The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/21/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/21/03

by Space Bug

On the Marone family private jet, Massimo and Nick are ready and raring to leave the island that no body knows about once and for all. The boys are all in a tizzy as to where the Brookester can be. But speak of the devil, Brooke comes on board the jet all smiley and happy. This throws papa and son for a loop; especially when the number one son walks on in behind her.

Back in LA and in my poor baby’s hospital room, Sally is reading Macy the news paper, and making sure that she’s not missing out on any of the hot down town gossip. But, Sally’s delightful chatter comes to a screeching halt when she discovers an ad for Ozzie’s reopening. 

Speaking of the wizard, Ozzie is talking with one of his workers about all of his advertisements, and is anxiously waiting for the moron Amber to make an appearance at the club and start working.

Amber however, is too busy being kicked out of Deacon’s kid-friendly beach house. Deacon thinks that it’s better for the kid if Amber shoves off some place else. When Deacon can’t give Amber a straight answer as to why he’s doing this, Amber decides to blame Bridget, (especially since Brooke isn’t around). Deacon thanks Amber for all of her help, but she insists that her job isn’t over yet; “Your wife is in a coma, Deacon,” she screeches as only Amber can screech. Deacon bombs that what he needs is her to get a move on, before the tike gets back from school. Deacon says that he’ll explain why mommy is yet again not around to the kid, but Amber suggests that Saint Bridget might be able to do a better job at filling the kid in about his mother being a “shrew”. (I could help in that department too, by the way.) Bridget tries to make Amber see that she’ll still be able to spend time with the kid, but Amber isn’t up for hearing anything that Budge has to say. “I’m so sick of your meddling in my life!” Amber yaps at Bridget. Deacon breaks the blondes up, telling her that he’s made his decision. Amber bitches some more, and before she goes to pack her bags, she informs Bridget that she has interfered in her life for the last time. (Sorry, but prior to this, when has Bridget had anything to do with Amber’s lunacy?)

On the Marone jet, the AssMan still can’t believe that the number one son is there in the flesh. Massimo starts tearing up and crying like a baby as he grabs hold of the golden boy. Nick, feeling left out, joins in on the hug too. Ridge explains how Anna pulled him through the door in the furnace and the whole sha-bang about how he’s alive. Ridges tells the three of them how he owes them his life. Ridge then thanks Nick for helping Brooke in her time of need, “Brooke told me how that you kept your promise,” Ridge 
says gratefully, “You’re a hell of a little brother.” (HA, HA, HA). Upon Ridge asking where mommy and Eric are at, Mass fills him in that there was some trouble at Forrester, so Eric took his jet home early, but that mommy dearest should be coming ‘round the mountain any minute. Speak of the devil, as the gang hears Stephanie’s voice, Brooke goes and greets her with a little peck on the cheek, and brings her in to see her golden boy. Stephanie is speechless as she and Ridge slowly walk over and embrace each other with the Brookester smiling in the back round.

Amber has finally left the kid-friendly beach house, right as Bridget brings Deacon some aspirin. The two exes reminisce about their be-gotten marriage, and about how much each of them has changed. Deacon is touched that Bridget is being so great to him, but wonders why. She doesn’t exactly know why either, but that she did love him once and that no matter what, she’ll always care about him. Deacon fills Budge in that he doesn’t know how he had missed her transformation from tee-aged bride to independent woman. 

As a very pregnant Darla is on her way to deliver some flowers to her dear friend, my poor Macy, she literally almost runs into Sally as she leaves the hospital room in a huff. Darla wants to know what’s wrong, and after two incorrect guesses as to what the problem is, Sally fills her in about the ad, and also invites her to stay: “Macy is going to need everyone who loves her around her now.” Darla is quite aghast about the ad too as Sally bitches some more about how low Ozzie is.

Over the rainbow and at Oz, Amber comes running in wanting to find the wizard himself. At that, Ozzie comes out and wants to know where Amber has been. Amber fills Ozzie in about how she was dismissed as the kid’s mother AGAIN and how it’s all Bridget’s fault. Amber, obviously looking for a pity party tells Ozzie that maybe everyone is right, “Maybe I am just no good.” (DUH! WHAT CLUED YOU IN AMBER?) Ozzie isn’t sure what to say, as Amber fills him in on how pathetic her life has been; about how everyone: mom, dad, and her husband has all left her. “Now it’s my little boy,” she cries. Ozzie takes a time out of the pity party, and tells Amber that she raised a good kid, and that eventually, all parents need to let go. “You were there for the most important years of his life, and no matter what, you’ll always be a part of him”. Ozzie tells Amber that she’ll bounce back, especially with her new job, and whips out her new business card.

Stephanie is such a happy camper now that the number one son is back from the dead. She just couldn’t imagine that the last time that she would have seen precious Ridge was when they were both so angry with each other. Ridge doesn’t want to go back to that, and says that all is forgiven. “We have a whole life time to make up for that,” she whispers to her favorite child. At that, Stephers whips around and reaches her hand out to the Brookester. A little confused at first, Brooke smiles, and as she takes Stephanie’s hand, the matriarch pulls her into a tearful embrace. Ridge is just as pleased as punch.

Back at beach house number two (the one for kids), Deacon is playing with that damn stuffed black monkey as Bridget brings him in his lunch. (Not the stuffed monkey’s lunch, the gorilla that is Deacon’s lunch). As Bridget orders him to choke down the whole sandwich, Deacon questions if she was this bossy when they were married. Budge doesn’t remember much about that pathetic attempt of a marriage, except Deacon being a jerk. Deacon seems to be in accordance with the fact that pretty much the whole marriage was him being a “huge jerk”. Deacon admits that he really did screw up royally. As Budge decides to shove off, Deacon wants to know if she’s headed to see Ozzie. Bridget attempts to be evasive about her next visit, but Deacon doesn’t buy it, and tells her that Oz Marone is trouble. Budge insists that she’s a big girl, and as she leaves, she informs Deacon that he taught her how to look out for herself pretty well. 

Ozzie is wondering if Amber the idiot is still on board to work for him. Amber isn’t so sure; she’s having second thoughts. Ozzie isn’t taking no for an answer; he wants her to stick around. He tells her that he believes in her and that he’d be crazy to let her get away. At that, Amber kisses him on the cheek. Ozzie tells her that there’s no need to kiss up to him: with everything that she’s got going for her, she don’t need to do that. (I beg to differ.)

Stepthers and the Brookester are still holding on tight in their teary little hug as Ridge comments that maybe he should come back from the grave more often. Stephanie announces that she’s been awful towards Brooke, but Brooke admits that she gave as much as she got. (BROOKEIS, FROM HER OWN LIPS!) Stephanie tells Brooke that she was wrong about her feeling for Ridge and that she was wrong about her. Brooke just doesn’t know what to say, and for once, she isn’t babbling. At that, the AssMan decides that it’s his turn to step up to the plate and forgive Brooke. He kisses her forehead, and hugs her too. (How sweet.) After all of the hugs, Ridge decides that it’s time to hit the clouds and go back home. He just can’t wait to see the kids back in LA, and who knows, maybe he and the Brookester have their own child in the making as they’re all standing around waiting for the plane to take off. As Ridge hugs her, from over his shoulder, Brooke and Nick shoot each other awkward glances. (I bet she’s wondering who’s sperm possibly found her egg).

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