The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/16/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/16/03

by Space Bug

Well kids, we pick up right where we left off yesterday, Brooke leaning into the fire, crying I might add, as Nick grabs a hold of her, pulling her back. He slams the furnace door shut and holds her screaming: “What are you doing?”

Over at Las Olas’, the only casual restaurant in town, Bridget and Ozzie are getting their well deserved margaritas. Upon Bridget commenting how strong the margarita is, Ozzie asks her if she doesn’t think that he can handle it. Bridget slyly comments that he better be ready to handle anything if he plans on working with Amber. Ozzie and Budge talk some small talk about re-opening the club, and about how what happened to Macy was so unfair (I’ll say), and how both the song bird and Ozzie deserve a second chance. 

Well, over at the kid friendly beach house, the camera views pictures of my beautiful Macy as it makes it’s way over to a very pathetic looking Deacon holding that damn pink pig with the wings on it. Who walks in the door but the new blonde bimbo, Amber, asking where the kid was. She whines about how Deacon let Clarke take the kid for a bit, but Deacon reminds her that she’s lucky that he’s letting her see the kid at all. Then Amber asks how Macy is and when Deacon sadly says that there has been no change, Amber attempts to look truly upset, saying that she’s sorry. (Yeah right!) Deacon tells her that it isn’t her fault (I beg to differ) and Amber says that according to his ex-wife, everything else that goes wrong sure is. Deacon asks Amber about her run in with Bridget. Amber let’s it drop that she now has a job with Oz and that Bridget is on a date with him right now. Deacon isn’t all too thrilled about that, and after Amber tells him where the two love birds are, he takes off to go fetch the Budge. (Shouldn’t he be holding his dying wife’s hand or something?) Amber, ever the pot stirring takes off right behind Deacon...God forbid that she misses any of the action.

Back on the wretched island, Stephanie and Mass are chatting about their poor poor son. Stephanie asks Massimo why he didn’t call her. Mass tries to tell her that he thought that he had everything under control, (I mean, he had a motorcycle!) Still, Mass should have called Ridge’s mommy!

As Nick holds a Brooke who is crying in convulsions, he asks her repeatedly to tell him what the problem is. Nick tries to tell Brooke that Ridge isn’t there, but all she can do is scream that she saw him in the flames. Nick holds Brooke again as she weeps in his arms. Brooke starts to get a grip and breathe normally, but then she looks down at the watch and talks about it, and that sets her off again. “He said that we’d be together forever”, she cries. Nick says how sorry he is and tries to take Brooke to the hotel; it’s time that they leave. Brooke says that she can’t, and cries again “Ridge is gone; what am I going to do without him?”

Mass reiterates to good old Stephers that he had no clue that Shelia was involved in this at all. Massimo explains to Stephanie how Sheila got out of prison. Stephanie doesn’t really get it though; it’s never just about money with Shelia, and that there’s got to be more to it. Then Mr. Marone lowers the bomb: that he and Shelia perhaps spawned a child. Stephanie tells him that that’s not too far fetched, but Mass just rambles about how the “bitch” is a cold blooded criminal. Stephanie puts it together: “She kid napped my son to get back at you.”

As Oscar and Bridget chit chat, enjoying their budding new relationship, Bridget apologizes if she over stepped the line with Amber. Oz grins, and tells her that he appreciates her concern, and then the two hold hands. Well, that ain’t going to last long. Right then, big bad Deacon walks up to the table on cue and asks Budge: “What the hell are you doing with him?” Also right on cue, who walks in the door but Amber because she can’t miss a beat of her trouble causing, now can she? Deacon decides that he’s taking Bridget home. “This guy is dangerous”. Bridget isn’t too thrilled with her ex at the moment and tells him that he looks like hell and that he should shove off. Deacon adamantly states that he ain’t leaving without her. Bridget caves, and leaves poor Ozzie to revel in his margarita.

Back in the hotel room, Stephanie explains to Massimo word for word that because he didn’t acknowledge Shelia’s child and attempt to help her out, that she took Mass’ sons as some kind of revenge or as pay back. “My son paid for your mistake, Mass”, Stephanie states. Massimo tries to say that that’s not what happened; that Shelia murdered Ridge the same way that she murdered Taylor. (Ok, Ridge’s lack of balance has nothing to do with Shelia friends.) Mass screams that Shelia is a lunatic. Stephanie calms down, and says that she’s glad that Massimo was there, and that she’s glad that he and Ridge knew one another. As Massimo describes how it happened, he tells Stephanie how proud she should be; how brave Ridge was for saving Brooke. Stephanie looks horrified as she learns that her precious golden boy was burnt to a crisp.

Well, Brooke is still holding that watch at the foundry, telling Nick that her and Ridge’s future is gone. Nick tells her that her future isn’t gone; that she’s still got so much. But the Brookester ain’t buying that; she and Ridge were supposed to do this together. As she cries that he’s gone again, she breaks down.

As Oscar is throwing some money on the table at Las Olas’ and preparing to depart, he isn’t alone for long, no sir-ee Bob. Amber makes her presence known and joins him, saying that she’ll buy the next round. Amber says that she’s oh so sorry that his date ran off with another guy, but slyly informs Oz that Bridget knows how to handle Mr. Sharpe, reminding him that the two were once married. Ozzie reminds Amber that she’s now living with him, but Amber makes it well known that she’s only taking care of her son. Ozzie isn’t in a real party mood, but Amber begs him to hang out with her; she doesn’t want to hurry home in case Budge and Deacon need some alone time. At that, Oz takes a shot of tequila. (Wasn’t that Amber’s favorite?) Ozzie then stands up and informs Amber that he doesn’t much like to hang out with people who set him up. Amber can’t believe that Ozzie would accuse her of such things. Like the idiot she is, she admits to accidentally letting it slip that Ozzie was taking Bridget out and then comments that Bridget didn’t leave exactly kicking and screaming. Ozzie just can’t thank her enough for the favor that Amber just did for him; getting his date taken away by her ex-hubby. Amber blurts out that she likes Ozzie, and as he laughs her comment off, she kisses him and then leaves. Poor Ozzie’s little mind is blown.

Massimo and Stephers are still pacing around the hotel room. Mass hopes that everyone is strong enough to get through all of this. He also hopes that Nick finds Brooke and gets through to her too. (He’s got high hopes).

Speaking of the Brookester, she is still huddled up in a weeping ball as Nick attempts to calm her down. He tells her that he lost a brother that he loved, but that they are going to get through all of this together. Nick repeats over and over about how strong Brooke is. Brooke babbles about how she feels like she can’t breathe and that she feels like she’s drowning as he holds her some more. (I know that I’m making fun of Brooke’s crying, but KKL was absolutely brilliant... more so than usual...I SMELL AN EMM

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