The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/9/03

The Bold and The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/9/03

by Space Bug

Well, it is the same day that it has been for the past week and a half, and the tension on the island that no one knows existed is getting hotter and hotter. Brooke, has stopped her ill fated attempt to hack Ridge’s chains off with the sward, and is now looking up at Shelia. Shelia apologizes for ruining Brooke’s wedding night, but hey, business is business right? Brooke spits out to Shelia that her future is over. Shelia has to disagree with her on that one, and says that her future just got a whole third added to it, that is if “someone is willing to throw a few pennies in the pot” for Brooke’s life. (Ha Ha). Shelia tells Brooke that no one ever appreciated her the way that she did. Brooke isn’t too interested in remembering their begotten friendship, and commands that Shelia unlocks the chains as she unsurely holds up her sward. Nick tells Shelia that she better listen to Brooke, but Shelia isn’t really afraid... she thinks that Brooke will just trim her nails for her. Shelia snottily informs Brooke that she isn’t leaving here with anyone; “the honeymoon is over”. At the thought of no more sex, Brooke charges at Shelia with the sward. The two have a little brawl on the ground, with the boys watching, ever so intrigued. (I wonder why). Brooke is able to get Shelia off of her by punching her in the mouth, but Sugar comes to Shelia’s rescue, and fires a warning shot with her gun. Brooke got the message, and meekly stares up at Sugar in terror.

Back over in the ally way, it looks like Mass and Charlie are finally leaving! They are on their way to check all of the buildings in the five mile radius that they calculated from Brooke’s directions. Mass thinks that a five mile radius is a hell of a lot of ground to cover, but Charlie points out that it’s better then searching the entire island. As they take off, Mass prays that it will be their last stop.

Over at the hospital, and in Macy’s IC room, we see my poor baby sleeping peacefully in her coma, hooked up to a respirator now. (That monitor is still beeping... she’s still kicking!) Who comes in to say hello but Ozzie and Bridget! Bridget tells Ozzie that she’ll be right outside, that she’ll give him a minute to be alone with Macy. Poor Ozzie doesn’t really know where to begin, because he doesn’t think that an apology will do any good. He takes a seat and tells her that he doesn’t know what he was thinking, brining her into all of this. He feels bad that she had to pay for his mistakes. Oz wanted to make sure that she knows that Deacon loves her. That all the time he knew him, he had never seen Deacon look at another woman the way he looks at her. He’s oh so sorry that all of this happened. Out in the hall, a nurse and apparently a friend of Bridget gives her a heads up that Deacon is on his way, and that Ozzie better shuffle on out of there. As we flash back into Macy’s room, Ozzie is telling her to fight this and to win, and that she’s going to live the life that she was meant to live. Bridget rushes in and breaks up the motivational speech to tell Ozzie that Deacon is around the corner. Both agree that it wouldn’t be fun times if the old amigos ran into each other, so Budge offers to distract Deacon so that Oz can make the slip. Bridget walks up to Deacon and the good doctor as Mr. Sharpe is yelling at him because there is nothing more that medicine can do. “Some coma patients wake up, and some don’t” is all the good doctor can say to Deacon. (Everybody stay the hell away from her plugs! There will be no pulling any plugs or flipping any switches; not on my watch!) Bridget says how sorry she is that Macy has taken a turn for the worst. Poor poor Deacon is all in bunch, and doesn’t know quite how to handle this, except for yelling. He wants a straight answer from Bridget that Mace will come out of this, but all Budge can do is stare at him.

Down south in the hide away, Sugar helps her buddy Shelia to her feet. And we all thought that Shelia was pissed before. Well, she is steaming now friends! “That was a mistake!” she spits at Brooke as she wipes the blood from the corner of her mouth. Shelia reminds Brooke that she was the only friend that was ever loyal to her, how could she do this? Sugar takes a time out, and asks, wait, “you’re Brooke”. Nick informs Brooke that the other blond in the room is Sugar, Shelia’s new buddy. When Brooke asks if she was Shelia’s license plate making companion, Ridge informs her that Sugar was the warden. As Brooke gets herself up on her feet, she blatantly asks Sugar how should could have helped Shelia escape after seeing how warped she really is. Shelia wasn’t too happy about that comment and gets up into Brooke’s face asking through gritted teeth: “What did I ever see in you? We used to have so much in common!” Brooke looks at her in total disbelief and confusion. Shelia walks over to Ridge and apologizes for not giving him enough credit picking Taylor over Brooke, because clearly she had a hell of a lot more class then Brooke ever did. (When was Shelia ever this slow in picking up on things?) Shelia goes on to say how sorry she is that her trusty gun went off the way it did that night. Ridge isn’t too thrilled at reliving that night mare while he’s currently in one, and tries to stand up and go at Shelia, but she grabs a hold of his hair and forces him down. “Taylor was an accident, the new Mrs. Forrester might not be.” Shelia flips out again upon Brooke informing her that she’s only going back to prison. She goes on about how Massimo let her down, he let their daughter down. Brooke can’t believe her ears. “Surprise,” Nick says, “Forrester and I have a little sister”. Brooke pieces it together that it was a baby that Shelia was holding, and Shelia re-hatches again about how Massimo didn’t giver her one dime, didn’t give their daughter one dime, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda. Nick reiterates to Shelia that he just doesn’t think that the old man is going to want another kid. Brooke attempts to reason with Shelia telling her that she doesn’t want her daughter to live a life on the run. Sugar chimes in though saying that $100 million will be able to buy the kid plenty of disguises. Brooke can’t believe her ears again. “$100 million!” she repeats out loud. Nick comments that diapers can just be so expensive. Shelia is again not too thrilled with good old Dominick, and kicks some dirt at him, hissing that she doesn’t like him very much. Sugar says that she doesn’t think that he’s so bad. Shelia tells her that she can take care of him then, and asks Sugar to tie Brooke up to her new husband while she goes to check on the baby. Nick whispers to Ridge to stay on his toes, that this could be their chance. 

Bridget and Deacon have now moved their little conversation into Macy’s hospital room. Deacon comments about her being on a respirator, but Budge tells him that’s not uncommon for coma patients. Deacon can’t believe that this happened. Bridget says that she’s having trouble piecing it together too, that “there’s just no rhythm or reason”. Deacon informs her that the reason is her new pal Ozzie. As Deacon starts to bitch about Ozzie again, Bridget attempts to defend her little buddy, but Mr. Sharpe just don’t wanna listen. As Deacon’s little eyes start to tear up, he tells Bridget that the doctors are saying that Mace might not wake up, and if she does, she might not ever be the same. Bridget looks touched at Deacon’s display of emotion.

Back on the island, Massimo and his posse are still roaming around that five mile radius, and have come to another dead end. Charlie tells him that they’re making progress, but that isn’t putting Mass’ mind at ease. He asks what types of buildings are left for them to check out. He asks about a building by the name of something that I can’t spell. One of his guards informs him that it’s a place that was once used to melt down silver. Massimo and Charlie begin to put the pieces together, and realize that Shelia would go there so that she could melt down the gold. Mass also remembers Brooke saying something about smelling smoke. At Massimo’s request of: let’s move it, the four compadres pile into the car and start heading off to the bungalow. 

Speaking of the bungalow, Brooke is all chained up next to her precious hubby, all nice and cozy like. Brooke apologizes for screwing up, but Ridge tells her that having her here gave him the booster shot that he needed to keep going. They two love birds chirp about how much they’ve missed each other and gush about how traumatic it has been for them to be apart. Brooke wishes that Ridge could put his arms around her, but he tells her that the best that they can do is make out. Poor Nick, looking quite disgusted at this display comments to Sugar about how he thought that it was hot in there before. Upon Sugar asking Nick if he would like something to cool him down, he replies that he was thinking just the opposite, as the camera zooms in on a very disturbing close up of the chain keys resting right in the middle of Sugar’s cleavage. Sugar ever so interested goes to have a seat with Nick by the fire, and the two of them start going at it too! Brooke and Ridge have taken a time out from their little make out session to shoot disgusted stares over at Nick and his “Sugar”. Nick tells them to mind their own business, and Ridge whispers to Brooke that it was ok, and to just trust him. 

Up in LA, Deacon has taken over Thorne’s role as Macy’s hand kisser, as he sits by her bed. Budge comes back in with some coffee for him. At the sight of the Styrofoam cup, Deacon is reminded about how he and Macy first met, over a cup of coffee at an AA meeting. (Wow, what a love story). Deacon tells Bridget about how he couldn’t get over how Macy was so strong and open, while he could barley say hi and that he’s an alcoholic. “And there she was, pouring her heart out”. And, upon meeting Macy, the strangest thing happened...Deacon began to open up and tell the truth! He tells Bridget how he was scared, but how he could breathe, and Macy became his safety net. Deacon asks Bridget to tell him that she’ll be ok. When Bridget tells Deacon that she can’t give him a straight answer, he starts to whine about how he can’t lose my Macy. Budge works up the courage to give her ex-hubby a tender hug as Ozzie, looking ever so sad peaks in through the window.

We are now treated again to one of those great car scenes! Yippy! While these four very grown men are all shoved into the car like a can of sardines, Massimo is playing Charlie’s cheerleader in the front seat saying: “Come on Charlie, let’s Move it! Let’s get there! Let’s burn some rubber! Come on Charlie!” 

As Brooke watches in disgust, Nick and Sugar are still going at it. She keeps whispering to Ridge, asking him to fill her in, but Ridge tells her to keep kissing him, but to keep one eye open and to be ready to move. Sugar tells Nick that she forgot how good being with a man used to be. As Sugar voices her fear that Shelia might not be all to thrilled to see the little orgy going on by the fire, Nick tells her that she worries too much. As they continue making out, Nick some how manages to get the keys off of Sugar’s necklace with his mouth, and spits them over to Brooke and Ridge. Brooke manages to get a hold of them and frantically attempts to unlock Ridge’s chains. 

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