The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/13/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Monday 10/13/03

by Space Bug

Well, it is finally the next day on Calixto, the island that people are finally discovering exists. Brooke is roaming around her and Ridge’s hotel room in a trance. She stops and fiddles around with the bikinis and teddies that he packed for her, and cries while having a flash back to their “get to know your underwear” game, and then her mind sees the door way to the fire. As she sits on the bed, Brooke looks over to the Mayan crown resting on the lamp shade, (of all places), and as she thinks back to the magical ceremony, guess what...she sees the fire again and cries some more. But poor Brooke can’t cry in peace for long. Who comes pounding on the door but the happy traveling three musketeers, Eric, Stephanie, and Jackie. As soon as Brooke sees Eric, she falls into his ever eager embrace. As Eric comforts her, the worrying mothers ask for the where abouts of their sons. Brooke can’t believe that they don’t know yet. Eric, as always is two steps behind, saying that all they know is that everyone was rescued. Brooke informs them that’s not the case. Two people were rescued, but it was her and Nick. No one is quite getting what Brooke is babbling about, especially poor Stephanie.

Over in LA, Ozzie has finally picked up my poor Macy’s blood and has swept up the remains of that damn chandelier. Who comes in to disturb him (and me for that matter) is our beloved Amber. She says that she missed the opening night and asks Ozzie what his plans are, but he tells her that he hasn’t got a clue. Amber doesn’t buy it, and upon Ozzie telling her that he’s got a meeting with the insurance guys, she implies that he’s got a lot of money coming in and disgustingly asks how much, and gives suggestions as to what he could use it for. Amber informs Ozzie that he’s going to reopen the place, but Ozzie quickly tells her that it’s hard to come back from having a woman be crushed on your stage on opening night. Amber, treating the catastrophe like Macy’s microphone malfunctioned tells Ozzie that it is totally tasteful to reopen after that. Amber naively states that she’s the queen of come backs and has no qualms about helping Ozzie out. (I’ll agree Amber is part cat, but she needs get her ass in line BEHIND not only the queens of come backs but the all out SURVIVORS: Macy, Brooke, Stephanie, and Sally...AMBER, SIT THE FREAK DOWN AND SHUT UP!) Ozzie temporarily quiets her by saying that no one will ever be able to look at that stage again without seeing Macy....and he trails off. THANK YOU!

Eric and Stephanie ask Brooke again to tell them where the number one son is. Brooke says that she’s sorry, and in between her tears squeaks out: “He’s dead”. Stephanie tells Brooke that it’s impossible, and concludes that Mass will have the answers. Jackie sends Eric out to fetch Mr. Marone so that they can all get the straight scoop. Jackie just can’t believe that everyone would just leave the Brookester all alone like this. Brooke reminds her that she is alone. As Jackie tells Brooke that she’s not alone, good old Stephanie is still trying to process Brooke’s babble. Jackie tries to make sense out of the situation by telling Brooke that all they know was that this whole escapade had something to do with Shelia. Brooke blabbers on about how Shelia said that she didn’t deserve Ridge, and that she was ungrateful, and now her precious Ridge is gone. Stephanie still looks ever so puzzled.

Across the rainbow and back in Oz, Ozzie is still meandering around his bar when the lights go low, as Amber comes out on stage in attempts to give Ozzie a vision of the reopening of the club. She then starts singing and lounging all over the piano in typical trashy fashion as only Amber can do. (To tell you the truth, I’m running low on barf bags from the overwhelming amount of Meacon that I’ve been subjected to, so I fast forwarded over Amber’s attempt to think that she’s better then Macy.)

As Eric is traipsing about the jungle, what does he spy but a Massimo crying on a rock in a clearing. Eric informs Massimo that poor Brooke is hysterical and that she is blubbering more nonsense then usual. Mass informs Eric that it’s true. Their son is dead. That turned Eric’s hair white! (Ha Ha Ha). Eric just can’t believe that the number one son is gone. Mass says that he saw it all happened as he tells Eric the story. “You should be very proud of your son”, Mass tells the devastated dress maker. Eric is quite perturbed. Apparently, Ridge is Massimo’s son when he’s alive, but Eric’s son when he’s dead. And to my surprise, Eric picked up on that! Eric blames Massimo for this, telling him that he should have called, that he should have gotten more help. Mass tries to explain that he did the best that he could, that it obviously wasn’t enough. Eric tells Mass that he didn’t even get to say good bye. At that, Mass starts to tear up.

Back in Oz, Amber is now the topless magician and puts on a little magic act. I’m sorry, but it’s more that I couldn’t stand to watch... All I can say is its typical Amber trying to take advantage of a bad situation to better her own interests. 

“She killed him” is all Brooke can state. Stephanie still isn’t buying. “You don’t know, you weren’t there,” she shouts out. Brooke informs her that she didn’t miss out on that party; that she saw it all. Jackie attempts to calm Stephanie down, but again, what good is an umbrella in a typhoon? Stephanie starts screaming at Brooke to tell her that it’s not true. As she sits down on the bed next to Brooke, she looks into her tear stained face, and it finally sinks in. This shakes good old Stephers to the core, and she melts into tears as she and Brooke hold each other. (How touching.)’s finally our last scene with Ozzie and Amber for the day...THANK GOD! Amber wants Oz to hire her. She compares herself to the club: every body thinks that it/she is all washed up and has nothing left to give. (Those who would think that would be wise). Ozzie tells Amber that he’ll think about it, as she shoves off back stage to put some clothes on.

As Massimo walks around the jungle clearing, he tells Eric to be glad that he wasn’t there...that it was just horrible and not fine holiday fun. Mass continues to tell the story about Shelia and the ransom, and about how none of it was about the money, it was about revenge. (Duh!) Eric realizes that’s why she took Ridge. Massimo describes Ridge’s heroic act of saving Brooke, and then how he fell into the fire. Poor Eric, as usual just doesn’t know what to think.
While Stephanie has finally caught up to rest of the group, she can’t understand why Shelia would kill precious Ridge. Brooke informs her that Shelia was after her and that Ridge saved her. It was quite funny actually. As Brooke told Stephanie about how Ridge rescued her, she keeps looking down, saying that she’s sorry. It’s very obvious that Brooke is waiting for Stephanie to start playing the blame game, because after all, if it wasn’t for Brooke, Ridge would still be alive. Stephanie even says: “He saved you, and that’s why he’s dead”. But much to both my surprise, and Brooke’s, Stephanie isn’t up for her favorite past time of blaming Brooke, and finally realizes that Ridge really did love her. As Brooke whines “What will we do without Ridge?” Stephanie, looking quite teary eyed reaches her hand out to stroke Brooke’s face.

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