The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/27/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/27/03

by Space Bug

On this wonderful Monday, we pick right up where we left off: with Brooke, Ridge and Nick on Nick’s boat with Ridge trying to figure out what in the blazes is going on. Brooke informs Ridge that Nick is feeling a little guilty. Nick pushes Brooke to not say anything, and is quite adamant that if anyone is going to clue Ridge in on anything, it’s him.

Over at the kid friendly beach house of Deacon, who is knocking on his door but the moronic and annoying Amber. As always, Deacon isn’t all too pleased to see her. (Is anyone ever pleased or the slightest bit happy to see Amber, EVER?) Amber just stopped into say good night to the kid, but Deacon doesn’t know how many times he’s going to have to go over with her that she’s not welcomed there. Deacon brings up that this type of mindless behavior is exactly what Bridget was talking about. Well, hearing Bridget’s name really set Amber off. “I am so sick and tired of Bridget freaking Forrester I could scream,” Amber...screams.

Speaking of Bridget, she and Ozzy are traipsing about the Forrester family pool at one of the many Forrester forts. (I’m assuming Eric and Stephanie’s camp because isn’t that where Bridget is staying anyways?) Bridget is all gushing about what a great thing Ozzy did opening the club as a tribute to Macy. The two flirt very cute-ally as she pecks his cheek, thanking him for her ride home. Ozzy comments that she’s being a little stingy with his tip, but Bridget informs him that that’s more then she gives her cab drivers. As the young, budding couple joke some more about what Ozzy really means to Bridget, Budge gets all serious and tells Ozzy that he is the most incredible person that has come into her life in a really long time. (How sweet). As Ozzy is taken aback by Bridget’s “confession”, he notices her staring at him. Bridget comments that she’s trying to notice a resemblance of Massimo. Ozzy doesn’t think that there’s any there at all. (Thank god!) Apparently, Oscar is still a little pissed that his dear old uncle didn’t help him when the Vegas goons were after him. Bridget tries to stick up for Mass, telling Oscar that he is about the last person that she knows who would turn his back on his family, unless he has a reason to. Ozzy tells Bridget that he does have a reason; that Massimo never saw much in Ozzy or his father because of their casino gambling life styles. “We disgraced the family name by being in the gambling business,” Ozzy says, as he admits that he has made his own fair share of mistakes and hung around with a few bad seeds in his time. Bridget tries to make Ozzy see that that might have been what Massimo was worried about, and that he was trying to look out for him. Ozzy wonders that if his favorite uncle was so hell bent on helping him then why didn’t he bail him out with the Vegas guys. Bridget, in an intellectual moment tells Ozzy that maybe good old Massimo was trying to teach Oscar to stand on his own; and guess what, IT WORKED!

“You are such an UNBELIEVEABLE drama queen!” Deacon tells Amber the idiot in his kid friendly living room. Upon Deacon asking Amber what Bridget has really done to her, she rambles off a list of trivial things and closes with the fact that she blames Bridget for Ozzy closing the club. Deacon agrees with me that that is a load of CRAP! Amber tells Deacon that she just wanted to make sure that her brother’s ex-wife fell flat on her face. (Actually, I think that Bridget was trying to help her brother THORNE’S ex-wife who literally fell flat on her face.) Deacon tells Amber that everyone knows that Bridget doesn’t have a vindictive bone in her body, and would not want to cause any problems for Amber (directly). “Actually, Bridget is probably the most fair- minded person that I know,” Deacon states. Amber isn’t buying that. She accuses Deacon that he is hung up on Budge all over again.

Back on the boat, Brooke and Nick are playing “Ridge in the middle”. (You know, like “monkey in the middle”, except with a Ridge, and instead of a ball, a life altering secret). The two keep arguing who is going to deliver the blow, as Ridge stands in between them looking as dumb as ever. Ridge wants to know what everyone is hiding. “Nobody is hiding anything from you Forrester,” Nick proclaims. “It’s right there in front of you.” Nick takes on the role of the riddler and in between mocking Brooke’s annoying chirps of “Nick” in an Amber-fashioned whine; he tells Ridge that what he wants to hear are facts. Ridge is getting a little confused, (as is everybody) with Nick’s beating around the bush and wants him to just spit what ever it is out. Ridge re-hatches all that Nick has done for him: He risked his life for him, he took care of Brooke and kept her going when she thought that he was dead, (boy did he ever); “What do you have to feel guilty about?” Ridge asks, genuinely bewildered. Nick keeps reiterating that Ridge doesn’t want to know. “There are enough secrets in this family,” Ridge proclaims. Nick fires back that he isn’t family. Ridge isn’t taking that for an answer. He tells Nick that he wants him to be a part of his life and that what he’s hiding can’t be THAT bad. Finally Nick blurts it out: “I’m in love with your wife,” he says, very sheepishly and ashamed. Brooke looks shocked, and a little frightened as she moves backwards in preparation for Ridge to blow. Ridge on the other hand, looks completely dead-pan, as only Ridge can look as he grins and asks, “That’s it?” Nick is shocked too. “That’s not enough?” he asks in utter surprise at Ridge’s calm. “Well it should be,” he says. “That should be all that you need to know.”

Over at the kid friendly beach house, Deacon reminds Amber that my poor Macy is laying in a hospital bed in a coma, and he would like to know what is going on in her demented mind that would make her think that he’s attracted to another woman. (Well Deacon old boy, it isn’t rocket science). Amber reminds Deacon that he is a guy. That really sets him off, and big, bad Deacon is pissed. He firmly says to Amber that he’s only going to tell her this once: that he loves Macy, (after all, who wouldn’t) and that the only thing that he is concerned about is doing what ever it takes to get her back. Amber, that little bitch, screams out “Your wife is brain dead!” Well friends, if I thought that Deacon was pissed before, he is irate now, and attempts to physically throw Amber out. Amber, ever the sensitive one tells Deacon that at some point, you have to move on and see what’s around the corner. Deacon says that that’s real rich coming from the woman who just got dumped by the husband that she was ever so much in love with, as he thinks out loud that she pulled herself together right quick to start chasing after Ozzy. Amber admits that she thought that she had until “Doctor Sigmund Forrester” came along to screw with his head. Amber tries to get Deacon to admit that he’s jealous of Bridget and Oscar’s budding romance, but he shrugs his jealously off (temporarily) as just plain being concerned. Deacon yells that he doesn’t want to see the child-like Bridget hanging with Ozzy the “creep”. Amber announces that they for once are on common ground and that maybe big bad Deacon should do them both a favor and go do something about it.

Speaking of the budding young couple, Ozzy lists off all of the un-Ozzy-like things that Bridget has gotten him to do since he met her and that now she wants him to make a complete 180 in his perception of Massimo. “What are you, a witch or something?” he asks her in amazement. Bridget wiggles her nose around with her finger in an attempt to be like Elizabeth Montgomery, and decides that there are no special powers that she can detect. Ozzy finds her gesture endearing and asks her if she was trying turn him from a frog to a prince. “You already beat me to it,” Bridget replies sweetly as the two start pawing at each other. “You are most definitely a witch,” Ozzy replies giddily. Bridget supposes that she has maybe cast a few spells in her time, but none of them ever really worked out. Oscar finds that hard to believe, and that there has to be a couple of guys out there pining away for the Forrester princess. “Oh yeah, that’s me,” Bridget says kind of down. “I’m a real heart breaker.” “Should I be worried about mine heart?” Ozzy asks.

Back on the boat, Ridge and Nick go for another round of 20 questions. Ridge says: you’re in love with my wife; So what? “So what?” Nick asks, completely amazed. Ridge says that he’s not threatened by that at all. Nick says that’s a good thing cause Brooke sure as hell loves Ridge. Ridge says that he knows that all too well, so there is no reason for Nick to feel guilty. Brooke looks on all teary eyed, and absolutely amazed. Nick says that Ridge was what changed; that at first that he thought the whole “battle for Brooke” was only a game, but then on the island that no one has heard of, he realized that Ridge really does love the Brookester. Ridge says duh, and goes over and kisses Brooke’s forehead, (casue he’s not insecure at all!) Nick tells his brother that he deserves to have Brooke and that that’s why he’s gotta hit the sea and get out of the way. Ridge tells Nick that he’s not in the way, but Nick fires back that he better be careful of what he says. Nick says that the best thing for everyone is to leave the past in the past. Ridge wants Nick to do that while he sticks around, but as he gazes at Brooke, Nick says that he can’t do that. At that, the Brookester apologizes, but the brothers Marone both tell her that nothing is her fault. Nick says that she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. Nick tells them that he’ll be back for mom and pop’s wedding, but after that he doesn’t quite know what next. “I’ll go where ever the wind takes me,” he says, much like Mary Poppins. Ridge and Brooke wish him well and make their way back to dry land. After the happy couple makes their exit, Nick says good bye to Brooke out loud to himself, his cute little eyes tearing up. 

Deacon can’t believe what his little ears are hearing over at beach house number two. He is shocked that Amber is suggesting that he go after Bridget to get her away from Ozzy. Amber tells him to think about all that he could do; steal her away from a man that he can’t stand, make up for all the hurt, not to mention help Amber snag Ozzy in the process. Amber thinks that him helping her get Ozzy would be good pay back for taking her son away. (Give me a break!) Amber says that she gets that Deacon isn’t in the place for a relationship at the moment, (NO KIDDING!) but that the longer he waits, the closer little Budge gets to Oscar, and the closer he gets to being left out in the cold for good. “Think about it,” Amber says with a sly wink as she walks out. (SHE IS SICK!)

Back at the Forrester family pool, Bridget can’t believe that Oscar is worried that she’ll break his heart. “That would sure be a change”. Bridget admits to Ozzy that she has a soft spot for bad boys. The two flirt some more as Ozzy tries to tell her about the treatment for getting over bad boys, and that he’s the one that can dish out the medicine. What’s his cure you ask? Kisses!... and some heavy making out!

Back at Forrester fort two: the home of Ridge, and now the Brookester, Ridge is getting out of the shower, and drying off his hair with a towel as he comes into the bed room. Brooke comes all tickled that the twins and the boy had to read their new baby sister a bed time story before they went to sleep. They are jut so happy that the kids are accepting everything. Ridge just wishes that Nick would stick around, but says that he understands why he didn’t. Brooke tells Ridge that her heart belongs to him and that she’s going to spend her life proving that to him. Brooke goes on to worry about all of their past mistakes and that she doesn’t want anything to catch up to them. Ridges says that they need to listen to Nick and live with no regrets as he shuts the Brookester up with a kiss and then some sex.

We end today’s episode on a plane, with a Nick Marone on it. As we fade out, Nick says to himself that it’s time for the Brookester to be happy.

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