The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/24/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/24/03

by Space Bug

We begin again at Fort Forrester, where apparently everyone has hit the LA free-way except for Stephanie and her precious Ridge. Ridge jokes about how he should have thought of some tragedy like this years ago if he had known that it would have brought Stephanie and Brooke together sooner. Stephanie admits that she was wrong about Brooke and goes on to say that she really does care for Ridge; that she didn’t hesitate putting her own life in danger to save his.

Speaking of Brooke, she and Nick are still arguing over whether or not Ridge will find out what happened on that dirty foundry floor on the God-forsaken island. Nick seems to think that Ridge wouldn’t understand, hell, he doesn’t even understand what happened. Brooke admits that she has kept secrets from Ridge before, but that she just can’t do that again. “It’s the right thing to do!” she proclaims. Nick doesn’t agree, and says that it isn’t the “right thing” for anyone involved. Brooke is all teary-eyed and anyone shocked at that?

Over at Ozzz, all of my poor Macy’s fans are still standing around holding candles and looking at her picture as her rendition of “Smile” is playing. (Again, oh so sad) Ozzy explains to Sally that he hadn’t planned on this type of an opening, but after talking with her, he started thinking. Then, that morning, when Ozzy came into the club, in front of the door was a huge pile of flowers and cards. “Macy’s fans want her to know that they’re thinking about her,” Ozzy says comfortingly. At that, Darla comes over with Deacon and tells Sally how wonderful this whole thing is. Bridget also looks teary eyed as she glances at Oscar. After the song is done playing, Ozzy gets up on stage and talks to the crowd. He thanks them for coming, and goes on to say that neither he nor anyone will forget the tragedy that happened on that very stage. But also, no one will forget the amazing talent and heart that is Macy Alexander. (Thanks for saying that Ozzy; let’s not forget that in nature, MACY IS A GOOD PERSON). As Ozzy builds up Macy, he closes by saying that he is going to put the club up for auction with all of the money going to a foundation in Macy’s name for coma research. Sally and the Macy crew look very touched; Amber, standing in the back round looks slightly perturbed.

Back on the boat, Nick tells Brooke that he gets that she feels guilty, and that he feels the same thing. Nick thinks that it would be selfish to confess; that it would totally ruin all of good things that are going on in Ridge’s life. He tries to get Brooke to see how much Massimo and Stephanie accepting her means to Ridge. “If you tell him what happened between us, you’re going to ruin all of that,” Nick says very sternly. Brooke gets Nick’s point: If she loves him, then she should lie. Brooke also catches on, however, that Nick indeed can’t lie to his new big brother, and that’s why he’s hitting the sea. Nick says that if she can almost die for the man then she can do this. Brooke, crying as usual looks up and says: “No Nick, I can’t.”

Up at the Forrester family mansion, Stephanie and Ridge the golden boy are still chewing the fat. Ridge just can’t believe that his dear old mommy is singing Brooke’s praises. Stephanie warns him though that she will be Brooke’s buddy, only if she doesn’t hurt Ridge or the kids. “But I don’t think that’s going to happen,” Stephanie says reassuringly. Ridge lists off all of the things that he and Brooke have to look forward to, but the only problem in the whole perfect picture is Nick. Ridge feels sad that he and his new little brother were just getting close and now he’s leaving. Stephanie agrees with Ridge that this so called business trip has nothing to do with business. Stephanie thinks that it may have something to do with Brooke; that Nick might be having a hard time letting her go. Ridge doesn’t think that’s a complete issue, but heeds his mommy’s warning. Ridge decides that he’s gonna run on down to the marina right here and now; he’s not letting his new favorite brother head on out with out a good bye. (How sweet).

As Ozzy’s little speech comes to a close, he brings Sally up on stage, so that she can say a few words. Sally speaks on behalf of the Spectra clan thanking Ozzy for reopening the club in such a wonderful way, and about how glad they are that he is just such a darn nice guy. Sally goes on to thank Macy’s devoted fans, along with Ozzy, and to tell them all that Macy will need them more now then ever before. “It is a true blessing, and you are a true gent for doing that,” Sally smiles. Sally goes on to say that they mustn’t give up on Macy and that they mustn’t forget her. (I’ll drink to that!) “I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and God bless you all,” Sally says tearfully as she embraces Ozzy. (Looks like all is forgiven).

Brooke and Nick are still following each other around that damn boat trying to come to an agreement on how to handle their situation. Brooke doesn’t see that she has a choice and thinks that just maybe Ridge will forgive her. Nick tells Brooke that he never meant for any of this to happen; that all he wanted to do was to hold and protect her. At that, Ridge comes on board the boat, asking Brooke what she’s up to. Now it’s a party! 

As Sally and Ozzy come down off of the stage to mingle into the crowd, another one of Macy’s songs starts to play. (I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the same one that she sang to Sally when she had had her heart attack last January....beautifully sung as always). Ozzy looks over and see a very unhappy Amber. The stupid bitch snidely tells Ozzy that he should have told her that he was going to sell the club “charity”, and reminds them that they’re both now out of a job. “I guess we’ll both be collecting unemployment checks tomorrow,” Amber seethes as she storms off. Ozzy tries to talk to her but as she walks away, good old Bridget comes over to say hello. Bridget says some lines that I couldn’t understand, and then Ozzy starts to joke about being out of a job. As the two flirt a little more, Ozzy tells Bridget that he did all of this for her, and that when he saw her out in the crowd he just wanted to do the right thing. As Ozzy tries to thank her, Bridget thanks him instead and plants him a nice juicy kiss. Amber and Deacon shoot the new couple daggers as they look on in disgust.

Ridge tells Brooke that he thought that she went home after the big hurrah at the Forrester fort. Nick chimes in saying that Brooke just stopped on down to say bon voyage to him before he left on his trip. Ridge tells Nick that he hadn’t heard of the business trip before today, but Nick feeds him some lines about how he’s going to the Far East to make some relations for the fleet on some islands. Ridge questions Nick about him missing Jackie and Massimo’s pending nuptials, but Nick says that his mommy understands. Ridge informs Nick that Massimo doesn’t understand, and neither does he. Ridge thinks that more is going on then he’s telling him, and questions Brooke that she knows. Ridge tells the two that he’d like the truth about what’s going on, and that he’d like it now. 
Dun Dun Da Dun!

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