The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/23/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/23/03

by Space Bug

*Hey all...sorry about no Space Bug recap yesterday.... I ran out of tape during Y&R and missed all of B&B. Word to the wise: Always check to see how much tape that you have left BEFORE you check your VCR!

First off, I would just like to say happy birthday to my baby Macy. Yep, that’s right; today would have been her birthday, and her and Thorne’s 13th wedding anniversary from their first marriage. I’m glad that everyone else remembered that...uggggggg!!!!!!! I’d say that I’m just a little bitter.

Anyways, on with the show!

We begin this bright and sunny day in LA in the Forrester family living room as everyone is all happy gull-lucky sitting around sipping champagne listening to the AssMan tell how he road into the foundry on his motor-cycle and played James Bond. What a wonderful time for everyone! How sweet and wonderful. Question...what in the hell is Darla doing there? Apparently she is on the VIP list for these wonderful little family get togethers...whatever. Ridge and Brooke join into the action in finishing the story, telling about how Nick had to pour on the romance.... Brooke looked a little concerned at all of the loving talk, and then was reminded that Nick had a little action with Sugar as well. Eric looks around and notices that the third blond boy and other number two son is missing. “Where is Nick by the way?” he asks. Jackie fills everyone in that Nicky is home packing for a business trip. Brooke looks quite confused and a little worried.

Over at Sally’s apartment, she’s still bitching to Clarke about Ozzie re-opening the club. She just can’t believe that the wizard could be so insensitive. Clarke isn’t all too thrilled either. “Macy is in a coma, and this cheep drifter is throwing a party,” she screeches. Just then, the door bell rings. It’s big bad Deacon, looking like crap as usual. Apparently, he isn’t all too keen on the idea of the club re-opening either. “I just don’t know what the hell Oz is doing,” he moans to Sally.

Well, over the rainbow, Amber the idiot and Ozzie are admiring their hard work. Amber says that she wasn’t too sure about the idea, but that there is a crowd already forming out side and people are coming from all over.

Back in the for once happy Forrester family living room, Stephanie calls a toast to thank all of their brave buddies at the American embassy for saving her golden boy. How thoughtful. She also drinks to the AssMan, and to...Brooke! At that, Stephanie welcomes a very shocked Brooke into the family with a nice little hug. (I bet Darla is pretty jealous!) After the toast, everyone decides that they need to get up and walk around before all of the sap spilling out of their mouths makes them stick to the furniture. Over by the stair way, Ridge informs Brooke that he made Nick promise him that he’d take care of Brooke and the kids if something happened to him. Ridge is just so proud of his new little brother for keeping his word so well... (HAHAH!)

Sally and her two rocket scientists just can’t put Oscar’s intentions together. Deacon says that he knows Ozzie, and that while the man has a lot of faults, he isn’t callous. Deacon thinks this move to re-open is very “un-Ozzie”. Sally and Clarke just can’t believe that Ozzie is turning their family crisis into a scheme to make more money.

Back across the rainbow, the wizard makes a phone call to his precious Bridget who is still sipping champagne at Fort Forrester. Upon his invitation to the re-opening, Bridget adamantly says that she wants no part in it; that’s it’s oh so disrespectful to Macy’s memory. Ozzie tells her that if she comes down, she’d understand, but Budge ain’t budging. 

Well, Bridget isn’t a happy camper thinking about the club re-opening, and decides that she’s going to go and do something about it. First on the list: inform Thorne, the ever-caring love of Macy’s life, and his pregnant what ever she is, Darla. Thorne, who I’ll give credit at the moment is quite perturbed and calls Ozzie an SOB. “He’s not going to get away with this!” he says. “I’m not going to let him trash Macy’s memory.” (Well Thorne, honey, last time I checked...SHE WASN’T DEAD YET!) At that, Thorne drags Bridget and the bimbo out the door, cause he has decided to step up to the plate and stop Ozzie. 

Apparently, great and clever minds think a like. Sally has also made the same command decision that she is going to stop Ozzie too. “I’ll chain myself to the door!” she proclaims. Deacon offers to take care of the situation, but Clarke decides that they’ll all go down and triple team the Oz-man.

Back at Fort Forrester, everyone is still tipping off champagne flutes and shooting the poop. Ridge proclaims that the kids are all doing fine; that they have no idea what happened down on the island that no one has heard of. (Hmmmm...I’d say that they’re about on the same page as everyone else though...not too many people actually DO know ALL that happened). As Ridge thanks Stephers for her wonderful toast, the AssMan wonders where the Brookester has run off to. No one’s got a clue, but Ridge thinks that she probably just went to check on the kid that she forgets that she has.

Well, Ridge struck out! Brooke didn’t check on the child at all...she went to give Nick a visit on his boat! Brooke wants to know what he’s doing and why he’s leaving. Nick tries to tell her that he’s got business to do, but Brooke ain’t buying. Brooke says that their secret is just eating her up alive. Nick tries to tell her that it’s all his fault, and that Brooke shouldn’t feel guilty about anything. Brooke, in a rare attempt is trying to face up to her mistakes. At that, Nick grabs a hold of Brooke’s shoulders and forcefully tells her that she can’t breathe a word about what happened.

On Ozzie’s side of the rainbow, the first trio of Macy defenders: Bridget, Thorne and Darla look around the entrance and assess the situation. They don’t seem to think that the crowd is all too massive, and dismiss the incident as being a big deal. While Thorne still wants to kick some Ozzie ass, Bridget convinces him that they should all settle down and take a hike. As they all turn to leave, they run into the other trio of Macy defenders: Sally, Deacon and Clark. Sally has a bone to pick with “Mr. Oz”. But as they walk in, everyone is standing around with candles looking at a poster-sized picture of Macy set up on the stage, as a recording of her singing “Smile” is playing. (It truly was beautiful, and as a Macy fan, I was very touched). Sally is moved also, and walks over to Oz. He tells her that this was his reopening: a tribute to Macy. Sally looks very teary-eyed as he leans her head on Ozzie’s shoulder.

Back at the happy family gathering, Ridge and Eric both agree that sometimes it takes a crisis to bring everyone all hunky-dory together. That makes Ridge wonder why Nick isn’t sharing in the family fun. Mass admits that he doesn’t have a clue about what business Nick is going away for. Apparently everyone is out in the dark as to why Nicky wants to head out of LA so badly. 

As Brooke is crying on the boat, Nick tells her to just let it alone. Brooke is being torn apart listening to everyone tell her how brave she was. She is taking full responsibility for the romp on the foundry floor. Nick tells her that they were desperate, and that he never intended for it to happen. “Something just took over!” Nick says, and he didn’t want anything to hurt her ever again. But, Nick tells her that she loves Ridge and that it isn’t the end of her marriage. “You have to keep this secret!” Brooke decides that she can’t, that for once, Ridge deserves to know the truth. Nick knows that while it was all out of grief and fear, he doesn’t think that the golden boy will see it that way. He doesn’t want to see Brooke throw away the life and the family that she’s always wanted because of his stupid mistake. Brooke tells him that he’s not listening to her: that it’s not his choice. “I can’t handle this! Ridge has to know,” the Brookester babbles as she....CRIES!

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