The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/30/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/30/03

by Space Bug

Well we start today’s episode in the after-glow of Ridge and Brooke’s sex-a-thon in the steam room behind her office. The couple gush about how exciting having a new kid running around would be, and Brooke very adamantly states that she would do anything to have Ridge’s child. Ridge says that it’s fate that they are together like this, and then the two talk about how long it will take to conceive. As they start going at it again, we are left hanging with someone else’s feet stepping into the steam room...uh oh!

Over at Marone head quarters, Oscar drags Bridget into a random office, (Nick’s actually), wanting to know what she said about him to the big guy. Oscar is a little nervous about what role he’ll play in the big company. Oscar wonders if Mass will make him cut his hair, but Budge doesn’t seem to think the hair will be an issue. “Have you seen his two sons?” she asks as she begins to describe Nick’s old “captain Ahab” style that he had going on. (Not to mention Ridge’s lion mane that he was sporting last winter). Ozzy is still a little apprehensive about his potential, but Bridget tells him that he can do anything that he sets his mind to.

Back in the steam room, the third and unknown body is taking a seat on one of the bench things. As the camera zooms up we see that it’s cute little Sammy! As she sits back and closes her eyes, enjoying the fog, she hears Brooke moan, “Oh Ridge.” Sammy looks towards the noise and discovers the happy couple going at it on the floor right next to her. Sammy ever surprised, yells out Ridge’s name too, shocking the couple from fantasy land. All parties are quite surprised, and as Sammy darts out repeating that she’s sorry, Ridge gets up and says that “he’ll handle” the situation. (Yeah, sure he will). After the opening credits, Sammy has apparently gotten dressed in a hurry, for she is in what I think is Clarke’s office putting her earrings back on as Ridge whistles in through the open door. Sammy is quite perturbed at the fact that Ridge and Brooke were going at it like rabbits on the floor of the steam room. Ridge says that next time, they’ll put a “do not disturb” sign on the door. “Next time?” Sammy asks. “I know that you and Brooke are trying to get pregnant, but I thought that this was a fashion house.” (How true, how true!) Ridge tries to joke around, but Sammy is apparently not in the mood. Sammy decides that she can’t work under this kind of environment and wants to move on to greener pastures. Ridge says that’s a no-go; “We’ve got a home line to produce here!” Sammy fires back that that’s not what’s on Ridge’s mind to produce. Ridge just doesn’t get where this is all coming from. “You don’t get it?” Sammy asks Ridge, “Are you blind?” (Ha Ha!)

As Brooke walks into her office, all dressed and ready to get back to work, she finds Jackie, her new best friend waiting for her. Brooke asks what she can do for her new best buddy, but Jackie says that she just wants her son back. Jackie says that she has a very strong feeling that Brooke knows why he hit the road, and wants to know why he’s all torn up about being around her and the rest of his beloved family. “What’s going on, Brooke?” Jackie asks. Jackie informs the Brookester about how angry little Nicky gets when he’s done something that he’s ashamed of, and that it’s pretty obvious that he has screwed up royally in the recent past. (No kidding). Brooke tries to make up some lame-oh excuses, but Jackie isn’t buying. Brooke tells Jackie that Nick made his decision and that she needs to get accepting that. “That’s not good enough, Jackie states. “I want an answer, and I’m not leaving this office until I get one.” Jackie looks slightly pissed at her new bestest pal.

Ozzy doesn’t have a clue about how he’s going to adapt to the shipping business since all he’s done is run casinos and night clubs. “You’ve got skills!” Bridget tells him. (Yeah I bet he’s got some skills, eh Budge?) Bridget comments that perhaps Ozzy could step in for Nick and let’s Ozzy in about Nick and Ridge’s mutual love of her mother, the Brookester. Bridget fills Ozzy in on the complexities of being involved with Brooke and the effect that she has on men, (especially those with ties to Ridge). “Your mom sounds like a real heart breaker,” Ozzy assesses. “She can be,” Budge admits sheepishly, as she goes on making excuses for Brooke, like always. Bridget sums up that her mother always wanted Ridge, but just at times was too scared to admit it. (Since when?) Ozzy concludes that it can really be that simple: Boy and girl meet, fall in love and ride off into the sunset. (Hold it buddy! Not on this show!) Bridget, forgetting the history of love on the “Bold and the Beautiful” grins as she wraps his arms around him. (He is so adorable!)

Back at Logan designs, Brooke starts to let Jackie in on some of what the fuss is all about. She says that she and young Dominick shared an “intense experience” on the God-forsaken island the night that they thought that Ridge had bit the dust. Jackie isn’t really catching on too quick; she knows that something else is going on. Brooke tells Jackie that all of the ruckus on the island forced Nick to face his feelings for her and that just didn’t set all too well with him. Brooke sums it all up by saying that she likes Nick and that in due time, she’s sure that he’ll sail on back home. “So in other words, leave it alone?” Jackie concludes. Upon Brooke agreeing with that statement, Jackie gives her one last glare as she makes her way out the door. (I think that Jackie is having second thoughts about the Brookester standing up for her... is anyone else thinking that?)

Over in another office somewhere in the Logan Designs complex, Ridge tells cute little Sammy that he thinks that she’s been keeping something from him. “Yes I have,” she agrees, “For a very long time.” Ridge, ever the idiot hasn’t got a clue as to what the big to-do is and would like Samantha to clue him in. The cutie blushes, obviously not really wanting to share her little secret. “It’s so ridiculous!” she says as she turns away, “I’m ashamed to even say it!” (If it’s what I’m thinking it is sweet Sammy, I’d be ashamed too). Ridge is done messing around; he wants to get back to baby-making with the Brookester pronto, so he kindly tells Sam that she shouldn’t be afraid of anything, especially due to the eye-full that she got today. “I’m not a prude, Ridge,” Sammy points out. Finally her tied tongue unknots itself and she spits out the surprising statement: “I have feelings for you,” (How shocking!) Ridge, ever equipped to handle women falling all over him tells Sammy that it’s just a child-hood crush. Sammy agrees and gushes about how Ridge was her fantasy and the first boy that she ever wrote about in her diary and about how she was just a tom-boy down the street. Well, things have certainly changed since then, she goes on to say. She got a job for Massimo, traded in the tom-boy look for eye-shadow and a push up bra, and thought that it was fate that she would be coming back to LA at a time when Ridge was free as a bird. “I thought that this time, things might be different,” Sammy says with a far off look in her eyes. “But, you married Brooke.” All Ridge can do is say how much he loves the Brookester, because that doesn’t really require all too much thought on his part. Sammy says that she knows and that Brooke is great, blah, blah, blah, but that she’d be lying if she said that she wasn’t the least bit jealous. Ridge understands, hell, Sammy isn’t the only woman who has fallen for him, obviously. Ridge offers her his pinky for a little kid’s pinky swear and pulls her in for a hug. (Why on God’s green earth is Sammy pining away for Ridge? SHE’S TOO CUTE FOR HIM! AND, HE’S A MORON! Sammy, take my advice: GO AFTER NICK!)

Speaking of Nick, he’s still on the air plane which appears to be stopped at a lay-over. As Nick takes his seat, his cell phone starts ringing with his mommy on the other end. “What’s going on?” the precious son asks. “I was about to ask you the same thing,” Jackie says, not all in her usual chipper tone. Nick tells her that his ass will be back in LA for the wedding, but after that, he’s going back across the deep blue see. That doesn’t fly well with Jackie. She knows that something’s up between him and the Brookester, and she wants to know what it is RIGHT NOW!

In a much less tense atmosphere, Bridget tells Ozzy that she thinks that happy endings are possible as they continue making googlely eyes and pawing at each other. Right as the two are about to lip lock, Massimo, ever the party pooper breaks the two up to tell Ozzy that he’ll be placed at Logan Designs to do promotional work. Bridget is all tickled, but Ozzy, trying to be smart asks if he can think about the offer. As Massimo makes his exit, he hints to Ozzy that he needs to remember what he told him early, (about how great Budge is, perhaps?) and that while he got his job on his own, he needs to “thank the little lady.” After Mass leaves the two love birds start making out in Nicky’s abandoned office.

“You’re in love with her Nicky!” Jackie screams into her cell phone as she is getting off of the elevator of Logan Designs. Duh! “That’s why I have to do this,” Nick says adamantly. Jackie just can’t believe that Nicky is willing to give up his home and his family all because he doesn’t feel comfortable around “Bridge”. Jackie informs her son that she’s talked to Brooke and that she knows that there’s got to be more to it. Nick wants to know what Brooke said, thus further cluing Jackie in that her suspicions are correct. Nick threatens to not come back to LA at all if Jackie doesn’t leave this all alone, and as she starts up her “I can’t leave this alone/ I’m not going to lose you” speech, Nick is apparently as tired of hearing it as I am and hangs up on her. Now Jackie is really pissed. “I’m going to find out what is going on,” she says to herself.

As Brooke is walking around her office, she grabs her stomach in pain. (Morning sickness perhaps?) Right as she looks as though she’s about to hurl, Ridge comes in, causing her to swallow her vomit until he leaves. (Puking is one of those bodily functions that women don’t do, remember?) Ridge fills Brooke in on his interesting chat with cute little Sammy. The two argue over who was caught off guard more: the love making couple or cute, innocent Sammy. Ridge tells Brooke that Sammy will be OK; but that she wasn’t embarrassed, she was jealous. Ridge is surprised that Brooke isn’t bothered by this new development, but Brooke admits that she’s known all along that Samantha has a thing for her man. Brooke comments that Sammy is just a little girl, and that she understands; Ridge is a hard man to get over. Ridge questions that comment, but Brooke replies that she’s only guessing, cause she never did get over him. Duh! At that, the two have another spit-swap. Brooke breaks it off a little earlier the Ridge would like; she’s feeling nauseous and looks like she’s going to puke again. (I hear you honey. Kissing Ridge would do that to me too). Ridge helps his beloved down into her chair. Brooke blames her tummy ache on the steam room, but Ridge has other ideas. “Honey! I think you’re pregnant!” he shouts as he grabs a hold of her. (Apparently, Ridge’s knows Brooke’s reproduction track better than she does). Over Ridge’s shoulder, Brooke looks happy at first, but looks plagued with the question that’s on everybody’s mind: whose swimmer found her pool first?

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