The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/14/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/14/03

by Space Bug

In the hotel room down on Calixto, Brooke and Eric are waiting for Charlie to get off of his cell phone to inform them on how the hunt for Shelia isn’t going. After Charlie hangs up, he regretfully tells them that their lead didn’t pan out and that Ms. Carter is probably out of the country right now. Eric isn’t too pleased at this, and neither is Brooke. “That’s not good enough,” she babbles. “I want her to pay the same way that Ridge did: with her life!” And she’s serious too kids.

Over in what I’m guessing is the same clearing that Massimo and Eric had their rendezvous yesterday, Jackie is poking about the bushes looking for Nick. There in the clearing she finds him, sitting on that trusty rock holding his head in his hands. Nick is obviously more then a little sad that his new brother has supposedly bit the dust. Jackie timidly tells Nicky not to make her leave; that he’s got to open up to her or someone. Nick really is a mess, I’d be a little afraid of him too actually. His hair is all greasy and dirty, and he hasn’t shaven in a while. Jackie tells him that she will not let him face this all alone: “I won’t!” she demands quietly.

Across the rainbow, and in Ozzie’s new apartment, the young heart throb is traipsing about his new pad shirt less on the phone with Bridget while trying to find his lucky shirt to wear for their date this evening. Ozzie tells his patient date that he’s sorry that he’s running behind, but that he’ll be over to pick her up ASAP. But who arrives at Ozzie’s abode, but a very annoying Ambrosia Forrester, asking about her job; has she gotten it or hasn’t she. Ozzie tells her to beat it, but Amber, ever the persistent one ain’t budging till she gets an answer. Amber bitches to Ozzie about waiting around for her unemployment check, but the cleaver Oz reminds her that her bank account isn’t exactly “gasping for air.” That shuts up The Mouth for a whole two seconds. As she continues to whine to Ozzie, he gives her a taste of her own medicine, whining back for her to leave. The idiot still won’t go home, and follows Ozzie into the bed room, still trying to get him to give her an answer. Ozzie informs her that he has a date with Bridget, but Amber whines more about having to stay awake all night worrying about her future while he paints the lights fantastic with her soon to be ex sis-in-law. Ozzie suggests that Amber should try counting sheep, and as he’s on his way into the bathroom for his shower, he shouts out that he’ll call her first thing in the morning. Amber looks like she’s going to finally leave, but decides that “that’s not good enough”, and pokes her head into the bathroom, telling Ozzie that she is a very valuable commodity, and that her work is appreciated all over the world…(ARE YOU KIDDING ME!) As Ozzie makes another crack about her unemployment check, Amber rips open the shower curtain, looking almost surprised that Ozzie DOESN’T shower in his boxers. (CAN SHE BE ANY MORE DUMB?!)

Back in the Calixto clearing, Nick and Jackie are still having a mother/son heart to heart. Nick feels guilty, that he should have saved Ridge. He goes on to cry that when you are tied shoulder to shoulder with a man, you walk out that way or you die together. Nick then realizes that it could have been him instead of Forrester, and then has a flash back to Ridge haphazardly falling into the fire. Jackie points out that Nicky risked his life to save his brother. Nick remembers back to when he and Ridge met, and about how much he resented him. Jackie rationalizes Nick’s initial dislike of Ridge, telling Nicky that he had a right to be resentful; that Ridge had everything handed to him while Nick had to work his way up through the ranks. Nick comments that Ridge was a good man, and that he even challenged Ridge for the woman that he loved. Jackie gets Nick to admit that he really does love Brooke, but Nick understands that Brooke belonged with Ridge and there was no denying that. Jackie comments about how strong Nick was for bowing out the competition. Nick admits that he just couldn’t tear them apart, and then wonders how the Brookester is going to get through all of this.

Across the island, Brooke and Eric are having a little chat in the hotel room, (apparently they told Charlie to hit the road.) The pair just can’t understand how Ridge could be gone. Eric tells Brooke that after Ridge met her, nothing in his life was the same. Brooke remembers the first day that she met the precious Ridge. Eric informs Brooke that no one has impacted Ridge’s life the way that she has. Brooke just can’t understand how “God can make two people soul mates, and then just never give them a chance.” Eric doesn’t have a clue either. He doesn’t get why God takes wonderful people away before their time. Brooke tearfully comments that God doesn’t need Ridge the way that she does. (That’s for sure!) Brooke then starts to…you guessed it! Cry about how she just doesn’t know what she’s going to do.

Ozzie isn’t quite to pleased to have Amber looking at him in the “all together” and tells her that she’s staring. Amber just can’t help herself. Ozzie throws the shower curtain back, but Amber, more annoying then usually keeps opening the curtain. It seems no matter what Ozzie says; he just can’t get rid of her. He tells her that she’s crazy. (Way to make an observation!) Finally, the poor man caves and gives Amber the job, pretty much to get her to leave him alone. At the sound of that, Amber literally attacks Ozzie with a hug and as she does, finds herself now in the shower with him. After the short commercial break, Amber and Ozzie are now parading around his apartment wearing his and her towels as Amber comments that hanging around with her is sure a lot more fun then Bridget. Ozzie asks her point blank, what’s wrong with Budge, but then decides that he doesn’t want to hear any of Amber’s remarks. Amber keeps talking and will not shut up…finally Oz silences her with a YO! Amber attempts to apologize, but just the thought of her having something to do just soars her into orbit. Amber blabs about how she didn’t see herself starting from scratch again, but that something just hit her, (or Macy maybe?) and it inspired her, and she felt like a boxer that nobody believed in, down for the count, but who came back up swinging. Ozzie asks her what she knows about boxing, and Amber laughs her annoying hyena laugh saying that there wasn’t much to do in the Furnace Creek trailer park besides go watch the fights. Amber informs Ozzie that she’s a Forrester by name, but try as she might, she just never could fit in with the blue bloods. Ozzie observes that she doesn’t seem all too bent out of shape, but Amber announces that she’s free, and that it feels good. At that, Ozzie finds his lucky shirt. But, right when he goes in to change, who comes in the door saying that he got lucky, but Bridget! She doesn’t look all to thrilled to see a towel clad Amber in Ozzie’s living room. Amber comments that he sure did get lucky, right as Ozzie comes out and assesses that he needs to do some major damage control, and pronto!

Back at the rock, Nick is still walking around in circles as Jackie tells him that although the Brookester is devastated, she’s got a million people around to help her get by in her time of need. Nick says that Ridge made him promise that he would take care of Brooke and the kids. Jackie says that’s quite and honorable prize, but Nick doesn’t think so as he screams that Ridge picked the wrong guy. Jackie attempts to comfort him, but Nick grabs her by the shoulders and starts screaming that he doesn’t know what to do. Jackie is speechless for a moment, but then tells Nick that he’s a caring, giving and compassionate man, and that he needs to have faith in that now, and that he’s going to find a way to comfort Brooke, and when the time comes he’ll know what she’ll need…(I bet he will.)

Speaking of the Brookester, she and Eric are still having a grand old time in the hotel room as he gives her some water. He tries to tell her to get something to eat, but Brooke says that she’s not all too famished at the moment. Brooke tells Eric that Ridge got his compassion from him. (And she would know, wouldn’t she?) The two gush about how Brooke was Ridge’s passion and inspiration, and about how Eric never doubted that. Eric tells Brooke that he’s sorry that other people didn’t believe in the crossing of the Bridge, and that they kept them apart for so long. Brooke is quite touched as she looks over and grabs the picture frame with the pictures of the kids and the one empty slot. Eric doesn’t get what is supposed to be in the third frame. Brooke clues him in that it was supposed to be for her and Ridge’s baby. For a second, Eric thinks that another Ridge is on the way, but Brooke tells him nope, but that Ridge did want them to have a child together more then anything. “This was our future,” Brooke cries. “But now there won’t be any future. It’s empty; my life and my heart.” She keeps asking as she completely breaks down into tears why this had to happen…blah blah blah WHY!?!?

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