The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/17/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/17/03

by Space Bug

Well, it is the morning after, and Brooke is still clutching that precious pocket watch and looking at the picture frame as she packs to go back to LA. Nick comes knocking at her hotel door offering her coffee, and any help that she needs getting ready to leave. Nick asks how Brooke is doing, but she just wants to go home. The two begin to get a little uncomfortable as they talk about last night. They chat about how Brooke was over the edge and how Nick had never seen her that scared. “One thing led to another”... (UH OH!)

Back in LA, Clarke is showing the adorable Sammy and her little dog his new designs. Clarke is just like a little kid showing his mother a spelling test that he got an A on. Clarke is supposedly pitching these designs to Brooke as soon as she gets back; he’s all excited to see her reaction.

Over at the kid friendly beach house, Bridget is knocking on Deacon’s door as he comes down the stairs. Budge is worried about Deacon; she knows that he’s trying to help her out with the Ozzie situation, but she gives him a heads up that he can’t even help himself at the moment. “Deacon, have you taken a look in the mirror lately? You’re a mess!” (He really does look like crap). Deacon informs her that he has stayed sober, despite the fact that he hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Bridget tells her ex that he needs to pull himself together for the kid’s sake. Deacon says that he’s doing the best that he can, but Bridget doesn’t like the fact that Amber the idiot is helping. Bridget asks Deacon if this is what Macy would have wanted. As Deacon ponders that thought for a minute, Bridget clues Deacon in that although he wants Amber’s presence to be temporary, the kid better be aware that mommy dearest isn’t supposed to be lurking around for too long. Otherwise, his little world would really be rocked when Amber eventually leaves, Budge assesses. 

Clarke and Sammy are still in his office with the adorable dog gushing about how much energy he has. Clarke tells her that he needs something positive to keep him going. Sammy asks him if he feels ok taking orders from the Brookester. Clarke says that he does feel sorry for Sally, but he can’t worry about that now. He’s got work on his mind, and he’s going to keep on plugging his colored pencils. “This is a whole new energy for me!” Clarke tells Sam. Sammy questions him about his working for Spectra: did he have this much energy then? Clarke speaks highly of Spectra, that they had good times, but with Ridge and Brooke both at the helm; things will now be truly amazing. Clarke remembers back to his days at Forrester, and how great it was to be on the winning team. He just can’t wait to feel that way again.

Nick attempts to justify “what happened last night”, as he tells Brooke that she was just hurting so badly. Brooke tells him that it’s over and that they’re going home. Nick tries to tell her that she’s stronger then what she realizes, but all Brooke can say is that she needs Ridge back. All that she has left is the gown from the wedding and her ring. Nick says again that he’s sorry, but Brook keeps on babbling on about the kids and what she’s going to tell the orphans. Nick tells Brooke that she and the kids are all surrounded by people who love them; they’ll all make out ok.

As Deacon walks out onto his little deck at his kid friendly abode, he tells Bridget that he’s not stupid (I beg to differ). He knows that Amber’s got an agenda. Bridget tells him that he’s just got to be careful with Amber, and to not let her take advantage. Deacon almost finds it humorous that these two are really drawing a deep line in the sand, and says that he heard about what went on at Ozzie’s the day before. Budge puts it together that Amber had told Deacon about her date, and that’s how he tracked them down. As Amber walks in the door, she over hears Deacon tell Bridget how dangerous Oz is. Bridget corrects him that she didn’t come over to talk about Ozzie, as Deacon cuts in that he knows; she came over to warn him about Amber. As Amber stands in the door way listening, she doesn’t look all too happy to hear Bridget’s latest remark; that having her taking care of the kid will only confuse him. Deacon says that he'll have a chat with the tike, but Bridget informs Deacon that telling the kid that: mommy will be here for a while, but then she’ll be hitting the road isn’t good enough. “If you don’t plan on keeping Amber around, then she shouldn’t be here at all”. At that comment, Amber’s eyes are really popping out of her head as her face scrunches up real tight.

In Clarke’s office, Sammy shows him her favorite dress from his new collection, and little Poochy barks his approval of it too. (God I love that dog!) As she and Clarke agree at what wonderful taste the adorable puppy has, Sam’s phone rings. It’s Nick! He’s calling to tell her that the Marone/Forrester clans are on their way back home. Then he drops the bomb. By the way “Ridge is dead”. (Ok, it didn’t totally happen like that, he told her about the kidnapping first.) Sammy has to take a seat at the news, as Clarke comes over to hold her hand.

Back on the island the grieving widow is walking across the bridge (ha ha) that she and Ridge got married on. (This show is just so metaphorical). As she looks around, Brooke has flash backs to the wedding. “This is where I pledged my love to you Ridge. Till death do us part. I just thought that we’d have more time,” the Brookester sobs as she holds onto the railing.

Amber is still listening in as Deacon tells Bridget that he doesn’t know what he was thinking: of course it’s confusing for the kid to suddenly have the moron running about playing mommy again. Deacon decides that he’s going to go for walk and try to sort some of this out. As Budge goes to leave, who does she find but Amber, and an unhappy one at that. Amber informs Bridget that she heard everything she said to Deacon about her taking advantage of him and his situation. Bridget tells her straight up that Deacon has enough problems, and having Amber around isn’t making them diminish by no means. Amber rants that she’ll always be the kid’s mother, and that no court order is going to change that. Bridget tells Amber that she knows how much she loves the kid, but that having her around might not be what’s best for him. Amber stops dead in her tracks and tells Budge that the kid is all that she has left to live for, and to not let Deacon take him from her.

Clarke just can’t comprehend that Ridge is dead, as he pops a squat on the floor next to Sammy’s chair. Sammy tells him that the family wants to keep it quiet until they tell the kids. Sammy is just so upset; she starts to pace around as Clarke gets to his feet. Neither one can believe that this has happened. Sammy says that it’s just not fair, as she breaks down in Clarke’s embrace.

Now the Brookester has walked off of the bridge and is making her way over to the edge of the water, or in other words: the ridge of the brook... (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.) As she takes a seat on the bank, Brooke talks about how she’ll never forget the day that she married Ridge. Then she starts to sing the classic “Unforgettable” in between her tears. “I love you Ridge. Someday we’ll be together, someday.” As Brooke cries some more, apparently her someday is today, for when she looks into the water, she see Ridge’s reflection. She turns around and is thoroughly freaked out to find the golden boy standing behind her.

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