ridge flashes out a pregnancy test and won’t shut up until she takes it. After Brooke peed on the stick, she and wonderful Ridge wait in suspense for the results. (Brooke is really sweating bullets, it looks like).

Over at Taylor’s old beach house, current home of Jackie, Nick stops in to pay his mother a visit. Apparently, Jackie is still pissed at the fact that precious Nicky hung up on her while he was on the plane. Nick tries to excuse himself that it was just an inconvenient time to talk, but Jackie comments that her bestest son never speaks to her in such harsh tones. Jackie picks up her annoying pleas of what’s up with Nick and the Brookester, making Nick more and more irate. Jackie tells her son for the millionth time that he has such a wonderful thing here in LA: the family that he’s always wanted, a great job, a home; pretty much that he’s got the world by the ass and she doesn’t want to see him “screw it up.” “What if I’ve already screwed it up?” Nicky asks point blankly. Well, Jackie just doesn’t know what to say about that, and says that she knows how much Nick loves Brooke, but that he shouldn’t give all of his good stuff up just because he lost her. Nick goes back to his whole “just drop it” slogan and as he’s about to walk out the door, Jackie pieces it together: “You slept with her.” Nick is baffled that she figured it out so quickly, (as am I actually). Jackie tells him that’s not such a big deal; that he and the Brookester were dating after all and were bound to have a little tango in the sheets. “She wasn’t married to Ridge yet,” Jackie says, trying to reassure her son. As Nick looks at her unrelieved, she gets the bonus clue: She was married to Ridge when they did the deed! Nick attempts to explain the whole sad story about the be-wooed widow and her torched husband...blah, blah, blah... now Jackie should understand the pickle that Nick has gotten himself into.

Up in Massimo’s top story office, Sally comes barging in with another news paper. (Apparently, she does a lot of reading). She tells him to get a-load of his wedding announcement. Sally can’t believe that “the blonde witch” Brooke is standing up for Massimo’s soon to be wife. Mass says that he understands Sally’s turmoil: she lost her daughter and her company in the same month, but that his hands are tied. He had to welcome Brooke into the family for Ridge’s sake. Sally can’t believe that Massimo is saying “oh well, life goes on” to her, especially since they have been such great friends over the years. “She has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes, even yours!” Sally screams. Sally tells Mass that she had looked forward to coming to his wedding and that she was oh so happy for him and his bride, but she just can’t attend as long as the “blond witch” is going to be there. (Come on Sal, that was a good one, but can’t we be a little more creative here?)

After Sally leaves, Mass gets a phone call from Samantha, busily working over at his new house. As she’s talking to him, there is a crash n the back round. Massimo is very concerned and says that he’s coming over right away. Sammy and Poochy, that adorable dog are standing in front of the door when Massimo approaches the house. He’s worried to go inside, afraid of some type of damage, but as he opens to door; he finds that the house is beautiful. Sammy hopes that Jackie will be just as pleased. After Mass is done admiring what his money had created, he tells Sammy that he’s glad that she has decided to stick around. As Sam puts the cute little dog in his cute little bag, she informs Mass that she might not be around much longer; that she might high-tail it after the wedding. Massimo, ever the expert in spotting a Ridge luster confronts Sammy about her feelings. She admits that she does have feelings for the golden boy, but that he’s married to the woman that he loves and that she’d “need a magic wand to break them up”. (Well, that or a child made of the wrong sperm).

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