The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/15/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/15/03

by Space Bug

It’s night on that fabulous island Calixto as Brooke is sitting in a chair outside on a deck in a daze as Eric is on his cell in the room talking with the pilot of the Forrester family jet. He tells Stephanie that they have a flight plan and that she better get packing the bags. As Stephanie opens up the wardrobe, she takes out one of poor Ridge’s shirts. She just can’t believe that he’s gone. “Why didn’t Mass call me?” As usual, Eric doesn’t have a clue, but he knows that they aren’t going to get any more answers on the island. Stephanie just doesn’t have any idea how they are going to tell the orphans that Brooke is their only parent now. Eric says that everyone is going to help take care of them, and then the two hug.

Now it’s Nick’s turn to go traipsing about the jungle with Massimo. They wonder around that same clearing as Massimo tells the new number one son that he is caption of the Marone fleet; that he’s prepared for everything. Nick says hell yeah; he’s prepared for hurricanes and typhoons, but not fatherhood. Mass tells him that’s what Ridge wanted and that Nick needs to keep his word, but Nick doesn’t think that Ridge was thinking all too clearly. (Apparently, everyone has forgotten about Ridge’s other three blood siblings, not to mention Rick and Bridget; all who could possibly step up to the plate). Mass tells Nick that Ridge put his faith in him, and that if Nick doesn’t have enough faith in himself, then put his faith in Ridge. Mass tells Nick that like Ridge, he believes in him too. Nick hopes that they’re both right.

Over the rainbow, Bridget isn’t a very happy camper. She asks the towel-clad Amber and Oscar what’s going on. Amber asks Bridget: “What does it look like?” Oscar jumps in immediately, informing Budge that it’s not what it looks like; that the idiot’s clothes got wet and that they’re in the dryer. That’s not good enough for Bridget, nope, nope, nope; she wants to know what happened, exactly. Ozzie giggles in an attempt to lighten Bridget up as he tells her that Amber jumped into the shower with all of her clothes on; that “She has a few screws loose”. (No, not Amber...) At that, Amber decides that it’s time for her to get dressed, as Bridget has a little one on one with Ozzie. He tells Bridget that Amber came to ask him for a job, and Bridget automatically asks if it’s a job stripping. (That wouldn’t really surprise me actually). Ozzie laughs that off, and informs Budge that Amber wants to work at the club. Bridget is pretty sarcastic as Ozzie tells her what she already knows: Amber is a little crazy. As Bridget complies and tells him that it took her brother years to figure that out, Ozzie attempts to finish the story by saying that when he told Amber that he’d give her the job... but at that, Bridget interrupts him, unable to believe that he did in fact decide to employ Amber. “Ozzie, what are you thinking?” she asks, quite perturbed.

Back at the clearing, Nick and Mass are still arguing over Nick playing daddy to the orphans. Nick continues to use sailing metaphors, saying that this isn’t a fleet of messed up boats, but grieving kids who have lost their father. “Right!” Massimo yells. Mass informs Nick that he doesn’t have to take Ridge’s place; just be there for the kids. Nick thought that he was there; that he racked his brain trying to think of everything that he could have done to save the number one son. (Apparently, dear Nick is totally missing the point of this whole conversation). Mass tells Nick that he was brave, that he tried to protect his brother. Mass is proud of Nick just for trying. Nick tells dear old dad that he loves him, and that he’s sorry for how much this is hurting him. Mass informs Nick that he’s the only kid that he’s got left, and that he just wants to help him. Then the two start screaming about Shelia, as Nick says that she’s never going to get away with this. Mass tells Nick to just concentrate on Brooke, and to not deny Ridge his final wish. (Ha Ha).

Speaking of the Brookester, Eric tells Stephanie to see if she’s ready to head on back to LA. All that poor Brooke can do though is sit in her chair, cry, look at the triple picture frame, and have flash backs of when Ridge gave it to her. Finally she squeaks out that she can’t leave. Stephanie says that she understands, but that Ridge is gone and that it’s time to go. At that, Brooke screams “NO!” and jumps out and runs past Eric, out the door.

As Oz continues to get dressed, he tells Bridget that there is no reason for her to be jealous of Amber. Bridget smiles and says that she isn’t jealous; she’s concerned for Ozzie. He’s got a tough road ahead of him reopening the club, and that while Amber means well, you never know when they are going to blow up in her face. Well, good old Amber just happened to hear that little remark, and comes in with a vengeance asking Budge where she gets off. Bridget tries to apologize, but Amber tells her straight up that she better butt out of her life; that this has nothing to do with her or her family, and that she better leave her alone. At that, Bridget doesn’t look all too happy.

Now we’re back at that God-forsaken foundry, which is now all yellow tapped. Apparently, now it’s Brooke’s turn to be traipsing about the jungle, as she walks up to the door way and goes inside. As she tearfully looks around the place, she holds herself, and guess what...she cries! While she’s standing around all teary-eyed, she has flash backs of the traumatic fight scene, and of Ridge saving her. Then she gets a good look at the furnace and walks over to it. Brooke opens the door and takes a seat in front of it, looking inside as she weeps. Suddenly, she sees a shiny chain. Brooke pulls at it, and what is attached to it, but the pocket watch that she gave Ridge! Well, that did it, now she’s really crying in a heap. (Kids, you won’t hear me say this all too often, but I really am feeling for the Brookester right now...there, I said it...I FEEL SORRY FOR BROOKE!). 

Back at Ozzie’s apartment, he looks on as Bridget tells Amber that she doesn’t mean to hurt her feelings, but Amber doesn’t want to hear it. Amber doesn’t care what Budge thinks because good old Ozzie believes in her and that’s all that matters. “But he doesn’t know you as well as I do,” Bridget fires back. Bridget clues Amber in that opening this club is Ozzie’s dream and that’s he’s put his entire life savings into making it happen. Amber implies that it’s way too important to trust her with it, huh? As Bridget fires Amber a look saying ‘Hey, you said it, not me’, Amber drags Ozzie into the debate, saying that he trusts her “Right?!” At first, poor Oz doesn’t quite know what to say, and who to side with, but as he looks both girls over, he seems to conclude that Amber is slightly more vicious, and decides to say that he does trust her. As Bridget looks as though she can’t believe what Ozzie is saying, Amber sneers: “In other words, butt out!” Ozzie quickly tells Amber to watch her mouth, as he tries to explain himself to Bridget. He kisses her hand, and thanks her for all of her concern. Then, he tells Amber to get out; that he and Bridget have plans. Amber quite humorously says that she hopes that “Budge won’t keep you up too late” and starts whining incomprehensible baby-talk as Ozzie hustles her out and locks the door. (Seriously, you couldn’t understand a word that she said. The only recognizable utterance was “Budge”). As Ozzie grins as Bridget, she tells him that she warned him.

Poor Brooke is still in a tizzy as she weeps in front of the furnace at the foundry, holding the pocket watch to her chest. She pulls herself to her feet, and again looks inside the furnace. Then, she turns on the gas and as she lights a match and cries some more, she sets the furnace ablaze. 

Ozzie announces that he’s finally ready as Bridget is pawing through a magazine. He’s just dying for that margarita. Bridget jokes that it most be so stressful for him having women just show up at his place and rip their clothes off. Ozzie says that wasn’t the stressful part; having the two blondes fight over him was where he felt the real tension. Bridget very defiantly states that they were not fighting over him, but Ozzie obviously doesn’t buy it. While the two flirt very cute-ly, I might add, and get into the elevator, who comes out of the shadows but Amber just after the door closes. She just stands in front of Ozzie’s doorway with a very freaky looking smile on her face.

Well, the Brookester is still staring into the flames of the furnace at the foundry as she walks closer. She picks up the watch again and holds it to her heart, saying that she can’t do this without Ridge. In the flames, she sees a vision of Ridge, saying that he’s there, and that he needs her, “Come to me”. That really freaks her out, and she starts screaming and shaking her head. Ridge’s voice repeats “Come to me Logan, I’m here” over and over. Brooke is in a complete trance, and is reaching her hand into the fire. Back over by the yellow tape in the front of the foundry, who is traipsing about but dear old Nicky! He sees Brooke reaching her had into the fire, and screams: “Brooke, No!” as he runs in.

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