The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/10/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Friday 10/10/03

by Space Bug

Back in the bungalow, Sugar is having a mighty fun time as Nick is necking her all romantic like by the fire. Across the way, Brooke and Ridge are still messing with the lock on the chains. Finally Ridge gets his off, and as soon as Brooke’s are unlocked, they work on undoing their feet. As soon as all limbs are free, the two lovers whisper Logan, and Forrester back to each other, kiss, and get up.

Massimo and his posse are still riding in their little car, ever so anxious to get in on the action. Mass edges Charlie on: “Faster! Faster!” Good old Charlie, ever the stick in the mud reminds Mr. Marone that it’s dark, and one wrong turn will send them crashing. Upon seeing a woman stopped with a motor cycle on the side of the road, the posse decides to make a pit stop to see what the trouble is. The posse gets out to ask for directions, (what real men); Mass explains that it’s a life or death situation and that they need to find the “foundry”. By the way, the girl is Anna! (What a coincidence!) Anna explains that the building is down the path, through the trees, and that Massimo can’t take a car to get there because there is no road. As she tells Massimo to hurry before it’s too late, he looks at her, completely panicked.

Now we are back at beach house number two; the kid friendly home of Deacon. He and Bridget walk in and have a chat. Bridget tells Deacon that he has to take care of himself; that’s what Macy would want. Deacon compliments Bridget on what an amazing woman she is. That she stayed with him in the hospital, that she gave him a ride home, when she has every reason in the world to hate him. Upon Bridget telling him that he’d do the same for her, Deacon looks away for a second, and then says that he’s not going to be good company at the moment, so she better shove off home. Bridget says that she doesn’t mind being there for him, but Deacon feels bad having her baby-sit him. Budge reiterates that she doesn’t think that it’s a great idea for him to be alone. At that, who comes down the stairs but Amber, informing Bridget that Deacon isn’t as alone as she thought.

Across LA, and in a room that I’ve never seen, we are treated to the matriarch herself, Stephanie! Long time no see! As she is studiously sitting at her desk, Jackie comes barging in saying that the jet is ready, Massimo called, and that they need to get down to Calixto immediately. Stephanie calls for a time out: “What in the hell are you talking about?” she asks. (Apparently she’s never heard of Calixto either!) Jackie, all in a panic with tears streaming down her face informs Stephanie that their boys have been kid napped. That remark sure turned Stephanie’s hair white! (HA HA).

Well, speaking of Calixto, the island that no one has ever heard of, things are starting to get even more intense. Nick and Sugar’s little make out session is interrupted as the two look up to see Brooke and Ridge standing over them. Nick looks pretty happy as he says “Hey guys!” Sugar isn’t too thrilled as she looks down and doesn’t see her key. As she calls Nick a bastard, Ridge informs her that it’s back to prison for her as he grabs a hold of her while Brooke starts to unlock Nick’s chains. As Nick apologizes to Sugar and tells her that it was good while it lasted, who walks in but Shelia, with her gun in hand stating very defiantly that she’s BACK!

Up at the kid friendly house by the beach, Amber lets Bridget in on the fact that she’s going to be taking care of the kid while Macy is out of commission. As Deacon goes outside to get some air, he leaves the two Forrester girls in the living room to chat about Macy’s sad situation. Bridget informs Amber that Macy is now on life support, and upon asking how the kid was, Amber tells her that he’s fine. Bridget wondered if he had asked about Macy, but Amber shrugged it off saying that he didn’t and that she didn’t think that it was necessary bringing her up. Bridget comments, “Yeah, why would you”. Amber was a little annoyed at that remark, and as the two start to get a little mouthy with each other, they are interrupted by Deacon beating the crap out of his boxing bag on the patio. Bridget tells Amber that Deacon’s scared to death, and that he needs all of the support that he can get. Amber says that she gets that, but she’s curious to know why Bridget cares so much. Bridget looks a little offend.

Back at the mother pow-wow, Stephanie just can’t believe what Jackie is saying. She just can’t understand why anyone would kid nap Nick and Ridge. Jackie tells the whole story about Ridge getting abducted and about how Mass and Nick flew down. Stephanie asks why no one called her, but Jackie doesn’t know why either; she was kept out in the dark too. Jackie tells Stephanie that the kid nappers might even have Brooke. For a second, Stephanie looked a little concerned, and asked if Jackie knows if they’re OK, and if they’re all alive. Jackie can only shake her head; she hasn’t got a clue.

Now things are really getting fun in the bungalow. Shelia punishes Sugar; she can’t understand how these armatures almost escaped under Sugar’s watch while she has worked in a prison for years. Sugar tries to explain that they tricked her, but Shelia still isn’t all too thrilled. As Shelia takes Sugar for a little chat, she leaves her trusted goon Juan to tie the three back up. Juan, ever the brilliant one tells Nick to stand up. Nick does as he’s told, speaks a little Spanish to his new capturer and punches him. Nick wrestles the gun out of Juan’s hand and points it at him and at Shelia and Sugar as they come prancing over to see what all the commotion is about. Brooke and Ridge hop over behind Nick as Shelia tells him to put the gun down. Just then, we see a light shining in through the wood planked walls. Then we hear the sounds of a motor. Every character has a look on their facing reading: “What the hell is that?” All of a sudden, a motorcycle comes crashing through the door with Massimo on it. (This is by far the most pathetic attempt of a James Bond as ever there was one. This makes Austin Powers believable). As the rest of the posse empties in, guns in hand, Massimo stares Sheila down, informing her that “The jig is up!” (You’ve got to be kidding me!).

Deacon is still beating his punching bag to death at the kid friendly house, as Bridget and Amber look on. Bridget tells Amber that she wasn’t at the hospital, that she has no idea how torn apart Deacon was. Bridget has never seen Deacon like this. Amber informs Budge that this is the same Deacon that burned her so bad. Upon Bridget telling her that it’s none of her concern, Amber thinks it’s interesting that suddenly it’s hers.

The meeting of the moms is still in session over at Stephanie’s place. Stephanie is playing 20 questions, and all that Jackie can tell her is that a woman who recently broke out of jail is behind this, and that’s all Massimo told her. Stephanie plays that bonus clue in her head for a minute and upon Jackie giving her the final hint that Massimo knew her, Stephanie figures out that it’s Shelia!

Speak of the devil incarnate; Shelia doesn’t look all to thrilled to see not one but four gun barrels staring down at her as Massimo asks her if she really thought that she’d get away with this. Shelia and Mass argue about the paternity of the kid again, as Massimo re-hatches Shelia’s latest scheme. Ridge tells her to shut up, but Shelia sympathizes with him, and understands why he hates her. Shelia tells him that not a day goes by that she doesn’t think about Taylor. Now Ridge is pissed! With finger pointed, he tells her to never mention her name to him! As Mass’ posse grabs a hold of Shelia, she sees one of her goons traipsing about outside and knows that she’s gonna have some help. Before Massimo throws her back in prison, Shelia informs everyone that she’s got something that she’d like to say, and that all of them are going to listen to her.

As Deacon finally decides that his punching bag has suffered enough for one night, Bridget tells Amber that she has no idea what she’s implying. She asks Amber if she has a problem about her feeling bad for poor Deacon. Just then, Deacon comes in to inform the girls that’s he’s going for a walk and requests that if they get any more news on Macy to come fetch him. He thanks Bridget again for being there and for helping him before he heads out.

At the realization that Shelia is behind the kidnapping, Stephanie informs Jackie that their boys are really in quite a pickle. Stephanie has a couple of great old school Shelia flash backs, as Jackie sits shocked about what a small world it is that Stephanie knows her too. Stephanie, now a little red in the face tells Jackie that they need to call Eric. Jackie informs her that he already knows that something is a muck and that he’s meeting them at the airport. (Apparently it’s really going to be one big Forrester/Marone family hullabaloo down on the island that no one’s heard of). Upon Jackie asking in a terribly frightened voice “Who is this woman”, Stephanie looks at her with the fear of God in her eyes and squeaks out: “She’s the devil”. Jackie doesn’t look all too relived.

Well, Mass doesn’t think that Shelia has any right to make any demands, and he’s not too eager to hear them. Ridge tells her to go for it if she wants to write her own eulogy. Shelia blabs about how she hit rock bottom; that prison wasn’t a great holiday for her and that there was no one there to love her. Then a miracle happened: she was pregnant, and that she promises Mass that it is indeed his. Shelia goes on to whine that the baby is all that she has, all that she’ll ever have. Nick informs her that “you reap what you sow”, but Shelia tells him that not everyone is as lucky as others, “huh Brooke” (HA HA HA). Sheila reminisces again about her and Brooke’s great friendship and about how much they shared, and still share. Shelia informs Brooke that they’re both mothers and want what’s best for their children. Brooke replies to Ms. Carter that she tends to go about it in a sick way. (Don’t get me started Logan). Shelia tells Brooke that she sure has it all now, huh? The perfect man, the perfect children, the perfect family. Shelia reminds Brooke and Ridge that the only reason why they are together is because of her! (THANK YOU SHELIA! IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY SAID IT!) Brooke can’t believe that Shelia is rationalizing Taylor’s death like that, while Shelia is stunned that she can’t even get just a little compassion. “Nope, not sick Shelia!” Shelia screams that she’s not the evil monster that everyone makes her out to be. She didn’t wish any ill will on any body, she whispers sadly. Brooke is utterly dazed as Shelia yaps that if any of them had a little love and compassion for her then none of this would have happened. At that, a fight breaks out, and Shelia’s goons come in from all sides, even the ceiling! Everyone is joining into this fight and kicking ass! Shelia and Brooke are letting it all go and are really going at it. Shelia gets her into this big cauldron looking thing and starts hoisting it up over the fire. Brooke starts calling for Ridge, and he swings across on a rope to get her. As Ridge gets Brooke down, he tries to be Tarzan again, but the rope breaks and he falls into the fire. Shelia charges up the flames as Mass, Nick and Brooke look on in terror. As they all sit paralyzed, Sugar and Shelia slip out into the dark jungle as Shelia whispers “Good bye Ridge”. Brooke starts sobbing as she stares into the fire. Poor Brooke. Poor Ridge. (Ok, who honestly thinks that he is really dead?)

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