The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/20/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/20/03

by Space Bug

Well, today we start right on the “ridge of the brook” as Brooke is looking up and seeing Ridge smiling at her. As the sun shines into her eyes, blocking her vision, all that Brooke can due is babble that it just can’t be!

Over on another part of this God-forsaken island, it’s Stephanie’s turn to go traipsing about the foundry with good old Nick. She wanted to see for herself where her precious golden boy “bit the dust”. Stephers walks around the trashed room in sheer disbelief. Nick asks her if she’s Ok, but Stephanie wants to know what happened. Nick tells her that her son was a hero, and Stephanie shakes her head in accordance with that statement.

Back at the bridge, “Fern Gully” type music is playing as Brooke is still looking up in utter awe that Ridge is standing right in front of her. “Had you scared, didn’t I?” Ridge says with his play-boy smirk. Brooke starts crying (no, really?!) as she stands up and throws her arms around him, squeaking out “It’s really you”. Ridge tells her that she’s a sight for soar eyes as they start kissing quite passionately. Brooke doesn’t care about anything, “You’re alive!” she says as she hugs him again. 

In the kid friendly home of Deacon, Amber and Bridget are still yakking at each other. Bridget tells Amber that she can do what ever she wants with her life as long as she stays away from the people that she cares about. Amber doesn’t quite get where Deacon fits into that, but Budge side tracks her by commenting that she moved in like a vulture the second Macy got hurt. Of course Amber denies that statement, (BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!) and goes on to falsely say how sorry she is about Macy’s accident, but in no fewer words said that she almost had it coming to her for trying to take her place in the kid’s life. (BULL!) Bridget tells Amber that she is just unbelievable, and that everything has to be about her 24/7. Amber still doesn’t quite get where Bridget is getting the rights to call the shots about Deacon; after all, she didn’t really know that he much existed until Macy got hurt. Bridget refuses to even grace that comment, and reminds Amber that she’s out of control, and when she flips out, people get hurt. Amber tries to kick Bridget out, telling her that Ozzie wants to work with her and that Deacon wants her at the house, but who comes to Budge’s rescue but Big Bad Deacon! Amber tries to butter him up, but Deacon informs her that they need to talk.

Stephanie tells Nick that Ridge didn’t need to get himself killed to prove to her that he’s a hero. As she walks over to the furnace, she just can’t believe that he’s really gone. “It didn’t hit me till this morning”, Stephanie states. Nick wishes that there was something that he could say, but then he suggests that Stephers and the Brookester could help each other. Stephanie thinks that perhaps Nick could step up to the plate for that one (oh if she only knew). Nick decides that Stephanie should be his pinch-hitter; that Brooke needs to lean on someone who really knew Ridge, and was really connected to him. Stephanie gets his point, and concludes that she does owe Brooke that much.

The newly weds are still pawing at each other over at the bridge, still in shock to be in each other’s arms yet again. Brooke just can’t comprehend how Ridge had survived. He doesn’t have a clue though cause he was knocked senseless. Ridge says that someone saved him, and tells good old Anna to come on out and chat with the Brookester. Brooke is just too happy for words. (She can’t even babble!)

Nick is still having fun in the foundry spending time with his new pal Stephanie. Stephanie tells him how she hurt Ridge and Brooke deeply, and about how sorry she is. Nick tells her that everyone has regrets, but Stephanie just can’t let it go. Some people just knew that they were “soul mates”, but she was just too blind to see it. “I’ll never be able to tell him that I’m sorry, or that I was wrong,” she says sadly. She wishes that she could just have him back for that one moment so that she could make everything right.

Back at the bridge, Anna and Brooke have a nice little reunion. Anna tells her that she’s sorry that she couldn’t be more help to her in the bar, but big bad Shelia was just too scary. Brooke says that’s all forgotten; she saved Ridge’s life. Ridge fills Brooke in that Anna’s father worked at the foundry and that she and her ill-be-gone brother new all the ropes there. “That’s why Shelia and her goons made them help her”. Anna saw the whole fight scene, and when Ridge fell into the furnace she pulled him out through the hatch. Her father made her learn that just incase something like a psycho-path kid-napping her ex-son in law and his half brother happened. Anna tells Brooke that she took Ridge to a safe place in case Shelia was still after him, and that he’d been unconscious the whole time from a nasty bump on the head. (Macy can relate.) Ridge just woke up that day, and low and behold, found the Brookester right away. Brooke tells Anna how great she is, and informs her and Ridge that the goons are locked up and Shelia slipped out again. Brooke just can’t thank Anna enough, and Ridge promises her that she and her family will be worry-free forever. Brooke thanks Anna again, and tells her that she just didn’t save Ridge's life, but that she saved her life as well.

Amber attempts to get Bridget to leave the kid-friendly beach house so that she and Deacon can have their little chat, but Mr. Sharpe gives Budge the green-light to stick around. Deacon drops the bomb that he thinks that it will be better for everyone if Amber just moves on out. Amber looks shocked and pissed, and Bridget looks somewhat pleased.

As the two are sitting all cozy by the unlit furnace, Stephers thanks Nick for bringing her to the foundry, and that she knows that it must not have been easy for him. (Hell, Nick has had to bring everyone else there, what’s one more person?) Nick brings that up actually, and tells Stephanie that he found the Brookester there yesterday. Stephanie hopes that Nick was able to comfort her, but he thinks that he might have made things worse. (No kidding!) Stephanie tells Nick to not be so hard on himself, that he is good at helping people; she’s sure that he didn’t make things worse. Stephers goes on to say that the hardest part is accepting the loss, and she thinks that’s what she and Brooke are going through at the moment. At that, Nick tears up, saying how sorry he is. Nick just keeps going over what happened and starts spewing off a million “what ifs”. Stephanie tells him that all of the “ifs” in the world aren’t going to bring the golden boy back.

Guess what the newly weds are doing by their bridge? Making out! That’s right, cause they missed a whole three days of being with each other. They both comment in between spit swaps that they just want to stay there forever. Brooke reminds Ridge that there are some other people who would be somewhat relived to know that Ridge is not dead. She goes on to babble about how she couldn’t imagine her life with out him...blah blah blah, yadda, yadda, yadda. Brooke says that all she ever wanted was Ridge. Ridge informs Brooke that “You have me.” (Ok, so TOTALLY stole that line from Thorne and Macy’s annulment scene from about 4 or 5 months ago). At that, the two start going at it again, and are interrupted by their bird buddy. Brooke decides that she’s had enough excitement, and just wants to go back home and live a boring life. Ridge tells her that while he was knocked out, he felt himself being pulled over to the other side, but that what ever was over there couldn’t be nearly as good as what he already has. “I had to come back to you Logan; we weren’t finished...there was no way I was ever going to let go of that”. At that the two hug, and start going at it against one of those big trusty rocks that are all over this wretched island. (CAN WE SAY, WHO’S YOUR DADDY?)

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