The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/29/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/29/03

by Space Bug

Still on the same bright LA day, Bridget and Ozzy are on their way to visit Massimo. Ozzy is a little nervous, but Bridget encourages him to have a chat with his second cousin. (I had thought that they were nephew and uncle, but apparently I was mistaken). Any ways, Oscar doesn’t think that Massimo will give him the time of day, but Bridget doesn’t think so. She thinks that Oscar and Mass really have a chance to connect. At that, Oscar makes his way into the office.

It’s mighty dark over at the kid friendly beach house as Deacon, still looking as horrible as ever is sulking in his living room. At the sound of the door bell, he gets up to answer it, and finds a Stephanie on his door step. Deacon isn’t very happy to see Stephanie, but she tells him that she’s sorry about his loss. Deacon informs her that Macy isn’t misplaced; that she’s gone. Apparently, Sally just turned off Macy’s life support. Deacon is just so distraught, (as am I), and doesn’t know what in the world he’s going to do. Deacon keeps giving Stephanie the opportunity to lecture him, but that’s not why she’s there.

Over in Brooke’s office, Ridge is setting that damn picture frame on her desk with a bow on it. (I’m sorry, but I’m about ready for him to take that frame and shove it if I have to look at it one more time). As Brooke enters her new office, they nauseously flirt and gush over the frame and about how they need to have sex to get another kid to fill the last slide pronto. Just as they start kissing, Jackie knocks on the door to make a “social call”. Apparently, she’s got a “very important request to make” of the Brookester.

As Oscar makes his way into Massimo’s office, the big man doesn’t greet him all too kindly. Ozzy thanks Massimo for seeing him, but Massimo tells him to not thank him yet. “You have a hell of a nerve showing up here,” Mass says. Massimo lays into Ozzy for his “Vegas” life style and about how it would eventually catch up to him. Ozzy says how guilty he feels about Macy and that he feels responsible. Mass questions Ozzy’s guilt, and comes off as a little surprised that after everything Ozzy has done to help Macy and her family that he still feels like crap. He realizes that Ozzy wants to make a fresh start, but Ozzy stresses that he’s not looking for a hand out. Massimo abruptly says that’s a good thing because he wouldn’t be getting one anyways. Ozzy is really getting irritated with the old goat and tells him flat out that Bridget made him come. Mass tells Ozzie that he knows Bridget quite well, and thinks very highly of her. Ozzy says that obviously his and Mass’ issues aren’t going to get settled today and calls the meeting to an end. “HOLD IT!” Massimo screams as Ozzy makes his way to the door. “You’re not going anywhere.”

Brooke is all excited to know that Jackie’s big request is. Jackie gives Brooke a few bonus clues: that it’s about her up coming nuptials, as she lists off her wedding party: Ridge = best man, Nick=giving her away. All that’s left is the matron of honor. Brooke still isn’t catching on too quick, so Jackie just spells it out: “Will you be my matron of honor Brooke?” Brooke just can’t believe it. “Me? Are you sure?” she asks. (I’m wondering that too actually). Brooke is very honored, especially since a few weeks ago; Massimo didn’t even want her in the same zip-code of the wedding. Then Ridge and Brooke spout out that they don’t want any tension with Nick. “I know that it’s a very special day for the Marone family,” Brooke says. She just doesn’t want to screw anything up. Well, Jackie, much like Stephanie tells Brooke that she’s a very important part of the family, and that she would like everyone to be together on that special day. (Brooke has really got to be thinking that she’s hit the big time: important member of the Forrester and the Marone clans in one fowl swoop... SCRORE!) Brooke finally says alrighty to Jackie’s request. Jackie is all so tickled as she gives the Brookester a squeeze.

Back at the dreary, kid-friendly beach house, Stephanie and Deacon are still sulking on the couch. Deacon asks Stephanie why she stopped in to visit him. “Because Macy loved you, and she wouldn’t want you to be alone right now,” Stephanie tells the grieving widower. Stephanie gives Deacon a nice little pep talk about how he can help himself, and that he needs to remember all of the good that Macy brought out of him. Deacon cries that every good thing that he ever did was because of Macy. (That’s for sure). As Deacon whines that Macy was his strength, Stephanie says that she’s not so sure about that. Macy didn’t drag his ass to AA, Deacon went on his own. He was already starting to turn around, and that Macy just pushed him a little more. “She just brought out the best in you,” Stephanie says. Deacon has no clue how he’s going to tell the kid that Cuckoo has kicked the bucket, but Stephanie tells big bad Deacon that he’ll find away; he’s the daddy after all.

Ozzy thinks out loud to Massimo that coming over to visit him was a big mistake, and that Bridget was behind the whole thing. Massimo tells Oscar to take a time out and to shut his trap and listen to him. He assesses that he only thing that Oscar has going for him besides his big mouth is his potential. Ozzy is a little taken-a-back by Mass’ compliment, and Massimo says frankly that he’d never thought he’d see the day. He tells his second cousin that he’s got a good heart and a lot of character. He also informs Ozzy that Bridget has been raving about him also, and that says a lot since Bridget is such a wonderful person. Massimo in turn, raves about Bridget and what a fine catch she is. “With a woman like that on your side there’s no end to what you can do”. At that, Massimo welcomes Ozzy into to the family business with a new job at Marone industries. 

Well, Jackie has apparently hit the road, so now the Brookester and her new hubby are all happy as they rant about how wonderful everything is. Ridge apparently has another surprise for Brooke as he takes her through that mysterious door that I never knew existed in that office. As they stand in front of another door and start kissing, apparently Brooke knows what is inside, but we’re left out in the dark. As Ridge comes up for some air, he tells Brooke that he likes hanky-panky in the office as much as she does, but sometimes they need a change of scenery. As Brooke opens the door to the room, we see that it’s a steam room. (Just like at Forrester!) At that, the two go in and start making out in the fog. Ridge wants Brooke to get knocked up ASAP, but thinks that they already have a kid in the works from the island. Brooke adamantly says that she would know, and that’s a definite no: she’s not with child yet. Ridge suggests that they need to keep going at it until she is, and Brooke has no qualms about that: the more Ridge sperm the better, apparently.

Stephanie is still comforting poor, poor Deacon over at the kid friendly beach house. Deacon doesn’t think that he’ll ever have happiness again; that every time things start going good, it slips through his hands; first with Bridget and now with Macy. Stephanie tells him not to fret; that he has changed and that he’s sure to find a great love that will last forever. 

As Bridget is flipping through a magazine out side Massimo’s office, he and Oscar come out all pleased as punch. Bridget takes it that the meeting went well, and Ozzy thanks her for once again putting his ass in gear. Massimo then grabs a hold of Bridget and rants on about how good she is and what a great catch. “The love of a woman like this is better then all of the riches in the world,” he says to his new favorite second cousin. Ozzy looks on with a wide smile. As Bridget smirks and blushes, basking in the glow of “Praise Budge day,” the camera pops Deacon’s face next to hers’ as the scene goes back to him with Stephanie saying that he will love again. (What subtle foreshadowing). 

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