The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/28/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/28/03

by Space Bug

On this bright and sunny LA morning, Stephanie finds a distraught Sally in her office. Stephanie attempts to comfort her bosom buddy. Sally is just so upset about Macy and losing her company, all at the same time. She tells Stephanie that our precious Macy is now on life support and while Sally will never give up on her, the doctors have. Sally doesn’t understand how all of this could have happen. Everything was fine: business was bombing and Macy was happy; then bah bam! Stephanie comforts Sally, but draws the line when Sally starts attacking Brooke, blaming her for everything. Stephanie tries to explain to Sally that Brooke has changed, and that she finally realizes how much she loves Ridge. Stephanie dishes out some hefty advice: to not let hatred rule Sally’s life; that what ever vendettas that she has against Brooke won’t bring her company back, nor will it heal Macy. Sally can’t believe that Stephanie is singing Brooke’s praises, and warns her that all of her new found confidence in Brooke will come back to smack her if she doesn’t watch it. After Stephanie leaves the office, Sally walks over behind her desk and picks up that famous picture of Ridge and Brooke in Portofino. Sally says to her self that Brooke won’t fool her, and that one way or another, Sally will get her revenge.

Speaking of the Brookester; today is also opening day of Logan Designs. Ridge brings Brooke into her newly decorated office, (Sally’s old office). Brooke is just so excited as she gushes about how beautiful it looks. At that, cute little Sammy and her adorable dog come out for a door that I never new existed in that office, as Ridge presents her as Brooke’s designer. It appears that bi-gones are bi-gones as Brooke thanks Samantha for her wonderful work. Clarke, who apparently has become Brooke’s designated cheer-leader, comes in to chat some more about how exciting this all is and about how Brooke is officially the new boss. Then, Brooke calls all of her blue collar workers up from the bowels of the factory for a little meeting in front of her new office. The workers don’t look all too thrilled about the take over, but it appears that Brooke has begun to win them over; especially when she reminds them that this company was originally Sally’s legacy, and that no one should forget about her and her contributions. After the successful meeting, Ridge and Brooke coo about what a great business woman she is, as he gives her a new name plate with “Brooke Logan Forrester, CEO” on it.

The back burner scenes featured today was Thorne giving Darla the family christening gown in his basement office over at Forrester. This was supposed to be her official welcome to the Forrester Clan moment. (Ok, it was sweet, but again; the only reason that it’s happening is because Darla is pregnant with his kid, and the love of Thorne’s life who he’s apparently forgotten all about is laying on death’s door. I wouldn’t read too much into these endearing moments... at least I hope not).

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